11 Simple Table Decoration Ideas for Every Function

Published On: Dec 26, 2022

With the holiday season right at our doorstep, we cannot help but think about the different types of tablescape designs that can dish up memories. Neutral, bright, simple, or complex - the table decoration ideas are versatile, equivalent to drool-worthy masterpieces. After all, a beautiful setting not only becomes a focal point visually but also sparks exuberant conversations. 

There is no better occasion to showcase your heirloom dinnerware, collection of coloured glass, and polished-up silver than when you embellish a dining table. The antique plate lying in your party closet can be given a modern and youthful look when paired with tailored linens and colourful tablecloths. 

This article enumerates the experts' favourite table-setting ideas and tablescapes for occasions that are special to you. Cue inspiration for hosting a multigenerational holiday meal, laid-back summer alfresco, rustic holiday dinners, or a chic dinner party. 

Simple Table Decoration Ideas

Embrace these tabletop decor ideas to save effort, time and money. 

1. Layered Antiques



Source: Pinterest

Layered antique tableware is the perfect decor for a light spring luncheon. Pair them up with heirloom glassware and vintage linens to add a French grace. Place garden pots filled with daisies and wildflowers to serve as lovely centrepieces for small table decor. 

2. Eccentric Elegance



Source: Pinterest

The eclectic style is one of the most contemporary table decoration ideas. Layering unexpected colours, materials, and textures creates a unique yet cohesive outlook. The only trick is to balance the mix of high and low designs. Start with an electrifying tablecloth, and add antique chinoiserie salad plates and natural flowers for a magnificent dining space.  

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3. Formal Table Ideas



Source: Pinterest

The setting of a formal table begins with a service place, followed by dinner and sometimes a salad plate. These are also accompanied by dessert cutlery, wine, and water glasses. It is important to always ensure you have the right cutlery and utensils for the occasion. Candles and centrepieces are the most ideal embellishments for any mood type. Add candle holders or green pots to give your modest table a refreshing look. 

Bonus Tip: Make your formal table more inviting by writing your own place cards. A quick and easy trick to your disposal.

4. Table Ideas Colour Schemes



Source: Pinterest

It's not necessary to follow the rules of the T because design knows no bounds. The decor does not have to be impeccable. Let creative chaos take over to make it look more homely and inviting. Here, the gold and white cutlery are juxtaposed with different hues of green for a striking colour scheme. Furthermore, the pink flowers strike a harmonious balance of colours. The metallic additions check all boxes on the minimalist art theme. 

5. Gothic Glory



Source: Pinterest

If you put in a little extra money and effort, you will be able to curate a legendary Gothic-inspired table decor. One of the most dramatic table decoration ideas, these designs are not for the faint-hearted. Use candle holders, dramatic candles, showy centrepieces, or fresh-cut dark flowers for chic table decor. If punctuated with lighter tones, darker shades make for a spectacular look. Neutral help in balancing them out for a more contemporary demeanour. The metallic accents take things up a notch. 

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6. Pastel Hues



Source: Pinterest

If you opt for simple cutlery and tableware, a statement table arrangement can still be achieved without the use of additional accessories. Accent pastel hues with intricate details like the flowers shown in this reference. This renders a dynamic look to the table without making it too dramatic. The bright flowers also echo the pale beige tablecloth. The gold cutlery will ensure that your setting is neither too modest nor overly ornate. 

Just In! Lilac trends as homemakers' favourite colour for setting up their tablescapes. They have an unwavering resolution to make it the new millennial pink.

7. Green Fall Tablescapes



Source: Pinterest

Greenery looks great, regardless of the season. It can be incorporated in various forms like bouquet fillers with few blooms or plants from your gardens. Alternatively, be creative and take advantage of lavender and rosemary to adorn your table decoration. Liven up your pumpkin centrepieces with leaves that haven’t gone yellow yet. Let your guests gush over their organic presence.  

8. Flower Centerpieces



Source: Pinterest

Blooms are the trendiest centrepiece options that can render a sense of sophistication to your tablescape. One floral centrepiece is enough for you to forgo the other decorations because of the statement it makes. Modern centrepieces as table decor ideas for home aren't formal and clean anymore. They combine dozens of fillers and blooms, resulting in a diverse and wild demeanour. You can also go all in for bright blooms for a vibrant ambience. 

Bonus Tip: The easiest hack on how to decorate a table is to balance out sophisticated pieces with natural details and vivacious patterns. 

9. Fall Plate Decorations



Source: Pinterest

Plate table setting ideas can enhance the tablescapes significantly, especially if you have a seating plan. Fill your plates with small favours, little pumpkins, thank you notes, or bright napkins. There are no limitations or rules for dinner table decor ideas in modern times. The table decor ideas for the home have evolved from formal settings to casuals, however, a style statement is always maintained for a fancy party. 

10. Mix and Match Style



Source: Pinterest

For those who like to reuse their tableware and stray away from expensive centrepieces, fall accents are your allies in saving money and time. Use yellow leaves or orange napkins to colour your white tablescape. They don't necessarily have to be decorations; persimmons, pomegranates, and tangerines make perfect colourful touches. The yearning for summertime can be compensated with a few sprigs of greenery. 

11. Outdoorsy Table Top Ideas



Source: Pinterest

Chilly weather might not be the driving force for outdoor table decoration ideas; however, sometimes, it serves as a refreshing break from the stuffy indoors. A private garden is a supreme location for a fall dinner. You do not have to splurge on store-bought flowers if you grow your own blooms. A minimalist design in classic white would never cease to impress. 

How the Tables Have Turned!

As hosts, your reputation is the primary element at stake, followed by the potential damage to your precious antique crockery. However, with these table decor ideas for home, impressing your guests should be a cakewalk. From subtle and minimalistic designs to extravagant and maximalist styles, there is no bar to how creative you can be. For more design ideas, contact Interior Company. 

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    How do you decorate a plain table?

    One of the most simple table decoration ideas is to add flowers and fruits to the table to add colour and fragrance.

    What do you put in the centre of a dining table?

    Candles and flowers make for the perfect centrepieces for a dining table. Table setting ideas are complemented with a few bowls or crystal vases.

    How can I decorate my dining room table when not in use?

    Layer a fine tablecloth, cover the tabletop with vases, pillars, or candles, and show off flowers or house plants as some of the most common table setting ideas.

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