Lucky Bamboo Plant and Its Benefits

Published On: Sep 18, 2021

The charm of magnificent greens is spread throughout the nature. From an assortment of foliage to alluring flora all come together to create a perfect aura of peace and tranquility. Not just that, foliage is a constant source of energy, good vibes, which also brings strokes of luck. So, whether you are a naturalist or a nature newbie, you would love exploring the symphony between the lucky bamboo planters and its linkage with luck, prosperity, and Feng Shui.

The eye-catching bamboo lucky plant is a collection of braided stalks. These stalks resemble sleek bamboo sticks, but they belong to a category of dracaena plant. If you are planning to embrace some positive energy and attract some luck, then these auspicious planters are exclusively for you.

Benefits of Lucky Bamboo Plant

Good luck is just a plant away when it comes to the lucky bamboo planters. They have gained a significant amount of popularity due to their simplicity and beauty.

Best known for bringing fortune to the household, lucky bamboo planters are also associated with purifying the environment and removing toxins. Interestingly, they are also harbingers of good luck and safety for the household. Moreover, they also add a fine appeal to the home décor.

Why are bamboo plants considered to be lucky?


Bamboo is a lucky charm, as all the five elements of nature are found in harmony in one plant. There lies a philosophy of Feng shui, a Chinese method of arranging spaces to create a balance between different elements. Interestingly, it is said that the hollow structure of bamboo allows the movement of chi energy, the flow of a positive energy generates better luck, prosperity, and good vibes. A sense of calm is established wherever the stacks of bamboo are placed as it allows positivity to flow upwards through the pipe of the bamboo signifying the flow of the energy from within to the outer world. Anyone who receives lucky bamboo as a new year gift will experience good fortune throughout the next year.

Symbolism of Luck

There is a twist to the story. These lucky bamboo planters bring luck only under certain condition. Are you wondering what they might be? Let's go through some of the ways these can be lucky for the household.

  • Direction ' When it comes to placing the bamboo planters for attracting abundance of luck and good wealth. You can't place these in any direction and expect good results. The east and southeast direction are the most preferable.
  • Number of Stalks ' The ultimate luck is determined by the arrangement of stalks in a lucky bamboo plant.

Decoding the Stalk Luck

By now we have got an idea about the correlation between the number of stalks in a bamboo plant and the luck factor. Now, let's dive deep and understand how many stalks of bamboo are required for good luck in different scenarios of life.

The Single Lucky Log

Thinking about bringing some luck to your company? A single lucky log of bamboo can assure you that. The luck log is associated with having a strong life loaded with lots of prosperity. Moreover, it's a favorable gift for corporates, as it promises to keep the business growing.

Two Stalk Love

Isn't it fascinating, that love can be expressed through two bamboo stalks? Along with the celebration of the expression of love, two bamboo stalks can also boost the luck in your life, that too with a doubling effect.

Three Kinds of Luck

The most favorite bamboo stalk combination, the number 3 represents three kinds of luck.

  •  Happiness
  •  Long Life
  •  Health

Four bamboo stalks

If you are thinking of keeping more than one bamboo stalks to bring in good luck. Do not go beyond 4. As stocking four bamboo stalks is not a good idea. Number 4 can draw negative energy and deteriorate the positive atmosphere.

Now that we have an idea about the bamboo planters and its association with luck and prosperity, let's explore more about ways to take care for it.  

How to take care of a Lucky Bamboo Plant?

  • Lucky bamboo plants are easily available in local market and are the easiest to maintain. They quickly adapt to home environments and just need a little care to survive. Just some partial amount of indirect sunlight is required for its growth.
  • TIP ' Just remember to check the leaves every week. A yellow bamboo plant is not considered to be healthy. The yellow leaf of lucky bamboo depicts the need for moving it into a bigger pot for better growth.
  • Clean the leaves and the stalks of bamboo regularly to avoid the decay of the plant
  • Do not give too much of water to the plant, only the roots of the bamboo need to be submerged under the water
  • A moist soil is favorable for the plant but too much of water can spoil it
  • Gently transfer the plant to another pot if it outgrows
  • Don't keep the lucky bamboo near heating or cooling vents as it could decay

How to grow lucky bamboo Plant?

Water and soil ' both are ideal for growing the lucky bamboo plant. If you plan to grow it in water, then make sure you stabilize it by placing a layer of pebbles. The roots should be submerged in water. Thereafter, remember to always water it with distilled or filtered water for the best growth and maintenance.

How to make Lucky Bamboo grow tall

The rate of growth for a lucky bamboo plant is moderate. It can grow up to 8 feet tall and 2 feet wide. But when grown inside the house, it's difficult for them to grow up to a certain extent, which is 3 feet in an indoor setting. Certain steps must be followed to help the lucky bamboo plant grow up to its optimal height.

  • Minimal exposure to indirect sunlight is needed for proper growth
  • Try to water the plant with purified or distilled water to curb the issue of yellowing of leaves
  • Make sure that the container has good drainage system, so that excess water doesn't affect the growth of the plant

Is Lucky Bamboo a good Indoor plant?

Bring home a Bamboo and you get luck, prosperity, and positivity along with it. Lucky Bamboo falls in the list of plants that bring you good fortune. It is low maintenance which makes it a good pick for indoor plants

How to use fertilizer with Lucky bamboo plant?

Even though the Lucky bamboo plant is easy to maintain, but under certain conditions it requires fertilizers.

TIP ' In order to avoid any fertilizer needs, you need to take care of the plant and keep changing its water every day.  But, in case there is a need to use fertilizer, you must add the fertilizer in the water or soil, never water spray it on the leaves.

Scenarios where fertilizer can be used

1. If diseases spread in dirty water

You plant may suffer if the water isn't clean. Unfortunately, it might also loose some nutrients due to the disease. But you shouldn't worry as you can change the dirty water with some distilled water and add some fertilizer in the water for the plant to stay healthy.

 2. For Growth

If you want your plant to blossom with joy and leaves. Then just add some fertilizer to the soil. Its best to add the fertilizer in the spring season for better growth.

3. Yellowing Leaves

You might be wondering what to do if the leaves of your lucky bamboo plant are turning yellow. This is a sign that your plants could be suffering from nutrient deficiency. In such cases, you need to add some fertilizer for nourishing and nurturing the plant.


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