17 Excellent Christmas Indoor Decoration Ideas to Keep Your Holiday Spirit Alive

Published On: Jan 7, 2023

"Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way" we know you are crooning it too.

All you can witness is a Christmassy vibe all across the globe. Everyone is desperately waiting to enjoy this frosty season with merriment. From icy-cold winter vibes to the jubilant excitement on the bling, decorating home interiors is the only thing running across everyone's mind. Make your holiday spirit alive and add fun by grabbing the best indoor decoration for Christmas.

 To help you out, we have prepared a quick list of indoor Christmas decoration ideas that perfectly blend with your traditional decoration pieces. Let’s delve into this list of Christmas decor ideas without further ado.

Vintage Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas holidays have always been a magical time; the best we can do to relive those memories is to decorate interiors with a touch of nostalgia. You can recreate the memories by looking through antique shops and flea markets for vintage decorations that revive wonder and nostalgia for the holidays.

1. Santa Mugs

Source: Pinterest

Give a style quotient by creating a hot cocoa station in the living room with vintage-inspired Santa mugs. A glass pedestal bowl filled with marshmallows and cute handcrafted tags will complete the entire decor. This display adds a little more festive cheer in the presence of faux snow.

2. Vintage Light Bulbs

Source: Pinterest

Use Christmas lights for more than just tree trim! Your vintage Christmas decor may make an enticing statement by grouping traditional decor objects. Create a colourful Christmas centrepiece by arranging various vintage holiday lights on a cake stand.

3. Bottle Brush Trees

Source: Pinterest

Bottlebrush trees used to be a holiday mainstay in the 1950s. These house indoor Christmas decorations are available in various forms, dimensions, and hues. Place them on display unattached or in groups over a mantel or table for a retro Christmas vibe.

4. Wooden Sled

Source: Pinterest

Special delivery! As it holds precious decor elements under the Xmas tree until Christmas morning. Use an old sledge and give it an entirely new look. Using kraft paper and twine to wrap presents enhances the vintage Christmas decor.

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Pink Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

To spread holiday cheer, you can decorate in something other than traditional red and green. Stand out with pink Christmas decorations, as they are popular this holiday season. Count on a pink Christmas tree or hang rosy ornaments to break the mould. Don’t be afraid to consider the pink Christmas theme this season, whether embracing the Barbiecore style trend or simply wishing to change your holiday decor a little.

1. Pink Christmas Wreath

Source: Pinterest

This vibrant pink wreath is a perfect alternative to replace the traditional evergreen one. Add a pink wreath to brighten up your plain sailing area for Christmas. The presence of paper mache ornaments, along with imitation plant accents, makes it more enchanting. You can put it on the entrance door or use it to finish decorating your Christmas mantel.

2. Pink Table Top Tree

Source: Pinterest

With this tiny tabletop tree, you can dangle a pink Christmas decoration. Vintage decorations, pink ribbons, and a flocked tree give it a charming, festive appearance. The little tree can be placed anywhere in the house, making it a simple way to add a dash of colour without taking the place of the regular Christmas tree.

3. Pink Ornament Garland

Source: Pinterest

Add some pink ornaments and pinecones sprinkled with snow to your traditional garland to give it some flair. Stay atop Christmas 2022 trends without committing to year after year pink Christmas decor. Use craft wire to connect the tiny ornaments with the garland already up; if you wish to experiment with a different colour scheme the following year, just take them off.

4. Pink Tinsel Tree

Source: Pinterest

Pull inspiration for the exciting indoor decorations for Christmas! These pink throw cushions add a complimentary accent to a glistening tinsel tree. Use complimentary gift wrapping to continue the pink theme for Christmas decor, from trees to hangings to gifts.

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

DIY Christmas decoration ideas give ideal justification to count on in-house celebrations as the outside weather is frigid. Welcome the happiest season of the year into your home in a distinct way. These easy DIY crafts range from traditional wreaths and ornaments to quirky advent calendars and citrus garlands.

1. Window Snowflake

Source: Pinterest

Get some assistance from kids to make these winter decorations as you finish party preparations. Count on painting craft sticks in shades of blue, then use glue to form them into stars or snowflakes. What makes this homemade Christmas décor the best? When creating your snowflakes, there is no wrong pattern. Once finished, hang them with a fishing line or use them as Christmas tree ornaments.

2. Tiny Tenenbaums

Source: Pinterest

With a few sticks from your yard and inexpensive craft tools, you can prepare these DIY Christmas ornaments in no time. Begin with creating the trunk by glueing two small twigs. Additional twigs can be cut to various lengths and hot-glued to the trunk. Spray them with gold paint, then dress them with a gold twine garland. Make a loop out of the same twine to hang the object from the tree.

3. Hanging Poinsettia Planters

Source: Pinterest

Try substituting some poinsettias in place of the succulents of the macrame hanging planters. This will enhance the overall indoor decoration for Christmas with the traditional red touch. Keep the entire look open by just placing the poinsettias. Spruce it up with a floating planter effect. Take some glass planter, fill it with a few inches of water, or add some sparkle.

4. Colourful Pinecone Decorations

Source: Pinterest

These enjoyable pinecone crafts can be used as simple holiday decorations, gift toppers, or kid-made presents for grandparents or teachers. Find the ideal pinecones on a nature walk, then hot glue a different coloured pom-pom to each one. For a festive Christmas display, tuck them into your traditional garland across your fireplace, along with a few candlesticks. Complement the look with golden-coloured candles.

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What’s More in the List Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas?

If you wish to do more this Christmas Eve or create a majestic cubicle, try on these bookmark-worthy indoor Christmas decoration ideas.

1. Amazing Grace around the Fireplace

Source: Pinterest

Have a fireplace? Make the best out of it this Christmas! The dark hardwood floor and the crimson wallpaper add a gentle warmth to the space. The vintage and pinecone garland that surrounds the fireplace adds to the cosy atmosphere. The bowl of Christmas ornaments gives a lovely pop of colour to the design, and the tastefully-draped gold ribbon is an ultra-fine addition to the room’s holiday décor.

2. Advent Tree of Wonder

Source: Pinterest

The best indoor living room Christmas decorations include advent calendars, which give you a small gift or treat every day for 25 days. Instead of a modest advent calendar this year, make an advent tree to complement your Christmas indoor decorations. Use your imagination to construct a distinct Xmas tree leaning against the wall. After preparing the tree, affix 25 buckets to the tree and label them numerically. Then put a treat in each bucket as per the dates and unlock your treat day by day.

3. Staircase Christmas Garland

Source: Pinterest

Do you have a staircase in your living room? What about giving it a garland touch and creating a majestic indoor Christmas decoration look this December? Sounds appealing? Begin with wrapping garlands across the staircase, adding some colourful decorations, and hanging them across. You can also use light to create an illuminated effect for evening celebrations.

4. Ornamental Christmas Tree

Source: Pinterest

An indoor decoration for Christmas will surely be incomplete without a Christmas tree. But you can go a different way! Go out of the box and escape the vintage red-blue-themed Christmas decorations. Use a spool of ribbon as the base for the little ornamental tree, and then decorate it with mix-matched sized decor elements. You can use any colour you wish, but the splash of silver, pink, golden and purple Christmas ornaments will create a striking effect. Remember to add a star to the tree’s crown.

Source: Pinterest

You can create an ideal base for your Christmas indoor decoration ideas if you have a wooden spice rack or access one from a nearby store. Pinecones and miniature evergreen trees in pots provide the ideal arrangement that looks great in any room. This DIY Christmas idea is perfect for adorning your home’s foyer because you can customise it by adding a little blackboard to the carousel. You can even use this corner to post seasonal greetings for your loved ones.

There you have it, green thumbs! Bookmark-worthy indoor Christmas decoration ideas that you can complete in under a day. Spread seasonal cheer with vibrant decorations and a warm, cosy house filled with natural plants and homemade decorations. For more Christmas decor ideas and bespoke interiors, get in touch with the experts at Interior Company.

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    What are the trends for Christmas 2024?

    Here’s the list of major trends for Christmas decor in 2024:

    1. Paper decorations
    2. Centrepiece made from vintage bulbs
    3. Nature inspired indoor decorations
    4. White and pink themed decorations Vintage glamour through shimmery beads, mirrors, golden ribbons, colourful ornaments

    5. Brass bells and wooden reindeers
    How can I make my house look Christmassy?

    Give your house a Christmassy look instantly by making most out of corners and small spaces, hanging wreaths, stringing up some Christmas lights, paper Christmas decorations with red and white theme, adding centrepieces, placing vintage elements such as santa mugs and much more.

    How can I decorate my small room for Christmas?

    You can add sparkle to your small room for Christmas without going off the track with these indoor Christmas decoration ideas:

    1. Create an entryway eaves through handmade garlands.
    2. Add drama by placing a mid-sized Christmas tree with fairy lights and golden hangings.
    3. Flaunt your stairs with a traditional touch through garlands and greetings.
    4. Double the decor by placing Christmea tree right in front of a mirror.
    5. Go bold with colours and replace your vintage tree with a pink Christmas tree with colourful or white hangings.
    6. Give your mantel a Christmas makeover with garlands, showpieces and candles.
    What is the most used Christmas decoration?

    Christmas trees rule the decor landscape as they can be customised in several ways. You can either keep the traditional ones as centrepieces or can go with a pink or snowy theme, or can add fairy lights to keep with the Christmas indoor decoration trends.