Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas for a Spirited Season

Published On: Dec 15, 2022

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

With the festive period just about a month down the road, Santa Claus is coming to town with Christmas cheer and holiday spirit. But, are you decked up to welcome him with open arms and a merry atmosphere? We know decorating a house can be exciting as well as laborious because we all want to ace the festive vibe. Outdoor Christmas decorations will enhance your atmosphere making the right first impression on your guests. 

So, pull up your stockings and adorn your exteriors as if it is a walk in winter wonderland. These outdoor Christmas decoration ideas will definitely help you beat the holiday blues. 

Elegant Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

Christmas is a 'clause' for celebration so let's get started. 

Reign of Reindeers 

Pay homage to Rudolph by adorning your exteriors with reindeer. The critters can either be in their true brown colours or greyish white as shown here. This is one of the easiest outdoor Christmas decorations that can render an enchanting forest vibe. 

Source: Pinterest

Sheepskin Cosy

If you are still celebrating Christmas outdoors because of COVID, throwing blankets and sheepskins can really save your day. You can make even the coldest December night warm by decorating every chair on the table set with a thick plaid wool throw blanket and sheepskin. Candlelights and garlands can add to the warmth as the coolest outdoor Christmas decorations. 

Source: Pinterest

Evergreen Simplicity

Outdoor Christmas decorations ideas do not only require leafy, lush greens. Sometimes, simplicity is King. A small Christmas tree along with a wreath, render a more classic beauty to this patio than fancy decorations could ever do. A white and red colour scheme helps ace the look. 

Source: Pinterest

Colour Bomb

Just because it's Christmas, it doesn't mean you have to stick with the traditional green and red. Unorthodox colour tones like teal, purple, royal blue, and fuchsia can help create a festive atmosphere on your porch. Adorn your front door with beautifully wrapped packages and large lanterns filled with colourful decorative ornaments for a bubbly blast of Christmas cheer. 

Source: Pinterest

Wondrous Wreath

Suspend wreaths made of grapevine on your front windows to add a bit of holiday cheer with just a touch. You can wrap string lights around the wreath, then add a rustic touch by hanging them from a burlap sack. Add Christmas colour and seasonal cheer by adding sprigs to the ribbon. 

Source: Pinterest

Spirit Skates

Time to look for your childhood ice skates! They're finally about to be of some use again! If you don't have a pair, you can get a vintage pair from your nearest flea market. Stuff some fresh green elements like holly berries, pine, and cedar on the top of the shoes as well as between the blades, and hang them on a hook on the door.

Source: Pinterest

Pretty Porch

Utilise your unused porch corners to make a simple and vibrant display of greenery and candles. Compliment the look by topping a small table with a textured holiday cloth, pinecones, and assorted candles. Sign off in style with a bucket of birch branches and a holiday wreath.

Source: Pinterest

Candy Canes

Model your outdoor decorations after the classic Christmas candy. Fill decorative candy in a white planter and use it as a unique front porch display. Make these decorations last the entire season by using plastic candy canes and weather-treated ribbons. 

Source: Pinterest

Frosted Fever

Use wintry planters or buckets to arrange bottlebrush Christmas trees to look like miniature frosted evergreens. Decorate the planter with votive candles to add a flickering and calm glow. Place the display atop a table on the front porch to accentuate the rest of your outdoor Christmas decorations. 

Source: Pinterest

Lively Lights

Transform your unused gas cylinders into miniature makeshift Christmas luminaries. Put a cranberry candle inside each cylinder, and stuff the space between the candle and glass with mini silver and red ornaments. Set moss in a plant door on your porch as one of the most stunning outdoor Christmas lights ideas. 

Source: Pinterest

Blessing of Bells

Using this holiday decoration has never been simpler. All you require is striped ribbons, bells, and spruce branches. Hang it on your porch, front door, mailbox, or anyplace that you could use a bit of Christmas touch. 

Source: Pinterest

Glowing Globes

You can get frosted glowing snowglobes in various different sizes to add warmth to a chilly winter night. Spread the globes around your porch to create a wispish winter surrounding. You can also bunch them up in a birdbath or winter container for maximum benefit.

Source: Pinterest

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Oversize Decor

Oversize embellishments amp up the space to a whole new level. The bulbs in the reference above not only fill up the space but also add a dramatic pop of colour. Reindeers and planters also curate a welcoming ambience for your friends and family. 

Source: Pinterest

Wooden Planters

Let's ditch the contrary belief for once, and bring the Christmas tree outside. Yes, rustic wood planters are the ideal outdoor Christmas decorations if you want to replicate the forest vibe dominating the interiors. You can also pair these planters with lush trees. 

Source: Pinterest

Black and White Theme

One of the most trending minimalist outdoor Christmas decorations, the black and white colour scheme is both welcoming and chic. Throw in Earth-toned accents for added warmth. A beautiful wreath, planter, and snowflake decorations amp up the space with a stylish touch. 

Source: Pinterest

Festive Fireplace

The outdoor fireplace deserves the same treatment as your indoor mantel because more is merrier. Deck it up with wreaths or garlands, candles, red or green lamps, as well as a red and white colour theme for an outstanding demeanour. 

Source: Pinterest

Christmas Manger

One of the most traditional outdoor Christmas crib ideas, albeit simple, this design truly brings out the essence of the holy night. Pair it with natural plants to make it more authentic. 

Source: Pinterest

Slaying Sled

Displaying antique items will never go out of style, as much as modernity takes it over. If you have a spare old sled in your garage, it's time to dust it off and lean it against the front wall next to the door. Voila! The most ideal way to add a rustic charm to your front door. 

Source: Pinterest

Backyard Blues

While you put all your efforts into making the front porch a winner, do not forget to ornament your backyard. Add plenty of plush throws and cushions around a fire pit for a warm and cosy vibe. Throw in some cafe string lights which will keep the look understated and stylish enough for the entire festive season. 

Source: Pinterest

Feliz Navidad!

Tis the season to be jolly for Christmas cheer is upon us and getting ready for the season means going all out with your merry spirit. Outdoor Christmas decorations like frosted globes, wreaths, and reindeers are the easiest elements that can help grab everyone's attention. Don't be left out in the cold and hop on the trends to bring this Christmas season to life. 

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    Q1. How do you decorate outdoors for Christmas on a budget?

    Ans. Use easy centrepieces, oversized ornaments, hanging snowflakes, wreaths, ornament place cards, lanterns, or pre-made bows for affordable outdoor Christmas decorations. 

    Q 2. How do I decorate my front patio with outdoor Christmas decorations?

    Ans. Hanging garlands covered in Christmas lights are one of the most charming outdoor Christmas decorations ideas. Fill lanterns with shiny ornaments to give your porch a unique makeover. You can also attach a fun holiday ribbon for extra cheer. 

    Q3. What should I put on my porch as outdoor Christmas decorations ideas?

    Ans. You can decorate your porch with a cosy swing, add a wreath, fill the baskets with seasonal accent decor, make a display out of your presents and packages, layer your holiday decorations, or add greenery for a sophisticated touch. 

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