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Price of Wallpapers for Walls: Know Rate Per Sq Ft

Published On: Nov 11, 2023

Wall coverings boast a rich and fascinating history, dating back to the 1400s when tapestries and panels were used to decorate walls. Over time, wallpapers have evolved into the designer and textured options we see today, having a definitive impact on the overall scheme.

A blend of style and substance, a wallpaper can dramatically shape and redefine an interior space. However, these captivating prints come with various price points, and understanding wallpaper price per roll or sqft can be as intricate as the designs themselves. From lush, velvety textures to sleek, contemporary patterns, the rate of wallpaper for walls is influenced by several factors.

Fear not, though! Interior Company brings you a comprehensive guide that delves into the intricacies of wallpaper price and cost structure to help you make informed decisions.

Factors Influencing Wallpaper Prices

Before we dive into the details, let's understand that the wallpaper design price reflects various elements ranging from the manufacturing process to the aesthetic value. Adding to your living space. Each factor plays a critical role in shaping the cost of wallpaper, influencing the budget, overall look and longevity of the design.

Design Intricacies

The design of the wallpaper price per square foot depends on the complexity of the project. Standard, repetitive patterns are generally more affordable than intricate styles. Custom graphics and hand-painted details often come at a higher rate of wallpaper for walls. In addition, bespoke themes and unique designs require more intricate printing techniques and labour, which add to the cost.

Geometric Wallpapers

Geometric designs are known for their symmetrical and repetitive patterns. Think abstract lines, circles and triangles bringing a sense of order to a space. These wallpapers add visual interest and sophistication in bedrooms and offices. They can be incorporated into smaller rooms or living rooms to create a focal point without overwhelming the interiors. Geometric wallpaper design price depends on the material and desired look.

Geometric Pattern Wallpaper Price

Floral Wallpapers

Floral Wallpaper for Walls Price

Floral wallpapers are timeless, ranging from classic, delicate patterns to bold, large-scale prints. Depending on the colour and size of the print, floral wallpaper roll price varies, bringing a dramatic look to the interiors. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining areas, they incite a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere inside the space. In addition, floral prints evoke a colourful vibe while infusing the room with a decorative beauty.

Rustic Wallpapers

Rustic Wallpaper for Walls Price

Wallpapers being the focus of the rooms dictate style, such as these rustic wallpapers are subtle and yet add natural texture to the space, bringing an earthy feel. Look at this wooden slate design, oozing cosiness and simplicity. With muted tones and rough textures, they incite a vintage yet country vibe in the home. Rustic wallpaper price is more economical compared to paint and expands the space in a visually appealing way.

Traditional Wallpapers

Traditional Wallpaper Cost Per Sq Feet for Home

Whether it's a damask print, ikkat or paisleys, these traditional wallcoverings often use a rich palette and detailed imagery, thereby being pricey and premium. However, the wallpaper design price might be expensive, but they exude elegance and a sense of formal elegance in the room. Want a distinguished look? Make a statement in dining rooms, hallways, or in furniture, such as cabinets or wardrobes.

Wallpapers Mimicking Natural Textures

Stone Wallpaper Price for Home Walls

Wallpapers can imitate the look and feel of natural materials such as stone, wood, brick, marble, or even concrete. These wallpapers are a cost-effective alternative to wall cladding or panelling bringing texture and depth to a room. Further, they are easy to install and can be DIY, compared to the former. Ideally suited for bathrooms and kitchens, where authentic materials might be an impractical and expensive choice.

Customised Wallpaper

Customised Wallpaper Rate for Home Walls

Since these tailor-made designs fit the specific aesthetic and requirements, interior costs for wallpaper are bound to hike just like any other custom-made decor item. Although, the appeal and the charm of custom wallpapers are extraordinary, adding a spice of colour and art to the space. One has complete creative and pricing control, from materials to patterns, bringing a personalised statement to the interiors. Whether it's the children’s rooms or master bedroom design, play around to enhance the appeal and add a wow factor to the room.

Material Matters

When it comes to the wallpaper, the choice of material impacts both cost and functionality. Each material brings with it a distinct aesthetic, including paper wallpapers that are an economical choice but tend to be less durable, basically in humid or high-traffic areas. Vinyl wallpapers, in contrast, strike a perfect balance in Indian households, offering resilience and ease of maintenance without the hefty price. Another versatile option for wallpaper designs for living rooms is PVC, which comes in a wide range of designs and styles.

If you wish to add luxury and texture to walls, fabric wallpaper price per square foot is costly and requires careful maintenance. Similarly, natural materials like cork and bamboo are premium choices but make a bold, eco-friendly statement. Thus, material plays a pivotal role in determining the cost of wallpaper and installation.

Designer or Premium Products

Regular wallpaper design price is uniform as they are pre-cut to standard size and have a repetitive pattern. However, designer wallpaper comes in custom sizes and is crafted with plush materials and exclusivity. These fashionable wallpapers speak volumes of art and creativity, which means a heftier price tag of around INR Rs. 25,000 to 1,00,000.

Wallpaper Prices in India Depending on Material



Starting Price Per Roll


Durable, washable, and moisture-resistant.

Rs 2500-3000 per roll



Fine texture and lush appeal

Rs. 3500 – 8000 per roll

3D and Textured

Modern, visual interest.

Rs 650-1500 per roll

Natural Materials


Rs 1000-3500 per roll

Printed Non-Woven

Self-adhesive, clean and contemporary look

Rs 2,100 per roll

Wallpaper Installation Costs in India

The installation cost of Wallpaper in India can vary based on the complexity of the wallpaper, the condition of the walls, and the skill level required. Simple patterns with fewer overlaps and cuts are more cost-effective, ranging from Rs 40 per square foot. However, intricate designs and high-end wallpapers require precise matching, higher labour skills and time, driving up installation costs. The installation of wallpaper begins with the preparation of the wall’s surface, involving two steps. Firstly, the wall is carefully sanded and cleansed, ensuring a smooth and durable finish, and then a primer is applied to enhance the surface.

Interior Company also offers installation services, crafting your space to perfection!

Considerations Before Installing Wallpapers

One has to be mindful of some key considerations prior to wallpaper installation.

  • Wall Condition: Before wallpaper application, ensure your walls are smooth, clean, and free from moisture or peeling paint. Any imperfections can affect the look of your design.
  • Room Usage: Consider where you're applying the wallpaper, such as vinyl wallpapers are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens due to their moisture resistance.
  • Ease of Installation: Wallpapers can be applied within a single day compared to paints that take around 5-7 days.
  • Durability: Wallpaper can last on your walls for up to 15 years when maintained properly.
  • Designs and Patterns: Wallpaper prints are available in an array of styles and designs, consisting of simple to elaborate patterns. In contrast, Painting drives higher cost and skilled labour for a similar result.
  • Style & Aesthetic: Make sure the wallpaper print complements the interior theme and colour palette of your room.
  • Budget: Wallpapers are affordable ideas to elevate the look of your home. High-quality wallpapers might be expensive but can be more durable and impactful in the long term.
  • Removability: If you’re someone who likes to change decor frequently or rent an apartment, wall decals are the best options, easy to apply and remove.

Dress Those Walls!

Wallpapers are more than just a decorative choice; these wallcoverings play an essential role in enhancing the room design while adding a character and personal style to the space. Beyond walls, they can embrace the ceiling and work as an art piece in the room. From affordable paper wallpaper price designs to robust and versatile vinyl or lush fabric and textured bamboo, choose a print that complements your lifestyle and home decor, making a smart and stylish investment for your interiors.

For more home decor inspiration and bespoke designs, head over to Interior Company.

*Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    How much does 1 roll of wallpaper cost?

    The wallpaper design price depends upon the material, such as PVC wallpaper price per roll is around Rs 800 to 2000.

    How much does a wallpaper cost?

    The cost of wallpaper varies starting from Rs 50 per square foot for basic paper wallpapers to Rs 5000 per square foot for premium or custom designs. Moreover, the Installation costs, custom size, and the complexity of the job are also considered in the overall budget.

    How much wallpaper do I need for a 10x10 wall?

    Calculate the total square footage would be 10×10 = 100 square feet. Wallpaper rolls are generally in square feet. Divide the total square footage of your wall by the coverage provided by one roll to calculate the exact number of rolls. For instance, if one roll covers 30 square feet, you’d need 100 sq ft / 30 sq ft per roll = 3.3 rolls, approximately 4 rolls for one wall.

    What is the cost of wallpaper per square metre?

    Wallpaper price in India can cost anywhere between Rs 50 to R 5,000 per sq. ft

    Which wallpaper is best?

    If you’re in the market to select the best wallpaper, it depends on your specific needs, preferences, and room size. Wallpaper defines the style of space, make sure you choose a desired one that elevates the look. Vinyl and PVC are durable and maintenance-free choices. However, if you are looking for something unique, fabric wallpapers might be the one for you.

    Are wallpapers budget-friendly?

    Yes, wallpapers are an affordable option that come in an array of styles and patterns, enhancing the look of your home. Further, they offer ease of maintenance and can last up to 15 years.

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