Simple and Modern Eid Ul Fitr Decorations

Published On: Mar 15, 2023

Festivals are the harbingers of celebration and light in everyone's life. Every festival brings colossal joy and happiness to those celebrating it. Eid Ul Fitr is celebrated across the world on the first Shawwal at the end of Ramadan. This is the day when Muslims break their dawn-to-dusk fasting after a month. The reason behind fasting is to be grateful for what you have.

This festive occasion is celebrated with great enthusiasm and is a time for feasting, gift-giving, and decorating homes with vibrant colours and beautiful ornaments. Decorating for Eid Ul Fitr can be a fun and exciting task, but coming up with creative ideas can sometimes be challenging. In this article, we will explore some fantastic Eid Ul Fitr decoration ideas that will help you bring the spirit of this auspicious occasion into your home. From colourful banners and balloons to traditional lanterns and intricate floral arrangements, we have got you covered. Let’s get started!

1. Floral Decor

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Bringing natural elements inside your home as decor pieces add a fresh touch to your home. Flowers are the most versatile decoration elements of all. You can make flower banners or decorate a wall with flowers by taping individual flowers to the wall as a backdrop for photos. Tap into the florist inside you this Eid 2024 and make gorgeous bouquets for your guests to marvel at. Create the most beautiful centrepieces with flowers for your dinner table. You can do a lot with flowers as decoration pieces.

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2. Decorating with Lights

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Lights welcome a distinct aura to your house. You can cover anything from fairy lights to lanterns. Lights usually signify 'light in the darkness,' or 'light that ends dark times.' Get creative with fairy lights, put them with other decorations or write 'Eid Mubarak' with the fairy lights. You can drape the lights with the curtains for a magical touch. Hang LED lanterns at the corner of the room or use them as table decorations. Invest in lanterns that, once lit up, leave stark shadow patterns on the walls, giving it a mesmerising look! 

3. Ravishing Banners 

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Festivals are incomplete without a festive banner. With Eid, you have so many options! You can buy readymade banners or make your own. To make your banners, all you need is some construction paper or sparkling paper and glitter. Make paper fans along with the big bold 'EID MUBARAK' in the centre. You can mix it up by adding paper streamers too. One can either stick with the classic green and gold or go with any colour which goes with your aesthetic.

4. Prayer Corner Upgrade 

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This is more like a pre-Eid decor idea. As Ramadan commences, upgrade your prayer corner, especially if you have a designated prayer room. Add fresh flowers to the room every day, periodically change your prayer mats, and invest in a new fragrance dispenser if you can. Welcome your friends and family to pray together on this auspicious day of days! 

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5. Adding Crescent Moon and Stars to the Mix

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Your Eid decorations would be left fragmentary if you don’t integrate the classic crescent moon and stunning stars to bring the whole design together. Cut out shapes of stars and the crescent moon from glitter paper or construction paper (add glitter because there is no such thing like too much glitter). If you want to go one step ahead, buy crockery shaped like the moon and stars. You might even get LED lights shaped like a crescent moon and stars. Don't forget to look up into the gorgeous glow-in-the-dark stars which you can stick to the ceiling. 

6. Scented Candles 

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Scented candles not only make your house smell good, but they also double up as a divine decor piece. Scented candles bring warmth to the home. Since Eid Ul Fitr is falling in spring, choose candles with fresh fragrances like fresh flowers, rain or even the ocean. If you look up, you can find scented candles which are anointed with certain intentions. Every fragrance has a property associated with it like citrusy candles tend to boost mood and make you more active. Jasmine on the other hand has calming properties. 

7. The Ramadan Wreath! 

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Wreaths symbolise the vitality of life and eternity. Craft your wreaths with twigs, leaves, flowers, vibrant clothes or even paper. Wreaths are easy to make if you use an embroidery ring for them. If paper wreaths are your thing, you can use paper cutouts or sturdy strings. Traditionally, wreaths are put up on the front of the door, but you can put them up wherever you wish to. Add an Eid Mubarak cutout to your wreath to complete the design. 

8. A Little TLC?

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Since Eid is a significant festival, why not change up the interior of the house? Add to the comfort and style of your home by changing up the upholstery of your couches, jazz up the curtains and spruce up the pillows. Invest in new table runners. A splash of paint is always a welcome sight. Choose vibrant fabrics which make your home bright and airy. Add some new decor pieces like vases, a coffee table, some books or maybe a kintsugi bowl. 

9. Spruce It up From the Outside!

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We cannot ignore the outside of our homes. Right before Eid, amp up the exterior of your home by adding new plants, changing up the paint colour, adding new exterior decoration elements and more. You can deck up your house with LED lights and lanterns. Opt to add climbers against the trim of your house to give it a fresh and new look. 

10. Marvellous Tablescape

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Tablescapes add a lovely, festive touch to your home. On Eid Ul Fitr, you can see a large spread of delectable food. To make the feast more customised for your guests, write a handmade name tag for your guests. Have beautiful flower arrangements placed as centrepieces. You can also collect twigs and arrange them in a pot and attach paper butterflies to it. Place it wherever, and it will look the part! 

Have an Aesthetic Eid 2024

Celebrate an amazing Eid Ul Fitr 2024 with your friends and family. Be grateful for all the good things in life; blessings that you've received and are about to receive. Festivals are a good time to spread joy among those who need it the most. Exercise your palate, and indulge in the most luscious of delicacies. Take out time to spend with your loved ones whilst giving shape to these decorations. Use these ideas for simple yet delightful Eid ul Fitr preparations for 2024. 

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    When is Eid Ul Fitr 2024?

    Eid Ul Fitr 2024 is on April 22, 2024.

    Can we use colourful decor for Eid?

    Yes, we can use colourful decor for Eid. You can choose any of your favourite colours to decorate for the festival.

    How can I incorporate modern elements into my Eid Ul Fitr home decor?

    You can incorporate modern elements into your Eid Ul Fitr home decor by using bold colours, geometric patterns, metallic accents, contemporary Islamic art pieces and modern lighting fixtures.

    What are some affordable Eid Ul Fitr home decor ideas?

    Some affordable Eid Ul Fitr home decor ideas include using recycled materials to create DIY decorations, making your paper lanterns and garlands, and repurposing old glass jars as candle holders. You can also opt for affordable tableware and table linens to dress up your dining table.

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