What Does Built-up Area Mean in Construction?

Published On: Feb 2, 2023

Nowadays, finding a home of your preference has become risky and very easy at the same time. This sounds like a perilous combo! This happens due to the variety of options that one gets along with the increasing number of builders and architects. Lastly, with the facility of searching for the ideal home with just one click of your device conveniently, you can find the desired property in terms of infrastructure, construction and interiors. 

When planning to buy a house, it is imperative to understand the phrases used by the developer to define a project. One such term is the built-up area. The built-up area plays a vital role in describing the value of any property in terms of price and size. Finding the house that ticks all the boxes on your list for a dream home just isn't enough! 

One must always be willing enough to understand the technical nitty-gritty if one wants to make a well-informed deal.

Read through this blog to find out all about the built-up area and become a civil expert.  

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What is a Built-Up Area?

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Built-up area is referred to as the gross area of any property that comprises the carpet area as well as the thickness of the walls and the duct vents. The built-up area can be seen to be 15-25 per cent more than the carpet area known as the plinth area (this can defer from project to project). 

How to Calculate the Built-Up Area? 

The formula for calculating the built-up area of a property is'

Carpet Area/Walkable Area + Wall Area = Built-up Area

Note: The shared walls with adjacent units or properties are factored in at 

50%, whereas other walls are factored at 100%. 

If you know the carpet area of any property then the built-up area can be easily deciphered with the formula. If we take an example to understand better, a unit with a carpet area of 870 sq. ft. with walls and other structures measuring 130 sq. ft. we will get the aggregate sum of the entire area, i.e 1000 sq. ft (i.e. 870+130=1000). 

The Contrast between Plinth Area and Built-Up Area 

The plinth area or built-up area is the space covered by the floor of the built-up area unit and the area covered by the inner and outer walls of the property. Both are exactly the same and are often used interchangeably. Plinth areas are typically used for single-family homes and villas, while built-up areas are used for floors in apartments and buildings.

What is a Super Built-Up Area? 

The Super built-up area is the complete space that comes with the unit including the facilities that a project provides. This includes common facilities such as elevator shafts, lobbies and hallways allocated proportionally to all apartments. This also includes common areas such as swimming pools, gardens, lawns and clubhouses. In other words, the super built-up area is the total selling area.

Whereas, salable or super built-up areas do not include compound walls, open roof spaces, open sports facilities, sheds, common spaces, underground sumps and water or septic tank space. 

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How do Calculate the Super Built-Up Area? 

The super built-up area can be calculated using the floor area ratio (FAR). it is the ratio of the 

greatest floor area to the total area of the building site. Usually expressed in percentage.

Super Built-Up Area= Built-Up Area + Proportionate Common Area

Quite a few builders and developers take into consideration the carpet area while charging which clearly is the rarest scenario. 

90% of developers calculate the base cost taking into account the super built-up area, which means more the amenities, the more you have to pay. 

What is the Carpet area? 

If we talk in technical terms,  the carpet area to built-up area  is the total functional area measured wall-to-wall from the interior surface. Therefore, the inner wall thickness is not included. The carpet area is the actual usable size of the apartment or plot minus the wall thickness; this also includes bathrooms and kitchens. Generally used areas outside the apartment such as staircases, elevators and guard rooms are excluded from this calculation of carpet area. In simple words, the carpet area built-up is the space that is walkable in the unit. 

Know More about Carpet Areas!

It is essential to know about the carpet area before you purchase a property- 

  • The carpet area of any property should be mentioned by the developer or builder in the marketing brochure, sale deed and the sale agreement papers. 
  • If there is any discrepancy between the actual built-up carpet area and mentioned carpet area and super built-up area then ask for a refund. 

Common Difference Between Built-Up Area, Carpet Area and Super Built-Up Area

Bedroom  Included  Included  Included 
Living Room  Included  Included  Included 
Kitchen  Included  Included  Included 
Bathroom  Included  Included  Included 
Dining Room  Included  Included  Included 
Study Room  Included  Included  Included 
Guest Room,  Included  Included  Included 
Kid's Room  Included  Included  Included 
Lobby  Not Included Included  Not Included
Balcony  Included  Included  Not Included
External Staircase  Included  Included  Not Included
Internal Staircase  Included  Included  Included 
Pooja Room  Included  Included  Included 
Terrace  Included  Included  Not Included
Lift  Included  Included  Not Included
Gallery Included  Included  Not Included
Garden  Not Included Not Included Included 

Make the Most of Your Space

Before you go and buy a property it is advised to be aware of the area that you are paying for! Finding out the carpet area, built-up area and the super built-up area of that property. Getting to know the difference between the built-up area, super built-up area and built-up to carpet area will help you make an informed decision. Get in touch with the Interior Company to learn about the intricacies of home construction and home decor.


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    Is the toilet included in the carpet area calculation?

    The carpet area is actually the usable area space of any unit minus the wall thickness, which also includes the bathroom, toilet and kitchen.

    What percentage of the built-up area is carpet?

    The built-up area is 10% to 15% more than the carpet area So, if your RERA carpet area is 1210 sq. ft., then the built-up area will be 1331.1 sq. ft.

    What is the saleable area by RERA?

    Description of carpet area under RERA.The Super built-up area or marketable area is the total built-up area of your flat plus your proportional percentage of the common comforts in the building complex. It is also called the saleable area.

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