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55+ Modern Kitchens We Can’t Stop Swooning Over

Published On: Jul 31, 2021

The kitchenette is by far the most frequently used and neglected room in modern households. Maintain your PVC modular kitchen's appearance and modern kitchen tile by having it restored and refurbished regularly. 

The following are contemporary small modern kitchen ideas and modern kitchen wall colours that may inspire the remodelling project of your cooking area with the aid of modular kitchen ideas:

1.Contemporary Rustic

Contemporary Rustic

This design brilliantly combines contemporary elegance, and rustic charm—the kitchen cabinets and rustic toned brick walls contrast with the modular kitchen colours in the glossy countertops. You can complete the décor of U shape modular kitchen design with a dash of contemporary lighting.

2.All-White Minimalistic décor

All-White Minimalistic décor

The gorgeous wood floors and creative lighting settings prevented this white-hued kitchen from becoming too harsh and uninteresting. Drop lamps and deep black countertops lend depth to this area, but the exceptional cabinets of modular kitchen platform granite design streamlined, contemporary, and uncomplicated.

3.Eating-in-Place Tabletop

Eating-in-Place Tabletop

Including an eating-in-place option in contemporary small and modern kitchen ideas is becoming increasingly popular. The countertop's warm graphite colour contrasts nicely with the kitchenette's cold earth tones.

4.Concrete Wall with a Coarse Finish

Concrete Wall with a Coarse Finish

Natural themes are frequent in contemporary Hettich modular kitchen interior design. This minimalistic white kitchen struck an excellent balance through the use of crisp all-white side walls and clean countertops.

5.Archway Kitchen

Archway Kitchen

Conveniently sized, well-organised, and modern, this space-saving kitchen island's success is mainly due to its well-designed kitchen cabinets and low-cost modular kitchen prices.

6.Vibrant Colours and Size Variations

Vibrant Colours and Size Variations

Contemporary design is characterised by simplicity, harmony, and adaptability. This modernised kitchen embodies all of these qualities, in addition to the modular kitchen interior, and the boho orb-shaped drop light fixtures are lovely, brilliant, and eye-catching!

7.Modified and Expanded Mid-Century Modern

Modified and Expanded Mid-Century Modern

This modern kitchen retains the polished woodwork, pastel hues, and brilliant modular kitchen colours associated with middle-century modernised design while adding light kitchen cabinets and sandstone worktops to make it much more contemporary.

8.Lighting Ingenuity

Lighting Ingenuity

If a kitchenette is adequately illuminated, it will seem more extensive and more significant to the viewer. To bypass the appearance of a claustrophobic space, brighten and smooth dark regions such as those underneath the kitchen storage spaces.

9.Gorgeous shade of grey

Gorgeous shade of grey

This smoky-grey tint stands classy and timeless, and it pairs beautifully with white. Complementing the appearance are white counters and a white quartz countertop.

10.Metallic details for an opulent appearance

Metallic details for an opulent appearance

Copper accents provide the ideal amount of elegance and sparkling shine to contemporary matte interiors while avoiding some copper finishes that exhibit tackiness.

11.Simplicity in the Modern Era

Simplicity in the Modern Era

The all-pastel small kitchen is trendy and costs practical, making it a perfect choice for modern households. Despite the small size of the kitchen, the wide-area plan, white furnishings, modern kitchen tile and huge windows provide an illusion of space. The plain worktops, exposed wood floors, and space-saving cabinets and shelves characterise the no-frills design in L-shape.

12.Bar & Kitchen Counters

Bar & Kitchen Counters

Integrate your personal bar amidst the modular kitchen furniture's general design. It eliminates the need for several refrigerators, faucets, and other bar equipment installations.

13.Gold combinations create sophistication

Gold combinations create sophistication

The combination of gold and wall sconces conveys an air of sophistication and splendour. This kitchenette, built of marble-stone, choicest of crystals, and golden shades, is gorgeous as a modular kitchen interior.

14.Personal storage space 

Personal storage space 

Sleek contemporary designs require reduced surfaces and an uncluttered environment, which necessitates inventive and discrete storage solutions. This modern kitchen's clever cabinetry maximises the available space on the island.

15.African Beauty's Elegance

African Beauty's Elegance

The use of subdued tones is indicative of modern home kitchen designs and modern kitchen wall colours. Apart from off-white and greyish tint, charcoal-black is a trendy hue at the moment. The matte kitchen cabinets, along with the side walls juxtaposed with bare wood floors, black appliances elevated the kitchen’s décor.

16.With a ray of light!

With-a-ray-of-light A modern house kitchen should be white, crisp, and contemporary in design. There's an incredible three-dimensional backsplash design, white and silver furnishings, and intriguing sleek and stylish industrial light fixtures.

17.Use cement and wood extensively.


A kitchen island design that incorporates raw concrete pillars, wood flooring, wood cabinets, and shelving is a straightforward but effective solution. On the panels, contemporary countertops and kitchen cupboards appear sleek and clean.

18.Through the Window, the Sun Shines

Through the Window, the Sun Shines

At all times, the kitchen must have adequate lighting. This contemporary kitchen features an abundance of natural light, thanks to the expansive glass panel. The silver fixtures beautifully match the smooth marble top floor, and the wood cabinetry adds an element of cosiness and character to space.

19.Mediterranean-Inspired Design

Mediterranean-inspired Design

This lovely kitchenette with a royal-blue undertone has a coastal design that is both energetic and elegant, and it is guaranteed to delight. It is possible to eat at the big marbled kitchen countertop, which can accommodate a significant number of people at a time.

20.Breath-taking Kitchen Island

Breath-taking Kitchen Island

Occasionally, the kitchen island acts as the space's centre point. By including a magnificent kitchen island, the overall appearance and feel of the area will be established.

21.Modern manor house

Modern manor house

It's simple to update your lovely rustic kitchen. This contemporary food preparation room has the typical glass lamps, as well as hardwood seating and floorings. Open shelving, pristine whitish walls, and sleek cabinetry are just a few of the modern characteristics.

22.One-of-a-kind shabby chic style

One-of-a-kind shabby chic style

Create this stunning fashionable pattern into your kitchenette by incorporating neutral colours and minimalist patterns into your decor scheme, rather than sticking to the typical cream, charcoal-black, or greyish interiors. This vibrant kitchen emits uniqueness and inventiveness while also being romantic and dreamlike.

23.Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

A great addition to any living space, swinging cabinets are an excellent addition because they can be both functional and visually pleasing while also entertaining. It is a data storage medium or as a data display platform, depending on the purpose for which it is intended.

24.Wooden Counters

Wooden Counters

Wood is versatile, and the same can easily be found in a range of styles and colours. It will provide a touch of warmth and rustic charm to your contemporary kitchen counters while also breaking up the dullness of white walls and flooring if you opt for wood.

25.Expansive and Modernist

Expansive and Modernist

The open roof, exposed floors and a floor plan devoid of partitions give the space a modern feel. Rather than a backsplash, the designers opted to go with side-walls, wood cabinets, and strategically positioned lighting to achieve their desired look.

26.Small in stature and vibrant in colour

Small in stature and vibrant in colour

This gorgeous contemporary small kitchen makes up for it in style and elegance. By putting everything in easy reach, the arrangement is intended to reduce motion. Plenty of illumination is provided by the large window and twinkling lights over the bed. The design's most eye-catching aspect is the backsplash, which is both vibrant and elegant.

27.Perforated Floor Tiles in Greys

Perforated Floor Tiles in Greys

White dominates the arrangement of this beautifully designed kitchen, adding depth and texture. The greyish speckled floor tiles serve as the focal point of this contemporary design, which is well-executed and unexpected.

28.Recessed lights

Recessed lights

By installing a skylight in the cooking area, you may increase the amount of ambient light. The long skylight that runs the room's length and connects to the glass panel at the far end of the area adds additional illumination to this all-white cooking and dining nook.

29.Black Magician

Black Magician

The sheen of the metal is a striking opposition to the dark and glossy black finish of the cabinets and countertops, which are also glossy black.

30.Revisited Bohemian

Revisited Bohemian

Compared to the past's brilliant and vibrant boho interiors, this contemporary counterpart remains more constricted, with less décor and a greater emphasis on functionality. The rich carpeting of the room reflects the theme's vibrant hues and textures, while the raw wooden pieces and red chandelier lights highlight the type's exquisite beauty.

31.Dine-in bar concept

Dine-in bar concept

The dine-in bar would allow you to dine in an environment where you would cook-and-serve process. This dine-in bar's décor segregates the island's culinary and prep areas from the eating area.

32.Red with vintage hints

Red with vintage hints

Infuse your contemporary kitchen with unexpected and pleasurable elements to break up the monotony. This clean old crimson backsplash brings a sense of nostalgia to the otherwise neutral interior. The scarlet contrasts beautifully with the sparkling worktops and cabinetry, and it looks fantastic against the bright white interior, wood-themed flooring, and contemporary finishes.

33.Organised Kitchen Island

Organised Kitchen Island

Utilising the storage area beneath the organised kitchen island countertop is a cost-effective and practical solution. The drawers in this svelte greyish kitchen island are exceptionally neatly organised, with divisions for dishes, culinary implements, and food-storage jars.

34.Hipster chic and utilitarian

Hipster chic and utilitarian

The sleek black fixtures capture the eye, while the kitchen island and stainless steel chairs add a contemporary touch. The kitchen's most admirable feature is an excellent colossal stainless panelled window that provides lovely outdoor views.

35.Pink-walled kitchens

Pink-walled kitchens

The island nook, which has a countertop, faucet, and burner, is situated in the middle of the room. There are a couple of drawers and a storage cupboard underneath the counter where the oven is located.

36.In-kitchen Herbal Garden

In-kitchen Herbal Garden

The island's structure incorporates a plant container, and additional plants are visible around the kitchen. Organic greens inject vitality into otherwise monotone contemporary black interiors. The wood plank flooring lends the space a rustic feel, but simplified lights emphasise the room's new design.

37.Natural Stone Sink

Natural Stone Sink

This rustic and unpolished rock pantry sink will add visual intrigue to your contemporary kitchen. The sink's rugged natural appearance will stand against the slick touches, allowing its inherent beauty to shine even brighter.

38.Rich and Classic

Rich and Classic

This lovely kitchen design features white walls, a clean floor, and a ceiling, in addition to nude hues and sophisticated furnishings. Silver-lined lighting fixes and a pair of metallic chandeliers provide a touch of sophistication to the stunning accent tiles. The minimalist concept incorporates elegant elements and contemporary cabinetry.

39.Two-Tone Contemporary Twist

Two-Tone Contemporary Twist

The modern cottage kitchen will forever conjure up ideas of delicious meals, delightful company, and a warm and inviting atmosphere. Upgrade cabinets, eliminate intrusive décor and repaint the space in more neutral tones to create a contemporary atmosphere.

40.Scandinavian Grey Tones

Scandinavian Grey Tones

These gentle and inviting Scandinavian greys go well with any contemporary minimalist home decor concept. This kitchen is highlighted by a gorgeous shade of greyish tint that is bright but not as harsh as pure white. Along with the bead board wooden flooring, the room features a marble backsplash, lending the space an air of grandeur.

41.Practical and cost-effective cabinet

Practical and cost-effective cabinet

A functional and stylish cabinet is critical for contemporary kitchen concepts and designs. It is essential to consider space conservation, usability, and efficiency while constructing a modern kitchen. In this chic black-toned kitchenette, the slide racks with organisers add a lovely finishing touch.

42.Monochrome Kitchen Theme


This kitchen has its bare essentials: a silvery marble countertop with sink, a few slim drawers, a minimalistic light-toned bar, and a pair of gleaming black bar chairs. The marbled backsplash wall, with its barely discernible counterparts, is the main aspect of subtle elegance.

43.A Spruced-up Ceiling

A Spruced-up Ceiling

The breath-taking wood panelling incorporates the kitchen's modern rustic beauty. Clean, primary side walls and countertops, parallel cabinets, as well as a bare, speckled marble surface are contemporary characteristics. The add-on of the wooden kitchen storage doors and a wood ceiling accentuates the dullness and lends the room an air of rustic charm.

44.Hovering Kitchen Shelves

Hovering Kitchen Shelves

Hovering kitchen shelves cater to the required storing facility and exhibition space without blocking the workspace or clogging the area in which they are placed. The modern shelf compliments the majority of contemporary kitchen décor. In this modern country-style kitchen, with hovering shelves above the counter, showcase the homeowner's pottery collection, tableware, and additional kitchen paraphernalia.

45.Textured Splashback

Textured Splashback

The backsplash in this beautiful modern kitchen design has magnificent chevron patterning tiles in a dark matte hue. This space-saving kitchen is trendy and attractive due to its matte black as a theme and minimalist design.

46.All-Purpose Faucet

All-Purpose Faucet

Kitchen chores are made easier with the help of the metallic kitchen faucet, which is packed with features that free up precious counter space. Combine with a contemporary faucet with a chrome finish that complements the white surfaces of the cooking space.

47.It's black. It's compact!

It's black. It's compact!

When you have a wall-mounted kitchen, the same incorporates everything. Right from the sink to the oven and the dishwasher to the storage – everything looks compact! The minimalistic island, apart from fulfilling several purposes, offers extra storage and counter space.

48.Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

This contemporary kitchen is characterized by its stunning grey furnishings, elegant cabinets, and a slew of innovative lighting fixtures. As a contrast to the cold atmosphere, the lovely wood flooring creates a feeling of cosiness in the room.

49.Contemporary yet Coastal

Contemporary yet Coastal

This modern kitchen maintains the distinct sense of beach décor - bright, happy, and sunny. Additionally, it featured various current updates, such as a white minimalistic kitchen backsplash with sleek patterned lines and an efficient design.

50.Bar Stools oozes Minimalism

Bar Stools oozes Minimalism

This tiny kitchen is both practical and attractive. Classic elements such as antique pendant lighting, cabinets, and eclectic décor are offset by modern features such as gorgeous wooden floors and beautiful minimalistic bar high-stools. In contrast, classic gold accents give the room a luxurious feel.

51.Whiteboard panelling

Whiteboard panelling It's both practical and eye-catching, plus it will save you the trouble of having to paint an extra wall or divider. This colourful whiteboard wall may be used as a to-do list board, a side-wall for artwork, and a showcase for your children's artwork, among other things.

52.Portable Kitchen with a Decorative Touch

Portable Kitchen with a Decorative Touch

This compact kitchen is well-equipped for fast meal preparation, with an oven, stove, refrigerator, sink, and plenty of storage and surface space. Space becomes more lively and characterful as a result of the bright and colourful backsplash.

53.Blues & Moods

Blues & Moods

Lovely, dreamlike, and melancholic!! This contemporary kitchen avoided the hues most often associated with modernised kitchen décor. Rather than that, the same cherry picks the beautiful midnight blue hue, which gives the kitchen an unusual outlook.

54.Manor home with a Baroque flair

Manor home with a Baroque flair

The attractive features of this classical farmstead kitchen design, such as the wooden panelling countertops, retro-themed bar stools, and hardwood flooring, have been retained in significant part. The room has been updated with contemporary elements such as industrialised light fixtures, hovering shelves, and pristine interior décor.

55.Sliding Mesh Kitchen Door

Sliding Mesh Kitchen Door

This PVC modular kitchen has herringbone-patterned Prussia white beadboard panels, exposed wooden shelving and boxes, and a metallic slider of mesh material. It also features a metal mesh slider. Modern and contemporary styling may be achieved by refacing your current open shelves with this new and appealing design.

56.Turquoise Background Colour

Turquoise Background Colour Handmade glass tiles were utilised for the kitchen's dome and sides, and the custom-cut hardwood flooring was placed in a pattern inspired by turquoise. Moreover, to complete the appearance, the venting hood is covered in a deep green cloth.