51 Stunning Staircase Design Ideas

Published On: Sep 8, 2021

Staircases are indeed a crucial element of any house, office and building etc. Stairs are defined as a series of steps used to move from one level to another. When it comes to interior designing, staircases play an essential role. Staircases are a set of stairs surrounded by walls or structures. In ancient times, its only purpose was to access a higher vertical level. Most of us don't put much effort into thinking about their construction or functionality. What should be the location of the staircase in a house? It is subject to the availability of space in your house or building and the look you desire. They are the essence of a building and add charm to an ordinary construction. From curved to a floating staircase, you have a variety of alternatives to choose from. In this article, you will come across stunning staircase design ideas for your home.

1. Go for Spiral Stairs

Go for Spiral Stairs

A spiral staircase is an absolute beauty that recreates the interior of your house. It is sleek and graceful. These staircases are suitable for big houses or buildings that have enough space. They take huge space but transforms your home. If you are looking for a grand look, these are the suitable staircase design for your home.

2. Try a neat white marble staircase

Neat white marble staircase

White marble tiles provide an aesthetic look to your home. The white staircase is graceful and shapes the interior of the house. Brick walls go well with these staircases. You can decorate the wall and staircase with plants. White staircases are more suitable for interiors than an open area. It is because white staircases get dusty quickly in open areas. You can go for one side support straight railing.

3. Try different designs for steps

Try different designs for steps

You can modify your basic stairs into a unique staircase. Go for a one-side support railing. Steps design are crucial to transform a simple old staircase. Staircase wall designs also play an essential role in providing an appealing look. For steps design, you can try wallpapers for steps that are easy to put. Try decorating the wall with different frames to give a wholesome look.

4. Favour taller Balustrades and S-shaped stairs

Favour taller Balustrades and S-shaped stairs

Modern staircase designs are fashionable and magnificent. Now decorate your interior with a taller balustrade connecting to the ceiling from s-shaped stairs. S-shaped wooden stairs are one of the designs of the unique staircases. Put some plants and a lamp near your staircase. These staircases are suitable for big houses and grand offices.

5. Staircase for basements

Staircase for basements

This is a unique staircase for your basement. Metal staircases are strong and survive long. These staircases have a structure of a vertical rectangle. Cabinets are attached to the staircase structure to store the stuff.

6. Sliding cum storage staircase

This is a perfect example of the modern staircase design. A staircase is just not meant to go to an upper floor or basement. You can use them for varied purposes like storing books or sliding. Have fun sliding between the staircase with your siblings. Put your small stuff in the storage staircase. It is a wholesome staircase if you are looking to have fun with the interiors.

7. Go for the short balustrades with slender stairs

short balustrades with slender stairs

A combination of white balustrades and wooden stairs is aesthetic. This is a perfect house staircase design enhancing the look of your home.

8. Cat staircase design

Cat staircase design

It is a small space staircase design made of metal, equipped with a unique railing design for moving to an upper floor.

9. Shelf behind the staircase

Shelf behind the staircase

If you are looking to fill out space behind the staircase, make a wooden shelf for storage. It utilises idle space and looks dazzling.

10. Round stairs

Round stairs

These stairs take up a huge amount of space as their size are bigger than most of the stairs. These stairs are cantilever stairs that are floating in the air without support.

11. Wooden storage stairs

Wooden storage stairs

These stairs have a primitive look. Its steps are a little higher than usual stairs. Also, these wooden stairs can store your stuff. The storage area diminishes with an upward step.

12. Outdoor staircase

Outdoor staircase

This steel staircase design has a curve attached to a circular pol. The Exterior’s staircase requires perfection as it represents the house. Giving a curvy and spiral look requires huge space. People may use it to access different floors in bungalows.

13. Cubical staircase

Cubical staircase

The handrailing in this staircase is very quirky. The cubical railings might get used for storing plants and other decorative items.

14. Tornado staircase

Tornado staircase

The tornado staircase is mostly used in big industries/companies/hotels or museums. These staircases are peculiar and artistic. Although, practically people prefer lifts than using these long staircases.

15. Modern railing design for roof

Modern railing design for roof

The wooden straight, slender staircase with steel railing is a perfect combination for a glorious look. These stairs are not exactly cantilevers because they are supported with steel connected behind the stairs. Go for wooden tiles of stairs as they enhance the beauty of the open area. Also, they are easy to clean.

16. Folding stairs

Folding stairs

Folding stairs are the most flexible kind of staircases. They take up less space and hence, the most convenient. If you are looking to visit your basement, you can use them. Also, it can be used for going into a secret room. Use it as per your convenience and fold them when you are done.

17. Unique railing designs

Unique railing designs

There are innumerable house railing designs for straight stairs or any category of stairs. This is a unique design of a metal railing enhancing the beauty of the staircase area.

18. Staircase for entrance

Staircase for entrance

Broad staircase models are suitable for the entrance of the house. Brown marbles can be used for that vintage look.

19. S-Shaped wooden staircase

S-Shaped wooden staircase

Looking for a contemporary staircase? These S-shaped treads are quite charming without any railing. However, people may find difficulty in moving forward on these stairs.

20. Alloy staircase

Alloy staircase

These staircases have great support equipped with alloy hand railings as well as treads.

21. Cantilever stairs

Cantilever stairs

White interior and wooden treads provide a warm tone and look delightful.

22. Designer railing staircase

Designer railing staircase

Stair railing design is responsible for the overall appearance. Make sure you are choosing the charming one.

23. Square staircase

Square staircase

These wooden square and rectangle boxes below the staircase are used for keeping important things like a washing machine or shoes/clothes etc.

24. Storage curvy staircase

Storage curvy staircase

There is ample amount of storage for keeping your shoes within the treads. This is a great idea to use the staircase.

25. Grid staircase

Grid staircase

The grid staircase is lovely. You can actually see someone from the grid while walking down.

26. Stylish marble staircase

Stylish Marble Staircase

There are various marble tiles in the market to choose from. Here, white and black combo tiles are used with a straight railing on one side.

27. Kids room staircase

Kids room staircase

The treads are made of timber and have a different shape than the usual stairs. Use these fun staircases in your kid’s room.

28. Cone shaped staircase

The spiral staircase comprises cone-shaped treads and green walled railings.

29. Retro staircase

Retro staircase

Paint your staircase or use multi colour lights to get this retro staircase.

30. One step at a time staircase

One step at a time staircase

You should use this staircase for your children. They can practice walking on this staircase.

31. Garden staircase

Garden staircase

Go for a combination of multiple treads adjoining the floor of the garden.

32. X- shaped

X- shaped

Go for an amazing x- shaped support for the treads and the design looks surreal.

33. Sliding staircase

Sliding staircase

This staircase is mostly used in big offices and industries. The sliding staircases are exquisite.

34. Bamboo staircase

Bamboo staircase

Beautifully engraved staircases with a superior touch.

35. Grand entry staircase

Grand entry staircase

These stairs are split staircases constructed in big houses/halls and companies.

36. Zig-Zag metallic staircase

Zig-Zag metallic staircase

It is a perfect combination of slender black and white treads displayed below.

37. Giant spiral staircase

Giant spiral staircase

Spiral staircases are beautiful but might not be as practical when people with reduced mobility live in the house. Bamboo spiral staircase requires huge space with a circular cover above the treads. More than one person can use this staircase together while carrying big stuff.

38. Winder stairs

Winder stairs

Winder stairs are a variation of an L shaped stair, but instead of a flat landing, they have pie-shaped or triangular steps at the corner transition. Here, tall balustrades act as railing on one side and black covered railing on the other side with slender threads attached to both the railings.

39. Tree-shaped staircase

You must be wondering how is this even possible? Staircase resembling a tree- impossible! Take a look at the depicted picture below.

40. Glass staircase

Glass staircase

These U-Shaped staircases are absolutely stunning and good to go. The only con is that they are prone to the risk of falling into pieces.

41. U- shaped Timber staircase

U- shaped Timber staircase

These timber staircases are alluring as well as remarkable. They are very comfortable and provide an appealing look to the interior.

42. Funky staircase

Funky staircase

You can play with your old wooden staircase by transforming it into something else. Here, Keyboards and mouse are used for steps design which is very cool and fun.

43. Red circular staircase

Red circular staircase

You must have seen white, black and wooden staircases. Have you ever seen red-coloured staircases? It is an exclusive staircase designed to take a direct exit. However, one person at a time can move.

44. Bookshelf cum wall staircase

Bookshelf cum wall staircase

It is a beauty for book lovers. People can read books while sitting on the staircase.

45. Wooden stairs for wooden house

Wooden stairs for wooden house

This straight staircase is pleasing and occupies less space.

46. Walking through the Garden staircase

Walking through the Garden staircase

These staircases are at a perfect spot and look amazing.

47. Photo Frames on the walls and cabinet near the staircase makes the interior look alluring.

48. Classic staircase

Classic staircase

These staircases are simple and aesthetically pleasing.

49. Wooden staircase design

Wooden staircase design

This wooden staircase are dazzling and have a wooden wall railing. Treads are quite slim and enhance the beauty of the house with their simplicity.

50. Curvaceous triumph

Curvaceous triumph

These two tones of curvaceous staircase are a perfection. White tone with wooden look stairs looks absolutely stunning and unique.

51. Embellished metallic staircase

Embellished metallic staircase

These curvy staircases are slender and strong. These are used in big offices or industries. The railings are stunning and offer great support.


These were some magnificent staircases that are different from the usual staircase at your home or offices. If you are looking to transform your traditional house into a modern home, try incorporating these staircase designs. These staircases are comparatively more expensive than the usual stairs. But, they are worth the expense.


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