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20 Modern Indian Kitchen Design Ideas to Style Your Cooking Space

Published On: Jul 28, 2021

Indian kitchen design is often neglected yet is a vital aspect of Indian culture. For generations, the practice of cooking and preparing meals with the bare minimum of culinary abilities has been at the heart of Indian cuisine. And when new generations acquired the land and culture, many of the older techniques and procedures were abandoned in favour of more contemporary ones. However, one thing stayed constant: the fundamental modular kitchen interior concepts underlying virtually every traditional Indian cuisine, such as the use of spices, oils, grains, and curries, remained intact - they were just modified to reflect contemporary Indian tastes and preferences.

This collection of twenty unique Indian small modern kitchen ideas provides an insight into the traditional aesthetic and functioning of conventional kitchens. Not only are the ideas in this article influenced by traditional modular kitchen design, but they also include elements of contemporary elegance and grace. These ideas infuse conventional and small modern kitchen designs with colour and innovation.

Therefore, continue reading the post – one of the most excellent methods to modernise your conventional kitchen is to include innovative ideas that will give your space a new appearance.

Polished wooden cabinets

If you want to give your kitchen a trendy appearance, you can consider remodelling it using polished wood cabinets for Indian small modern kitchen ideas. These wooden cabinets are available in a broad range of forms, styles, and colour variations to suit the needs and preferences of individuals. These wooden cabinets are ideal for keeping various items, including kitchen tools, culinary equipment, cutlery, and crockery. These wooden cabinets for Indian kitchen designs are reasonably priced and come in a variety of brands. The advantage of these wooden cabinets is that they come in various wood species, including Pine, Cherry, Oak, Alder, Hickory, and Birch, making them ideal for Indian kitchen designs.

wooden kitchen

Frosted glass partition 

In Indian kitchen designs, glass partitions have long been one of the most often used separators, having been used for decades. U-shaped modular kitchen design is popular among Indian homeowners since it is more cost-efficient and easier to maintain than other types. One of the most popular partitions for modular kitchen interior concepts is used in this kitchen design. A large glass panel is separated into two smaller ones by a frame. In the kitchen, these divider panels are placed over the stove or sink area. The second partition, situated behind the kitchen area, serves as an additional storage space for space.

glass kitchen

Corner-side storage

In recent years, Indian kitchen designs have progressed to the point where it is now relatively easy to acquire a plethora of modular kitchen furniture and cabinets from many sources. The most recent fashion trends have been very innovative, and they have made significant contributions to the creation of the best patterns and models that have always been a part of the Indian way of life. The design is often considered extremely simple, which attracts a wide range of people interested in it. It is essential to have a solid grip on the available space and the kind of kitchen requirements when creating kitchen designs since there are many variables to consider. This is why it is always advisable to consult with a professional when developing and executing designs.


All-white kitchen design

When considering your kitchen design ideas, keep in mind that white is more than just a colour; it comes in various tints, tones, and hues. You should be knowledgeable about all of them to be more adaptive with the rest of your design ideas. When it comes to the kitchen, white can create a small, intimate ambience and a bright, open appearance that makes the space appear larger and more spacious. This product may also be utilised to create a more intimate atmosphere in your kitchen. The information offered allows you to build your latest modular kitchen design for Indian kitchen design concepts based on your gathered information.

 all white kitchen

Kitchen counter layouts at an angle

When considering your kitchen design, keep in mind that white is more than just a colour; it comes in various modern kitchen wall colours, tints, tones, and hues. You should be knowledgeable about all of them to be more adaptive with the rest of your design ideas. Even while white may be used in the kitchen to create a small, intimate ambience, it can also create an open aspect that makes space look larger and airier. Using the information provided, you may complete the kitchen of your dreams in terms of Indian kitchen design concepts by applying the knowledge you have gained.

kitchen counter layout

Tiled kitchen back walls

Indian kitchen design concepts with a tiled back wall allow for a pleasant and warm ambience in the kitchen. In every contemporary Indian home, modern kitchen wall tiles are always the focal point of the room’s design. Indeed, the space offered by the kitchen wall must be utilised in such a way that the cooking surface and available free space are ideally balanced, resulting in a well-organized kitchen environment. However, while it may appear that a tiled back wall layout is not the most popular option for Indian kitchen design concepts, it offers several advantages that make it a highly sought-after choice among many kitchen designers. 

tiled back kitchen

Natural stone-laid counters

If you’re looking for a contemporary look, natural stone counters for Indian kitchen design concepts are a great choice. Given the wide range of colours and textures available, ranging from smooth and polished slabs to textured marbles, homeowners can incorporate this material into any home space, whether it is the living room or dining room, the kitchen or the bathroom. Natural stone tiles are an excellent choice for worktops in any area of the house, including the kitchen, bathroom, and even the drawing-room. This U shape modular kitchen design is highly durable. Minimal maintenance makes it an ideal choice for anybody looking to make their home as visually beautiful and inviting as possible.

natural stone

Bold and beautiful prints

Large-scale prints for Indian kitchen design concepts have been increasingly popular in recent years. It is becoming increasingly essential for individuals to consider the colours and patterns on their walls and other décor and furniture in their homes and workplaces. In addition, the boldness of the design is decided by the mood that the designer wishes to create inside the space in which it is placed. Bold prints for Indian kitchen design concepts, modern kitchen tile with their vibrant modern kitchen wall colours and geometric patterns are ideal for expressing one’s individuality inside space while without interfering with the existing motifs.

beautiful prints.

Designer kitchenette countertops

Finding designer kitchen countertops to complement Indian kitchen design concepts might be difficult due to the abundance of information available on the internet. Suppose you already have an idea of how you want your kitchen to look. In that case, you’ll need to visit many websites that will show you images of completed kitchens and give ideas for materials to utilise in the construction. If you want your kitchen to have a customised appearance, you should contact a kitchen design service, as they will be able to aid you in attaining your desired results. Preparing for the process of picking the right modern countertop design for your kitchen begins with reviewing the following recommendations, which will help you identify the best materials to use in this sort of kitchen counter.

Designer kitchenette counter-tops

Designer Kitchen island

The kitchen is the beating heart of any home, and it is also where many people spend the bulk of their time while they are at home, preparing meals and entertaining guests. While most people assume that the modern arch design for the kitchen is only a place to cook food, the reality is that it is much more than that. With the integration of a range of different duties, a well-designed kitchen may be transformed into an essential home component. When it comes to discovering a one-of-a-kind island kitchen design or even ideas for merging your kitchen with the rest of your home, the internet has a lot of information to offer. To plan the layout of their kitchens and determine how everything will fit into their homes, many homeowners who design their kitchens rely on the information provided by these websites and publications.

Designer Kitchen island

Maximum kitchen storages

Storage for Indian kitchen designs is becoming increasingly necessary for every kitchen, as is evident. Currently, suppose you go around the market. In that case, you will notice that there are countless inventive and functional and modular kitchen sleek storage options available to maximise the amount of storage space open for the Indian kitchen designs that we have. You may use them to maintain your kitchen clutter-free and entirely secure for your children, as well as for your valuables and other household things. After keeping this in mind, below are some mind-blowing data concerning the maximum amount of storage space accessible for excellent Indian kitchen designs.

Maximum kitchen storages

Eating counter-tops

A breakfast counter is an absolute must-have in any Indian kitchen design, as it is where you will be preparing your meals for the whole day. It doubles as a counter for all your cooking tools and equipment, including tongs, spatulas, and knives. There will always be a separate breakfast counter with drawers and a cupboard for storing your morning tea or curd in the majority of households. This breakfast bar is particularly convenient for the busy housewife who frequently has to hurry in during the night. The majority of Indian kitchen designs incorporate this area for producing delicious curds and other delectable morning delights.

Eating counter-tops

Artistically decorated cabinet doors

Kitchen cabinet doors play an essential part in the design of today’s kitchens. Cabinet doors must be chosen because if your kitchen is old and primitive, the entire design will suffer due to the choice. You should think about updating your kitchen cabinets and giving your kitchen a makeover.

Designer kitchenette counter-tops

Bright hued kitchen decor 

India’s kitchen designs are vibrant with colour; from vibrant reds and pinks to earthy blues, these colours have a unique ability to breathe life into otherwise dull surfaces. It’s essential to choose the right colours for your kitchen, whether you’re renovating the entire space or simply adding a fresh coat of paint. Colours such as pinks, oranges, and reds, as well as blues, greens, and yellows, complement a wide range of kitchen and interior designs. To discover more about the fantastic range of bright colours available to suit your interests and budget, check out the interior decorating magazine.

Bright hued kitchen décor 

Centrally located countertops

A growing number of people are becoming aware of the importance of the central counter for exceptional Indian kitchen designs and contemporary interior design ideas in the modern world. These are the units that hold one or more appliances and are outfitted with drawers and shelves to accommodate them. Granite and other natural stones, such as marble, soapstone, and so on, are used to create the most popular of these structures. Nowadays, thanks to advancements in contemporary technology, these modular kitchen colours and countertops are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to accommodate kitchens of all sizes. Typically, they are made of wood or composite materials capable of withstanding extreme heat, dampness, pressure, water, and humidity while staying strong and durable.

Centrally located countertops

Under-counter kitchen storages

In situations where the kitchen is constantly in use for preparing and serving snacks and keeping and preserving various food items and ingredients, the necessity for appropriate storage becomes even more apparent. Because of the vast size of the kitchen, it is much simpler to move cooking equipment around and make many family dinners in the exact location without losing efficiency or effectiveness. When it comes to Indian kitchen designs, under-counter storage helps you make the most of your available space while also offering adequate storage for many goods. The drawers beneath the counter are ideal for storing leftovers, small kitchen gadgets, and other kitchen items in a tidy and orderly manner.

Under-counter kitchen storages

Natural wooden countertops

Using laminated countertops for stunning Indian kitchen designs is a simple way to get the look you want in your home or company without having to worry about having dull, outdated counters taking up valuable floor space. Stunning laminated wood is made up of pieces of wood that have been glued together using a specific type of adhesive to create one solid piece of wood. As a result, one side of the surface has a laminated hardwood top, while the other side has solid backing. White, oak, mahogany, and cherry are just a few of the many wood colours that may be laminated over these surfaces to create highly durable surfaces.

Natural wooden countertops

Veneered countertops

Incorporating layered worktops for gorgeous and modern kitchen ideas is a simple way to get the appearance you desire in your home or business without having to deal with the inconvenience of having boring, outdated counters taking up vital floor space. A beautiful piece of veneered wood is constructed from many parts of the wood that have been bonded together using a particular sort of adhesive to form a single solid piece of wood. Consequently, one side of the surface is made up of a laminated hardwood top, and the other side is made up of a solid backing. Among the many different wood hues that may be laminated over these surfaces to produce highly durable surfaces are white, oak, mahogany, and cherry, to name just a few.

Veneered countertops

Glass-covered kitchen storage cabinets

Kitchens with glass worktops are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners these days. For several reasons, they are preferred over other materials such as wood, iron, and steel by the vast majority of people. And there is a multitude of reasons why these types of countertops are utilised in homes, offices, and hotels, among other locations. 

Glass-covered kitchen storage cabinets

Black-toned kitchenette

White and black are the most commonly used colour schemes in Indian kitchens and indeed in kitchens all around the world. There are several advantages and disadvantages of doing so. The colour black has long been associated with wealth and nobility, to mention a few connotations of the hue. The use of this colour scheme lends the kitchen a regal appearance that is difficult to achieve with other colours, such as white, in the kitchen. Because of this, black kitchen designs are becoming increasingly popular among Indian homeowners and any other homeowner looking to give their modular kitchen colours a royal appearance in more general.

Black-toned kitchenette

Wrapping up

It’s virtually guaranteed that you’ll find an Indian kitchen design that suits your needs because there are so many beautiful options to select from. These stunning modular kitchen ideas are available for purchase both online and in-person at the gallery. Having so many choices isn’t surprising when you’re presented with such a large number of alternatives, but it may be overwhelming. In order to aid you in narrowing down your options, you can cherry-pick your favoured design from some of the most exceptional ideas and proposals in the gallery above, which you may browse through.


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    What Does A Modular Kitchen Cost In India?

    Depending on the requirements and kitchen size, the cost varies. However, suppose you want an average cost idea. In that case, you should know that, according to the square feet and modular kitchen design elements, a straight-line modular kitchen model might cost anywhere between Rs. 60,000 and Rs. 1,37,199 and more.

    Which Type Of Wood Is Ideal For Indian Kitchens?

    Natural wooden cabinets always fit any kitchen easily and effectively, regardless of whether the kitchen design is modern or classic. However, wood is available in different price ranges and quality. Regarding quality, natural wood like Sheesham (Indian rosewood), teak, mahogany, or balut (oak) are some of the top categories.

    What Size Indian Kitchen Should Be Ideal?

    The kitchen is a room that varies in design and capacity as per one’s requirements. If you have a big family, you will require a huge kitchen with a large family cooking facility. On the other hand, if you have a nuclear family and have very little cookware, settling down for a small-sized kitchen makes perfect sense. However, according to interior designers, the typical size of an Indian kitchen is 8 x 10 sq ft. 

    What Design Aspects Of The Kitchen Are Ideal For Indian Cooking?

    A robust countertop is essential as Indian cooking involves heavy-duty cooking approaches and materials. The most common countertop materials are granite, marble, and quartz. Indian cooking involves producing lots of air pollutants, including smoke, gas, and airborne oil. So, it is essential to have a well-ventilated Indian kitchen to eliminate harmful gases.

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