The Ultimate Vastu Guide for South-Facing Houses

Updated On: Jun 10, 2024

So, you’ve got a south-facing house? And now you’re worried about all that bad juju you’ve heard about? Relax. Contrary to popular belief, your home isn’t destined to be a magnet for bad luck, ghosts, or unwanted salesmen. In fact, with the right south-facing house Vastu tips, your south-facing home can be as lucky as a leprechaun with a pot of gold. Prepare to turn those superstitions on their head and bring all the joy and positivity to your homes.

Here are some ways you can make your south-facing house a fruitful abode!

Thou Shall Enter'¦ from the Centre

South Facing Main Door Vastu Remedies

Ah, the main entrance of your south-facing house – the entrance that apparently decides whether you’ll attract wealth and positive energy or just a swarm of bad luck. For those struggling with this, there are always south-facing main door Vastu remedies to help balance the energy flow and bring good vibes. This entrance should ideally be placed on the south side’s fourth pada (step).

In a south-facing home design, this direction is considered super auspicious and ensures a harmonious energy flow into your home, as if by some cosmic traffic control. Your main door should be dead centre or to the left of centre on the south-facing wall.

Also, remember size matters. Ensure your main door is the largest in the house, as shown. The door should open inwards in a clockwise fashion.. Not only are these Vastu tips practical for channelling good vibes, but they also help you avoid the embarrassment of tripping over your own entrance.

Couch and Cosmos: Vastu Compliant Living Room

South Facing House Vastu Plan With Living Room

For a compliant south-facing home Vastu, the living room should ideally be located in the north or east direction. These orientations enhance positive energy flow, creating a vibrant and welcoming space. Arrange the furniture in a way that does not obstruct the natural light and air, ensuring the room remains bright and airy. Opt for an open layout that promotes a seamless energy flow.

It's a home, make sure that your living room is welcoming, and that when guests come in, and they will, they do not feel unwanted. Incorporating lighter colours that still look very appealing, like sky blue, and pairing them with softer tones on the duvets or tables in the cream helps keep a calming feeling around the space.

For the Food of It All: Kitchen Placement

South Face Home Design With Kitchen

Vastu believes that the kitchen symbolises and is the epicentre of your health in a home. For a south-facing home design following Vastu principles, the kitchen should be in the southeast corner, because Agni, the deity of fire, governs that spot. Proper placement ensures a harmonious flow of energy, promoting health and well-being for the family.

The northwest corner will also do if Agni’s favourite corner is taken. When you're whipping up your new cake, face east in the southeast kitchen to soak up all that sunlight. If you're stuck in the northwest, you can face the west. Browns, oranges, and reds are your go-to hues, so avoid blues and blacks in the kitchen area. Bon appétit!

Pooja Room Placement

South Facing House Vastu Plan With Pooja Room

No house is complete without a quiet and peaceful dedicated pooja room. Place it away from any bathrooms. I mean, it's self-explanatory. Nothing ruins a spiritual moment like hearing the flush from next door.

In a south-facing house, the ideal placement for the pooja room is northeast or west. This aligns with a south-facing house Vastu plan with a pooja room. Choose metals like copper and brass instead of silverware for pooja room utensils.

The Master Bedroom Placement

South-Facing House Vastu Principles For Master Bedroom

In a south-facing house following Vastu principles, the master bedroom should ideally be on the highest level in the home and located in the south or west direction. These directions generate positive energy, making the bedroom a relaxing space. The southwest corner is the prime real estate here, providing stability and strength. For optimal energy alignment, place the bed with the head facing south.

The rest is simple, add in a carpet area to distinguish the sleeping zone from the walking space, and have the bed facing the TV for some late-night movies and endless pillows. Sweet dreams!

Kids and Guest Rooms

South Facing House Vastu Plan With Kids And Guest Room

Homes are meant for more people than just two. And we love a big family. To make sure that your kids grow up with all the positive energy and well-being the universe has to offer, stick their bedrooms in the northwest part of the home. This also applies to south-facing flats, ensuring your apartment’s layout fosters a healthy environment for growth and development.

Although if little Timmy insists on a different view, the southern or western directions are acceptable, too. These spots are still conducive to growth and development. This will also mean fewer complaints about nightmares and sleepless nights. Happy kids, happy life, right?

Good for the Loo: Bathrooms and Toilet Placement

South-Facing Apartment Vastu For Bathrooms And Toilets

Ideally, the bathrooms and toilets for a south-facing apartment Vastu should be located in the northwest or southeast corners. Avoid placing them in the northeast or southwest corners, as this can disrupt the energy flow and affect the health of the occupants. The east or north sides of a bedroom are also good choices.

When it comes to colours, try to keep the bathrooms as neutral as you can. But if you want to spice things up, go for subtle shades of red, orange, pink, and violet. Keep the space minimal and add a big bathroom mirror for easy grooming.

Painting by the Planets: Colours and Home Decor

Vastu Shastra Colours For South Facing House Design

The universe cares deeply about your paint choices. For a south-facing house, stick to warm colours like red, orange, and brown to align with the fire element. Avoid blues, blacks and other similar shades.

You can also consider using remedies such as Vastu pyramids, crystals, or mirrors placed strategically to improve energy flow. And if you're really committed, consult a Vastu expert who can give you personalised tips.

Gardens and Other Open Spaces

South-Facing House Vastu Plan With Garden

Don't worry you can nurture your green thumbs in the north or east direction for the best south-facing house Vastu. These areas will receive maximum sunlight and positive vibrations, making them ideal for a vibrant, healthy garden. Planting tulsi (holy basil) in the north or east direction can further enhance the positive energy in your home. It is one of the most auspicious plants and is revered across many cultures.

Aligned Your House with the Universe Yet?

Creating a Vastu-compliant south-facing house might seem like a cosmic puzzle, but with the right tips, you can transform your home into a haven of positive energy and harmony. From the placement of rooms to the choice of colours and decor, every detail matters to bring out the best of your south-face home design. 

For personalised advice and to ensure your home maximises its potential, consider consulting our experts at Interior Company.

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    Is a south-facing house really inauspicious?

    No, with proper Vastu tips, a south-facing house can be just as auspicious as any other direction, attracting wealth and positivity.

    Why should the main entrance be on the fourth pada on the south side?

    The fourth pada is considered highly auspicious in Vastu Shastra, ensuring a harmonious flow of positive energy into your home.

    Can I place my kitchen in the northwest if the southeast isn’t possible?

    Yes, the northwest corner is the second-best option for a kitchen in a south-facing house, aligning with Vastu principles.

    Why avoid blue or black colours in a south-facing house?

    Blue and black are water elements, which can clash with the fire element of the south, disrupting the positive energy flow.

    Is it necessary to consult a Vastu expert for every detail?

    While not mandatory, consulting a Vastu expert can provide personalised solutions to optimise energy flow and balance in your home.

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