12 Attractive Thanks Giving Door Decoration Ideas

Published On: Nov 19, 2022

‘Tis the season of Pumpkin spice and the onset of winter. Warm dark colour palettes rule the festivities in myriad shades of red, yellow and orange. The beginning of the fall season celebrates Thanksgiving, a time to express gratitude for all the blessings and sacrifices of the previous year. With numerous Thanksgiving obligations, it’s a busy time preparing delectable food, and synchronising the celebrations whilst seeking the best presents for your loved ones. In this conundrum, chances are, your home decor might traverse the wrong way. Enter, Interior Company! 

Understandably, one is spoilt for choice with gazillion Thanksgiving door decoration ideas. However, most of these elements come with customisation options. The following suggestions can add holiday glitz to your front door- from creating personalised message boards to eye-catching DIY door decorations or weaving floral wreaths for your front door.

Thanksgiving Front Door Decorations- Letter Boards

Source: Pinterest

The no-hassle Thanksgiving front door decoration idea is to prep letter boards. This is a fun way of putting up either quotes or positive words that you resonate with. Play with words and add interesting messages for friends and family who visit you during the season. 'Count your Blessings!', 'Thankful today and every day', or 'Blessed and Grateful' are some of the quotes one can use on the message boards with added Thanksgiving door decor.

Pumpkin-Tone Thanksgiving Wreaths

Source: Pinterest

A monotone-themed Thanksgiving door decor is a simple yet elegant way to complement the autumnal season. Orange-toned floral wreaths and pumpkins in different sizes enhance the Thanksgiving. Make-believe planters wrapped in fruits and berry ornaments can be placed as a statement element on the front porch. 

Country-themed Thanksgiving Door Decor 

Source: Pinterest

Since the festivity party celebrates the harvest, one can incorporate fruits, vegetables, and flowers for country-style Thanksgiving door decor. Add buckets of apples and pears, fresh and dried flowers, and corn stalks. A DIY wreath with fruits, dried leaves, and acorns accentuates autumnal colours and enhances the front door of your house. 

Rustic Thanksgiving Front Door Decorations

Source: Pinterest

For a more rustic look, ribbon garlands used as a border around the door frame are an artistic Thanksgiving door decoration idea. Embellish it with mini pumpkin ornaments, earthy-tone fall leaves, dried ferns, and ribbons. One can add a wreath fabricated with soft twigs wrapped in ribbons and decorated with mini-lights. 

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Truck Decor for Front Door 

Source: Pinterest

A quirky Thanksgiving door decoration idea is hanging wreaths with a dangling pumpkin truck. Such elements can be paired with varying colours, pumpkins, pinecones, acorns, dried flowers, and leaves. Layer the wreaths with Thanksgiving-themed printed ribbons in earthy shades to add an eclectic flair.  

Minimalistic Thanksgiving Door Decorations

Source: Pinterest

A simple, clutter-free, almost bare Thanksgiving front door decoration can be a choice if you are too busy cooking a feast. Hang a pretty yet simple wreath that complements the colour of your front door. Place a few pumpkins at the side of the door or add pots filled with fresh autumn flowers such as Begonias, Asters, Carnations, and Dahlias. Keep it fresh and simple!

Thanksgiving Classroom Door Decor

Source: Pinterest

Decorating the classroom front door for Thanksgiving is a great way to instil the importance of the festive season. There are countless classroom door decoration ideas for Thanksgiving that schools and preschools can use. Stick a paper-cut thankful tree on the classroom door with hand-shaped cut-outs used as leaves. Kids can write a line or two about what they are thankful for. This can be an interactive and meaningful activity for the kids.

Turkey-themed Decorations for Classrooms

Source: Pinterest

The ideal way to excite the kids for a holiday is with festive Thanksgiving classroom door decorations. A gorgeously decorated door further enhances the holiday spirit in the school. Create a turkey using autumn-themed cards and let the kids add their names, encouraging them to value one another and feel grateful. 

Thanksgiving Pie Classroom Decor

Source: Pinterest

If you would like to decorate the classroom differently this Thanksgiving and leave the kids a sweet something, then adding pumpkin pie cut-outs are creative and fun. Create and stick slices of the pie using craft paper with a sweet message on the door. Thanksgiving classroom door decoration ideas can also centre around festive dishes. Add a turkey cut-out with quirky quotes for a fun holiday vibe. 

Thanksgiving Owl Tree Decor for Classrooms

Source: Pinterest

Decorating classroom doors for Thanksgiving is a creative activity for kids and teachers. A tree cut out with foam owls placed on the branches and little pumpkins on the foot of the door give out an autumn vibe. The activity can include each student being given an autumn leaf to write a thankful note and tape to the classroom door. 

A Photo Classroom Door for Thanksgiving

Source: Pinterest

Thanksgiving classroom door decorations can be pretty and adorable. To make the kids feel special, you can place their photographs between autumn leaves and ask them to search for their pictures. They can add a little thank you post-it on the door. 

A Patchy Thanksgiving Classroom Decor

Source: Pinterest

Decorate the classroom door for Thanksgiving with a cute scarecrow and a pumpkin patch. Add paper cut-outs in different Thanksgiving decorative elements such as flowers, pumpkins, crows, and corn stalks. Create a farm scene with the kids for an interactive and creative Thanksgiving classroom door. 

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope these ideas help you find inspiration to demonstrate how simple Thanksgiving door decor additions can infuse your home with cosiness and ardour.

Accessorise with our Thanksgiving door decoration ideas and pick your favourite to create a graceful yet simple holiday interior that impresses your family and friends and sets an inviting ambience at home. For more Thanksgiving decor ideas, reach the experts at Interior Company. 

*Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    What can I put on a door instead of a wreath?

    Besides adding wreaths to your front door, one can use frames, wooden letter boards, burlap bags filled with Thanksgiving ornaments, huge candle lanterns, and ribbon garlands embellished with pinecones, acorns and berries.

    How do you decorate outside for Thanksgiving?

    Countless outdoor decoration ideas for Thanksgiving are –

    1. Arrange pumpkins in varying shapes, sizes, and colours.

    2. Carved pumpkins can be used as flower pots.

    3. Add corn stalks and buckets of fruits and vegetables for a country farm look.

    4. Add dried fall leaves around the front door embellished with pinecones and acorns.

    What colour goes with Thanksgiving?

    Thanksgiving colours are mostly earthy, with warm tones of red, brown, yellow, and orange. They are associated with the colours of the harvest.

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