14 Small House Interior Design Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Updated On: Jun 1, 2024

It's challenging to fit whatever one requires into a tiny home or flat. It's even trickier to squeeze everything in and ensure that it seems pleasant, but that's part of the fun of implementing small home interior ideas- figuring out creative ways around those challenges makes the final result even more gratifying.

Design Lacquered Walls

Design Lacquered Walls - Small Home Interior Design

Incorporate blue high-shine lacquered walls in your interior design ideas for a small house to indulge in an artistic blend of functionality and visual appeal. While lacquered walls create a dramatic flair, their glossy surface reflects an ample amount of light into the room.
They are a great pick to lend tiny house interior design a bright and spacious look. You can embellish the lacquered accent wall with vintage-styled mirrors and wall-mounted lamps for added opulence.

Customise an Art Gallery - Interior House Design For Small House

Decorating a floor-to-ceiling wall lends the impression of a larger than the actual space available. And what better way to do it than displaying your favourite art pieces? From souvenirs to artworks, you can customise the wall in creative ways to reflect your style and personality. This colourful assortment tends to draw eyes in the upward direction, making the room feel more expansive.

Give Vertical Styling a Try!

Give Vertical Styling a Try - Simple House Interior Design

This is an out-of-the-box, simple interior design hack that is sure to win hearts. Try vertical tile styling for your petite living room instead of the regular horizontal placement. It makes the wall appear taller and sleek. You can use a combination of neutral palette colours to refrain from a cluttered look.

Bring in a Murphy Bed

Bring in a Murphy Bed - Design Inside The Small House

Murphy beds are an instant solution to maximise your floor space at your fingertips. These are best suited for micro condominiums and tiny apartments with limited rooms. The best thing about a Murphy bed is that it can be used when required and rolled back into the wall closet when not in use with utmost ease. This lets you use a single space for many purposes.
In the case of a wall-mounted bed with shelving, you make use of the cabinets for storage. When the bed is not in use, it appears like a compact closet, enhancing the overall ambience of the room.

Use a Hammock Swing

Use a Hammock Swing - Small Home Home Decor Ideas

Infuse the feel of an airy and spacious room by introducing a hammock swing that does not take up any floor space. The versatility of hammock swings makes them an ideal pick for not only patios and balconies but small living rooms, too.

Hammock swings are available in a variety of textures and patterns to choose from. Dress them up with colourful and comfortable cushions to curate a perfect relaxation spot. Curl up reading your favourite book or sipping your evening coffee!

Opt for a Petite Dining Table

Opt for a Petite Dining Table - Simple Interior Design

Extravagant large dining tables are not cut out for every home interior decor. Bid farewell to your giant dining table if you are lacking floor space and say hello to a petite, adorable round table! Go for high-quality, minimal, and unique designs to ensure they add their charm to the space.

Expand Your Shelving

Expand Your Shelving - Interior Design Ideas For Small House

Maximising wall shelving provides you with an organised storage option, thereby decluttering other portions of the room. While wall shelving takes up no floor space, they are an attractive one-room design in any home style.

From sleek wooden open shelving to floating stylish designs, you can choose from a wide range of styles. This floor-to-ceiling shelving is stylish and highly functional best suited for a compact living room or a small home office set-up.

Use Fashionable Wallpapers

Use Fashionable Wallpapers - Home Interior Ideas For Small Houses

Wallpapers are a phenomenal design hack to express yourself in small spaces. From vibrant colours to creative patterns, you can pick up anything that suits the overall room ambience.
In the case of a reading area, use a playful wallpaper on the accent wall to demarcate the space from the rest of the room. Since you have less room for extra accessories, beautifying the wall is always a good idea!

Employ Well-Styled Mirrors

Employ Well-Styled Mirrors - Small Home Interior Ideas

This small modern house interior design trick has been around for a long time, yet it is here to stay. May it be a vintage-styled traditional room or a luxury contemporary living room, mirrors have a timeless appeal.

However, bonus points for especially small living rooms where mirrors can do wonders of maximising the space by ample reflection. Choose well-edited geometric patterns and designs to create a dramatic flair.

Opt for Tapered-Leg Furniture

Opt for Tapered Leg Furniture - Home Decor Ideas For Small Homes

Did you know your choice of furniture types can save you floor space? If styled properly, tapered-leg furniture is the epitome of sleek design and multifunctionality. The beautiful, almost feminine form created by the tapering leg shape is ideal for modern homes, which often have little space and require fewer 'hefty' pieces of furniture.
Available in intricate designs, they are short, round, and angled. This all-beige sofa with tapered legs echoes a chic and elegant outlook.

Seize a Large Rug for the Living Room


Rugs are often enlisted as the last aspect of the interior decor theme and are often neglected. However, Experts suggest rugs take centre stage in any room and have the potential to make or break your style statement. Use area rugs or tiny carpets to direct people's attention to the areas you desire. A large multicoloured rug lends the floor a personality that appears larger and livelier than reality.

Incorporate the Colour Drenching Formula

Incorporate the Colour - Small Space Home Design

Colour drenching lowers visual disturbances and enlarges even small spaces with its potent monochromatic effect. Choose a fascinating colour palette, for instance, pink, as shown here, and take it beyond the mere accent wall. You can opt for furniture in the same colour to create a cohesive space full of energy. This formula has the potential to transform any small nook of your home into an organised outlook.

Create Divisions with Contrasting Paint Colours

Create Divisions - Small House Decorating Ideas

Painting your dining room wall with two colours lends an instant contrast and architectural depth. The two-toned wall offers a seamless way to add dimension and the illusion of architectural characteristics to a space.

Install a horizontal two-colour theme to an accent wall with a light tone on the upper half to make the room appear longer, and the ceilings appear steeper.

Position Window Curtains Strategically!

Position Window Curtains - Small Indian Home Decor Ideas

Go higher while draping your curtains rather than right above the window frame! Set up your curtain track or pole far above the window. If possible, position the curtain almost at the height of the ceiling. Higher-hung curtains will naturally lead the eye upward and accentuate the room's perception of height. Opt for curtains in neutral colour tones for an airy and breezy ambience.

All You Need to Beautify Your Small Space Home Design!

Tiny homes pose a special design challenge in an age where space is a valuable resource. But having less space doesn't have to mean compromising on design, comfort, or utility. By using the appropriate tiny house interior design techniques, you can make them comfortable, functional, and visually appealing.

Use the above-mentioned creative small-space interior design ideas to jazz up your petite spaces and show that size isn't everything.


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    How can I make a small room look luxurious?

    Minor accessories like sconces, portrait frames, and flower vases can lend as much a luxurious appeal as larger ones, such as lamps, mirrors, and furniture.

    How do you make a small room look taller with paint?

    Apply vertical paint stripes to the walls to create an upward visual. This pattern’s verticality gives the impression of height. Use a subtle colour scheme for a more cohesive look.

    How can I make my bedroom look more airy?

    A room can feel spacious and airy by using light colours. as they reflect the light in an area. Consider painting the ceiling and walls a light colour to instantly enhance the space.

    What aesthetic elements can you incorporate in small home interior ideas?

    A combination of greenery (consider real or fake plants or suspended vines), muted colours (neutrals and blushes are most usual), and interesting lighting fixtures (like LED filaments or string lighting) are characteristics of small aesthetic rooms.

    Which flooring can make a small room look larger?

    When compared to lighter floors, a darker floor—especially one made of wood—can give the room more depth and make it appear larger. Brazilian cherries, walnuts, and oak are your best options. The same principle applies to other types of flooring, like carpet and tiles.

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