Everything You Need To Know About Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Updated On: Jun 12, 2024

Imagine a home where simplicity meets sophistication and every space invites a calming look. This is the heart of Scandinavian interior design, a style that celebrates function and beauty with nature's connection. You're in a treat if this sounds like your ideal aesthetic style. Scandinavian design is more than just a decor style; it's a lifestyle choice, creating an inviting space that's pleasant and comforting. But first, let's understand the principles of Scandinavian style that are trendy and timeless and how you put them into play.

Whether you’re looking for home decor ideas to redesign your space or simply curious about this enduring style, we’ve got everything you need to know. In this blog, we’ll discover the foundations of Scandinavian interior design and embrace its cosiness and minimalist style.

What is Scandinavian Design?

Know About Scandinavian Design

The epitome of simplicity with function and beauty, Scandinavian interior design emerged in the 20th century and is one of the world’s most distinguishable and emulated design styles. It captures the balance between comfort and minimalism, adding a sophisticated look to the space that inspires homeowners even today. It has a natural blend of different design styles- a bit of midcentury-modern, minimalism, modern but with warmth and light. This fundamental design seeks beauty in everyday pieces without comprising practicality.

Scandinavian interiors were first highlighted in groundbreaking furniture designs that embrace sleekness, function, and neutrality. These designs inspired architects and designers worldwide to adopt Scandinavian principles in living spaces. That’s how Scandinavian interior design was born!

Nordic design’s simple aesthetic allows it to seamlessly integrate with nearly any style or era, embodying timeless elegance in every space.

Hygge and Scandinavian Design

Hygge is a Danish word; a state of mind that embodies warmth, contentment, and cosiness. Hygge promotes a warm and cosy lifestyle of Danish culture ( derived from a Norwegian word for “well-being”). While you can enhance this feeling through your decor, much like Scandinavian design often does, but the two are not interchangeable.

Elements of Scandinavian Home Decor

Scandinavian home decor harmonises simplicity and functionality with clean lines, muted colours, natural light, and materials. This Nordic interior design style celebrates the beauty of minimalism, inducing an ounce of comfort through blending textures and soft textiles with modern, iconic furniture and understated decor.

Choose Muted Colours

Muted Colours - Nordic Interior Design Elements

One of the easiest ways to bring Nordic design into your home is to lighten up your walls inspired by the region’s natural landscapes. Soft, muted grey, off-white, or cream tones provide a calming and neutral backdrop. No matter the size of your space or budget, lighten up those walls to make it feel open and airy. You can add a pop of colour through furniture, wall art, ceramics, or greenery to lend a natural touch.

Let the Natural Light Enter

Natural Light- scandinavian interior style features

Scandinavian design is centred around the Danish way of life. The Nordic countries are known for very cool and long winters, so maximising natural light is crucial. Scandinavian interiors feature extensive windows, unadorned or lightly dressed with sheer fabrics, to flood natural light into the home. Think about which room gets the most light. Try to accentuate the mood and beauty of the space, centring around the light and minimal decor by keeping wall colours light and elegant.

Warm Wood Scandinavian Interiors

Warm Wood- scandinavian home interior designs characterstics

Scandinavian style tends toward natural materials and warm wood tones. Whether you favour modern furniture or classic style, wood furniture blends with Nordic interiors, giving a natural vibe. These furniture pieces, wooden beams on the ceiling, flooring and accents tie the whole look together, creating a welcoming ambience.

Sculptural Simplicity and Decor

Sculpture- scandinavian design Elements

Scandinavian interiors endure smart furniture design. Think about function, simplicity, and ease with smooth, rounded edges that add a sculptural quality to the space. These pieces resemble mid-century modern furniture that characterises simple, clean lines and natural hues, perfectly encapsulating a Scandinavian minimalist interior design.

However, the major difference is the colour; mid-century design favours a darker colour palette, while Scandi houses feature light and bright spaces.

Layering in Nordic Style

Layer a Bed in scandinavian interior style

Layering bedding is one of the most welcoming ways to embrace the Scandinavian interior style. Drape a blend of linen sheets, wool blankets, and a small collection of accent pillows to add depth and interest to the room. The thoughtful placement of furniture, decor items, and artwork accentuate the space with a touch of refinement.

Soft Textiles

Soft Textiles- scandinavian house design Features

Decorating a Scandi house is incomplete without textiles, whether chunky blankets or plush rugs. Adding a few pieces can elevate your space to make it feel warm and cosy. Opt for handmade elements or elements that appear to be handmade that characterise this design style. These fluffy additions enkindle a stylish look to the room.

Vintage Elements Add Elegance

Vintage and Antique Pieces- Scandinavian interior design Elements

Celebrate the Scandinavian interior design movement with a variety of vintage and antique pieces. Go beyond the modern elements and invest in the old stuff, which enriches your space with cultural significance and uniqueness.

Scandinavian Style Rugs

Rugs- Scandinavian Home Decor Items

If you're thinking of redressing your room, rugs are the quintessential decor elements that make the space feel comfortable and complete. Scandinavian rugs add warmth underfoot, define spaces, and induce colour and texture. Natural fibres like wool or jute with geometric or check patterns feel modern and warm.

Striking Balance in Scandinavian Homes

Striking Balance in Scandinavian Homes


Striking the right balance between utility and beauty is the essential element of Scandinavian home decor. The space is designed to be lived in, not just looked at. Decorate the space with curated pieces to make the room as cosy and comfortable as possible, enlivening the interiors.

Mix Scandinavian Style with Others

Scandinavian designs are minimal and inviting, balancing accessories, furniture, and empty space. The beauty of Scandinavian interiors is timeless, and it can blend with a mix of periods and styles to make a space feel loved and welcoming.

Minimalist Scandinavian Kitchen Design

Minimalist Scandinavian Kitchen Design

A kitchen that breathes Minimalist Scandinavian design is timeless and elegant. Here, function meets fine craftsmanship, neutral palettes, wood tones, and some eccentric touches. The Scandinavian style mixed with a minimalist aesthetic allures warmth and a serene backdrop. This kitchen design embraces custom furniture, smart storage solutions, and a single statement piece that upscales the interiors without overwhelming the senses.

Modern Scandinavian Home Decor

Modern Scandinavian Interior Design

Modern and Scandinavian design styles were introduced in the same era. Both trends feature sleek lines and honour natural materials with a bold twist on contemporary art and colour. A living room with a casual layout, plush, neutral-toned sofa and coffee table comfortably spaced out. Layer with modern art pieces and metal accents to spark interest and sophistication, making the space feel current yet timeless.

Boho-Scandi Living Room

Boho-Scandi Style Living Room Interiors

The quirkiness of bohemian decor and the practicality of the Scandinavian aesthetic is a match made in interior heaven. A boho-Scandi interior is relaxed, vibrant, and full of layers with rich textures but understated. The living space tends to have a monochrome or neutral colour scheme adorned with casual furnishing, rattan furniture, and potted greenery.

Japandi Interiors With Nordic Decor Pieces

Japandi Interiors With Nordic Decor Pieces

Japandi is a serene amalgamation of Japanese ( Zen design) and Scandinavian design principles, complementing the other through natural elements, refinement, and exquisite craftsmanship. Japandi interiors radiate with neutral tones, including warmer palettes like earthy shades and pastels, creating a soothing yet enriched aesthetic. Low and functional furniture with clean lines streamlines the space, infusing it with form and calm. Light wood materials, bamboo, and linen, invoke a harmonious living environment, perfect for those seeking tranquillity in their home.

Nordic Nook!

Now that you all know about the Scandinavian style, it's time to embrace this decor to create light, airy spaces that elevate positivity and a sense of well-being. Each element embodies functional balance and comfort, focusing on bringing nature indoors. Scandi homes encourage open-plan designs, uncluttered spaces, fitted furniture ideas, and furnishings that you truly love, making the space personal and chic.

For more bespoke home design ideas, consult with the experts at Interior Company. They can provide valuable insights and curate livable spaces for you and your loved ones.

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    What kinds of materials are used in Scandi-style homes?

    Natural materials, especially light-coloured woods such as ash and beech, wool leather, glass, and linen textiles. Scandi houses evoke a subdued and minimalistic appearance with natural contrasts and a pop of colours to lend visual interest.

    What distinguishes Scandinavian furniture from the other styles?

    Scandinavian furniture is well-suited to moder, contemporary home since they feature clean lines, streamlined designs and light colours. The functional and aesthetic induces comfort and warmth in the space.

    How to decorate a minimalist Scandinavian living room design?

    The concept of neutral rooms, warm and cosy ambience is the heart of the Scandi design aesthetic. Opt for light colours with a strong focus on textures to achieve an elegant look reminiscent of the Nordic region. The signature Scandinavian look is simple design with minimal art and decor that pairs beautifully to the space, creating a soothing and inviting look.

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