How to Choose the Right Home Decor Style for Your Personality

Published On: May 16, 2023

When it comes to house design style, do you also struggle with making decisions about interior style? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the design and decor styles out there and find yourself confused to choose one that aligns with your personality? Don't fret over it, we're here to help you with this one! 

The key to finding the right interior decor style can be a fun journey of self-discovery that allows you to decorate with allure and create a beautiful and harmonious home.

Learn how to pick the right house design styles that compliment your unique personality and taste. Read the blog below, and get tips and tricks from our experts to make your space feel like the ultimate sanctuary. 

Types of Interior Design Styles for Each Personality Trait

Every individual has a unique personality arising from within and that stays consistent throughout life. It is a complex combination of experiences, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours that shape how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. 

Based on the psychological traits, the personality is characterised by the 'BIG FIVE' theory, which is widely accepted today and encompasses five dimensions, including Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Neuroticism, and Openness.  

To choose the interior style that speaks to you, consider your traits and values and select an aesthetic that resounds with you emotionally; one that highlights your uniqueness. 

1. Openness and Challengeable- Eclectic Interior Style

Modern Eclectic Living Room Design Indian Style

If you're an open-minded individual, known for your authentic self; for being expressive and creative, then you might confide in this new house style design. This decor is about making a statement in the home interiors by introducing bold colours, contrasting elements, and a blend of textures and patterns while creating a cohesive and fresh home look design. 

Eclectic interior style is perfect for globetrotters who want to reflect their personality in their homes by showcasing sculptures, art, and other eccentric finds. With the ability to navigate in an ever-changing environment, it makes it a breeze for you to pull off this look. 

2. Conscientiousness and Straight Forward- Minimalist Interior Style

Minimalist bedroom design in Indian style- A pared-down oasis.

Conscientious people tend to be organised, responsible and goal-oriented, keeping things simple and clean. So a minimalist room-style design is perfect for you! To achieve this approach, select a muted colour palette, furniture pieces with a streamlined design, and natural fabrics like linen, wool, light-toned elements, white oak wood, and lime-wash paint for the walls and ceilings to embrace the beauty of less is more. 

While creating a minimalist style design home, focus on curating a functional environment that serves the purpose and incites a clutter-free look. Opt for simple, high-quality furnishings that provide comfort and bring space to life. 

3. Extraversion and Passionate- Modern Interior Design Styles

Strive for form that follows function- Modern style design home

For extroverts who love to entertain and prioritise spontaneity and conversations, emphasise the essential aspects of open living space, which is funnelled through modern interior style. Everything flows in form and order with warm neutrals, cosy fabrics, structural sofas, or statement rugs that enkindle an inviting atmosphere without added mess and are clutter-free.  

The modern room style design celebrates the natural light and materials, such as wood, metals, glass, leather, and natural fibres, that evoke a sense of simplicity, functionality, and comfort. 

4. Agreeable and Compassionate- Traditional Interior Style 

The interior design of the hall in Indian style- A dash of grace and luxury.

With a warm and comforting personality, you desire to craft a space that is rooted in history and expresses a familiar touch that anyone would enjoy.  A traditional style interior design is right up your alley, creating a sophisticated timeless look with mid-tone rich colours, antique furniture, and intricate details. 

Bring in expansive wall treatments, area rugs, classic art pieces, and brass light fixtures while crafting home design ideas Indian style that radiates elegance and visual appeal. 

5. Neuroticism or Low-Emotional Stability- Coastal Design

Laid-back Bedroom design ideas

For those with neurotic traits, a calming yet stimulating home decor style i.e. Coastal design is recommended. Inspired by the beauty and serenity of the ocean, incorporate fresh hues, including sky blues, sea green, as well as earthy browns, that lend an airy vibe to your home decor and invigorate your senses. 

To complete the home look design, furnish the space with light wooden flooring, wicker furniture, sheer curtains, soft upholstery, and a few houseplants that offer peace and create a tranquil environment. Inject personal elements like indigo patterns, shell textures, and natural motifs to add a welcoming zest. 

6. Practical and Charming- Mid-Century Modern

Small Living Room Indian Style- Understated Elegance.

The big five theory falls into a broad spectrum meaning the individual personality can be somewhere between an extrovert with a bit of conscientiousness. These people strive for a mid-century modern design. A versatile yet functional home decor style could be just what you're looking for. 

Resurrected back, from the 60s and 70s era, the artistic side of mid-century modern interior style appeals to organic shapes, earthy tones, bold accents, and contemporary patterns whilst focusing on utility and convenience. It adds a distinctive touch to the room and house design styles.

7. Artistically Unconventional Bohemian Rhapsody

Embrace gleeful look- Bohemian Style Interior

With a carefree attitude and an enthusiastic way of living, resonate your home design style with bohemian decor. A quirky, charming and unconventional house design style, it is all about mixing and matching different prints, textures and bursts of colours to create an eclectic space.

Set your spirit free with natural tones, plenty of greenery, vintage headboards, tasselled throws and macrame decor that kindle a casual chic appeal and enliven the interiors. If you’re looking for an interior style that dances to your tunes, Bohemian is just for you!

Consider Your Lifestyle

Calm Vibes- Minimalist style interior design

Now that you have a better understanding of personality traits, it's time to consider your lifestyle and personal preferences. If you have children or furry friends, you may need to reconsider a minimalistic style with delicate decor and white walls. However, if you're a busy professional who values a peaceful ambience, a modern minimalist style could be an ideal option. 

Gather Inspiration

Striking home design ideas Indian Style

Explore your creative side and discover all the possibilities for your home decor style. Take a tour of nearby restaurants, museums, gardens and beautiful hotels for inspiration. Scroll through Instagram or Pinterest, and binge-watch home design shows that can help you identify your personal decor style, noting down the latest trends, colour schemes, or overall themes.

Work Within Your Budget

While designing your dream home, your estimated expenses sometimes wear off. Don’t let your budget cramp your style! Try to reuse the items you already have that can serve the purpose and style you wish to adapt in your home. Shop in garage sales and thrift stores for treasures or DIY decor items that are in rage, giving a distinguished touch to your house design styles. 

Personalised Home 

A living space is an expression of who you are, reflecting your story and personality.

We hope with these interior design style ideas, you will be able to select the right home decor style that can resonate with your personality traits and values. Whether you are an open-minded and creative individual who loves to express through eclectic interior design or a conscientious person who favours a minimalist interior design, there is a home decor style for everyone. The ultimate goal is to create a home that has your heart and soul, filled with love and warmth. 

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    How can you decorate low-budget living room designs in Indian style?

    If you’re looking to spruce up your home on a budget? Think of DIY ideas and repurposing existing pieces to use them creatively. Shop in the flea market bargains to look for affordable items like lanterns, candles, and artificial flowers that can induce the authentic charm. Swap your cushions and rugs to bring vibrance and life to the home.

    Can you mix decorating interior styles?

    Yes, absolutely! Personalise your home by fusing different interior decorating styles for a unique and intriguing look. Choose a neutral colour base that will help you create cohesion and add a focal decor element like an antique grand piano or traditional wall art that can be the feature piece in a modern industrial room.

    What are the latest trends in Home decorating?

    The modern bohemian and mid-century modern trends are taking over home interiors with an amalgamation of sustainable design, earthy tones, natural elements, and refreshing style. No matter what house decor style is popular, try to tailor it to your desires by incorporating elements you find inspiring.

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