12 Republic Day Decoration Ideas for Home to Amp Up Your Patriotic Vibes

Published On: Jan 2, 2024

Whether you are planning a house party on Republic Day or thinking of celebrating with family, you will want to decorate your abode in the best way possible.

We have got you covered! This blog is thoughtfully curated with the top 12 DIY decoration ideas for 26 January. Let’s dive in!

Spruce Up Your Living Room with a Tricolour Macramé

Spruce Up Your Living Room with a Tricolour Macrame- Decoration Ideas for Republic Day

Incorporating tricolour macrame in your living room is an exclusive and effortless DIY to instantly transform your space into a festive Republic Day celebratory mode. This stunning handwoven piece of art is made from cotton and can be easily suspended from the ceiling using adhesives.

The decorative beads in green stitched meticulously around the tassels add artistic beauty to the entire setup. Additionally, the elegantly designed macrame fringes lend it an elevated look.

Use green drapes or wallpapers to blend beautifully with the macrame’s tricolour, highlighting the entire room’s aesthetics. If you want to take your decoration ideas for 26 January up a notch, opt for tricolour cushions and furniture of your choice.

Brighten up your Space with DIY Papercraft

Brighten up your Space with DIY Papercraft- Republic Day Decoration Ideas

Incorporating colourful and vibrant papercraft in your dining room is a failproof 26 January decoration idea.

You can easily make rosette papercraft in bright shades of saffron, green, and white using minimal materials like beads, colourful craft paper, strings, adhesives, and scissors. The bright colours have the potential to turn any living space, such as the dining room, into an artistic space.

You can get creative by paying attention to the most basic aspects to stick to the theme. For example, pick any one of the tricolours for the tablecloth, mix and match the colour of the plates, and so on.

Try your hand at making paper flowers or rosettes using coloured crepe paper, glue, and wire if you enjoy doing crafts. You can use these paper flowers to adorn any corner of your house or make them a part of your Republic Day door decoration ideas.

Either create an assortment of flowers that you can string in your window or a wall or display them as a collection in a vase. This is an easy, quick, and budget-friendly DIY that provides eye-catching outcomes.

Jazz Up Your Kid’s Room with a Playful Republic Day Theme Decoration Ideas

Wall Decoration Ideas for Republic Day

Every home has a separate fun and playful place for kids’ activities. Your child’s patriotism can be sparked by imaginative portrayals of Indian history on Republic Day. Adopt a tricolour motif for the walls, closets, and bedding.

Jazz Up Your Kids Room with a Playful Republic Day Theme Decoration Ideas

Add elements like a DIY Ashoka Chakra, tricoloured-themed paintings, and so on in their rooms to make the space beam with patriotic pride.

Upscale Your Bedroom Decor with Tricolour Upholstery

Upscale Your Bedroom Decor with Tricolour Upholstery- 26 January Decoration Ideas

For every holiday or celebration, homeowners can’t always change the colour scheme of their interior decor. That’s why updating the upholstery is a smart and effective way to jazz up your space. Add tricolour carpets, drapes, bed linens, and pillow covers to your bedroom to build the ideal Republic Day atmosphere.

Another must-know Republic Day decoration idea is to aesthetically customise your wall. Put up portraits of freedom fighters, paintings of the national flag, use handmade Ashoka chakras, or patriotic memoirs to elevate the overall aura of the room. You can also incorporate a tricolour rug for a more coordinated and polished look of the floor space.

Bring in Festive Vibes with a Tricolour Rangoli

Bring in Festive Vibes with a Tricolour Rangoli - Decoration Ideas for 26 January

The most popular yet timeless 26 Jan decoration ideas include rangolis. You always have innumerable ways to showcase your artistic skills with a variety of flower assortment options; even a simple rangoli amps up the ambience by a notch.

You can add it at the entrance of your home, any doorway, or even in the Pooja room. The top flower choices for making rangolis are white and yellow marigolds, rose petals, jasmine, and types of leaves as well.

Floating Diyas and Potpourris- Republic Day Decoration Ideas

If you like floating divas and potpourris, this is the ideal accent piece. Use a tonne of new blossoms and arrange them in large water-filled “urlis” or statement bowls to welcome your guests.

Additionally, you can combine leaves, whole flowers, and torn petals. If you’d like, you can also combine floating diyas and place them at the entrance for an elevated evening celebration of Republic Day.

DIY Drapes and Ribbons for an Elevated Republic Day Decor

DIY Drapes and Ribbons for an Elevated Republic Day Decor

If you are a fan of colours and love to go big when it comes to decking up a room, these wall decoration ideas for Republic Day are sure to suit your plan. Cut out drapes from coloured card sheets using a template. Make use of your imagination. Additionally, you can create cutouts in the shapes of hearts, stars, or tiny Ashoka chakras. Use these lovely forms to make garlands, ribbons, and banners.

For best outcomes, you can try these ideas on an accent wall with green or saffron wallpaper. Add orange-coloured candles, tricolour rugs and plushy furniture for a complete look.

Celebrate Each Tricolour with Paper Lanterns, Paper Chains and Drapes

Celebrate Each Tricolour with Paper Lanterns, Paper Chains and Drapes- Republic Day Decoration Ideas at Home

If you are planning to deck up your open patio garden area or rooftop for a Republic Day celebration, opt for artistic paper lanterns in tricolour. String them up and create a colourful canopy of lanterns above your head.

Cover all the accent walls with paper chains and add a patriotic fervour by placing handcrafted Ashoka chakras on display.

Add Joyful Vibes to Your Living Area with Tricolour Helium Balloons

Add Joyful Vibes to Your Living Area with Tricolour Helium Balloons- Wall Decoration Ideas for Republic Day

In case you are looking for an amalgamation of simple yet sophisticated Republic Day decoration ideas at home, this one is for you!

Simply use helium balloons in orange, white, and green to highlight your living area. This combination of colours makes the room look eclectic, warm, and festive.

You can bring in succulents of your choice to add a dash of green. The lush greenery provides an added layer of functionality to the space.

Light Up Your Living Area with Tricolour LED Lights

Light Up Your Living Area with Tricolour LED Lights- Happy Republic Day Decoration Ideas

While there are ample Republic Day celebration decoration ideas for the daytime, you might be wondering about something out-of-the-box if you have a dinner to celebrate.

Though most people opt for LED lighting on the balconies and windows, this one is a unique trend. You can make the lights a centrepiece chandelier in your living area. This brightens up the interiors and lights up the mood for a dinner party with friends and family.

Adorn Your Entrance with a Tricolour Floral Decoration

Adorn Your Entrance with a Tricolour Floral Decoration- Republic Day Door Decoration Ideas

Embellish the entrance of your house with exotic artificial flowers for an aesthetic appeal. These artificial marigolds in vibrant hues of white, orange and green level up the traditional festive vibes on Republic Day.

Though many people prefer fresh flowers, artificial flower decor is awe-inspiring and a budget-friendly substitute that can be reused. This helps in adding meaning to sustainable decor ideas.

In a Nutshell

Republic Day is a great time to celebrate patriotism with a tinge of creativity. Add a splash of vibrance to your balcony or a quirky charm to your dining space with the most hassle-free and budget-friendly home decor. From minimalism to extravaganza, our DIY tips for Republic Day decoration ideas at home are awe-inspiring.

For more inspiration and tips on home decor ideas, head to our blog section here.

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    How to create patriotic decor in budget-friendly ways for Republic Day?

    You can use tricolour theme balloons, ribbons, drapes, paper art, flags, and handcrafted DIY decor to incorporate a patriotic ambience at budget-friendly prices. Additionally, you can opt for minimal floral decor with seasonal fresh flowers to deck up your house entrance area.

    What lights can I use to decorate my home on Republic Day?

    You can use LED lights in white, orange, and green colour themes to deck up your indoor as well as outdoor home spaces on Republic Day.

    What traditional crafts can I use for Republic Day home decor?

    DIY Indian flags, DIY paper birds, DIY wall hangings, and DIY rosettes in tricolour are some of the popular traditional crafts used to decorate home interiors on Republic Day.

    What are the most popular and easy-to-make 26 Jan decoration ideas?

    Rangolis, made with different colours, flower petals, and sustainable powders like chalk dust, is a very popular decor idea on Republic Day.

    Can I make furniture a part of my Republic Day decoration ideas?

    Yes, you can use jute chairs and vintage tables with tricolour cushions to ace your Republic Day home decor.