Cherish Modern Pooja Room Tiles Design for Your Home

Updated On: May 24, 2024

Elevate the visual appeal of the pooja room by choosing the right tiles that impact the overall ambience of the space. With an extensive choice of colours, textures, and patterns, tiles come in limitless options, from floor to walls. Whether you make a luxurious statement with marble or lean into the charm of wooden tiles, choose a modern mandir tile design that aligns with your taste and always stays on the trend. Let's delve into some elegant and practical tile designs with a mix of old and new styles that can accentuate your pooja room's decor.

Granite: Dynamic Tiles for Temple Floor

Dynamic Granite Pooja Room Tiles Design

Granite, known for its robustness and an extensive range of colours and patterns, is another excellent choice for pooja room tile design. Crafted from natural stone, granite features a speckled and granular appearance that lends an elegant and luxurious feel. For pristine pooja room designs, choose white or grey granite tiles or add some drama with red, blue, or green colour choices. It’s highly resistant to stains and scratches, making it durable. In addition, they provide easy maintenance and require occasional wiping with a damp cloth. However, its slippery nature can be a concern, so choose textured granite temple tiles or properly sized rugs, providing beauty and safety.

Printed Vitrified Tiles: Modern Pooja Room Tiles

Printed Vitrified Tiles Design for Mandir Room

Printed vitrified tiles are an attractive choice for temple tiles if you prefer a contemporary aesthetic. These tiles exude durability and offer a glossy finish. Plus, maintenance is a breeze with vitrified tiles, making them perfect for busy households. Choose a design with spiritual motifs in the centre of the pooja room that draws the eye and enhances the spiritual feel.  These small pooja room tiles make your space stand out with beautiful patterns and artistic looks.

Wooden Tiles: Inviting Pooja Room Wall Tiles

Modern Wooden Tiles Design for Pooja Room

An aesthetically pleasing and timeless choice for pooja room tiles, wooden tiles endure warmth and strength, creating a cosy ambience for your space. In addition, they are available in different designs, from natural or engineered wooden tiles to decorative types, suiting your style and budget. Consider extending the wood to the pooja room wall tiles to amplify the look. Plus, wooden temple tiles are long-lasting and easy to install and maintain.

Sandstone Tiles: Traditional Mandir Tiles Design

Sandstone Temple Tiles Design

Sandstone tiles, with their natural beauty and rich textures, lend an inviting and grounded feel to the divine space. This natural stone has been a staple in traditional architecture, offering a soft and soothing appearance to beautify the space. Moreover, sandstone temple tiles offer a variety of shades, like soft yellow, gentle pink, and warm beige, to create a calming look. Sandstone’s sturdiness and versatility make it a desirable choice for modern pooja room wall tiles. Plus, they are eco-friendly, breathable, and create a natural environment.

Quartzite Tiles: Elegant Temple Tiles

Quartzite Tiles for Temple Floor

Quartz tiles are renowned for their crystalline and metallic surfaces, adding a touch of glamour to any pooja room. These tiles are fabricated from quartz sandstone under extreme heat and pressure, resulting in a hard, durable surface with a radiant finish. If you wish to create a premium look in your pooja room design, quartzite tiles are a stunning choice in dazzling whites, silvers, and gold. In addition, the sparkling appearance of these tiles can mimic the luxurious feel of 3D tiles.

Although they are pricey due to the labour-intensive installation process, they enhance the sacredness and aesthetic appeal of the space.

Ceramic Tiles: Charming Pooja Room Tiles

Ceramic God Room Tiles Design

Ceramic is a versatile and cost-effective option for pooja room tiles. These tiles are durable, easy to maintain, come in various designs and solid colours, and are variegated or patterned. Plus, ceramic tiles can be used to clad temple walls, adding a subtle elegance to the space. Also, these tiles are practical and resist wear, stains, and fading, so you don’t have to compromise on quality or aesthetics.

White Marble: A Timeless Choice for Pooja Room Tiles

White Marble for Pooja Room

White marble is an exquisite choice for pooja room tile. It endures purity and peace and has a glossy surface that reflects light, adding a subtle brightness to the room. The natural veins and patterns bring character and charm to your pooja room. Marble offers versatility, from minimalist design to intricate patterns; opt for a design that lends a distinctive touch to your Mandir. Consider extending marble to the mandap area for a cohesive look, creating a seamless aesthetic.

Patterned Designs for Temple Tiles

This curated selection of patterned tiles uniquely achieves the goal of creating a serene and culturally rich environment in your sacred space.

Mythological Theme Tiles

Mythological Theme Tiles Design Ideas for Pooja Room

Opt for tiles that feature spiritual engravings or sacred texts to evoke an artistic expression in your space. These designs are profound in our cultures, binding positive energy and tradition in the space.

Rangoli Patterned Mandir Tiles

Rangoli Patterned Temple Floor Tiles Design

If you wish to add vibrancy to your pooja room, consider temple tiles like mandala-style designs or mimic the art of rangoli pattern. The intricate designs catch the eye and lend a unique aesthetic to the spiritual space. In addition, they reflect the spiritual and artistic tradition of our culture with modernity and elegance.

Om Tiles for Pooja Room

Om Tiles Design for Pooja Room Walls

Pooja room wall tiles with the sacred ‘Om’ symbol elevate the sanctity and aesthetics of the space. If you want to create an accent wall, choose an OM-embedded wall tile design that creates a focal point and serves as a peaceful backdrop for meditation and prayers.

Evil-Eye Design Tiles

Evil-Eye Wall Tiles Design for Mandir

According to Vastu Shastra, the evil eye keeps negativity at bay. For those interested in adding a protective charm to their space, tiles featuring the evil-eye design can be a distinctive choice.

Swastik Mandir Wall Tiles

The Swastika design is another eloquent symbol in Hindu mythology for good fortune and well-being. Whether embedded or painted, these symbols add a layer of auspiciousness to your sacred space and enhance the spiritual ambience of the pooja room.

Best Colours For Pooja Room Tiles


White is the pristine colour that symbolises purity and spirituality. White tiles make your sacred space feel expansive and calm, perfect for meditation and prayers. Add touches of gold or pops of bright colours to keep it traditional and lively.


Beige tiles endure warmth, bringing a speckle of cosiness to the pooja room. Add wooden elements and brass touches to give it an earthy and homely vibe.

Light blue

Light blue tiles create an airy and spacious look in a pooja room. They reflect light, giving the space a modern and calming vibe suitable for meditation and prayers. White and silver accents add a nice and refreshing touch.

Gold/ Yellow

Want to add a touch of richness and classic appeal to your pooja room? Opt for gold or yellow tones that make the space look fancy and bring positivity to the home.


Green tiles, reminiscent of nature, make the space feel balanced and refreshing. Their soothing effects imbue harmony and tranquillity. These tiles are in vogue due to their versatility and distinctive look, giving the room an elegant ambience.

Wrapping Up

Pooja room tile designs can be customised according to colour, material, and finish to suit the overall decor of your home while keeping the cultural and traditional essence. When selecting tiles, whether for traditional decor or a modern aesthetic, consider longevity, maintenance, and how the designs align with your personal taste and the visual appeal of the space.

For more home decor inspiration and bespoke designs, head over to Interior Company.

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    What are the benefits of choosing tiles for my pooja room?

    Tiles are a wonderful choice for pooja rooms as they are durable, easy to clean, and available in various colours, patterns, and textures. They can also enhance the look and feel of your sacred space, infusing it with brightness, cosiness, and elegance.

    How do you choose the temple tile for the pooja room?

    When selecting tiles for your pooja room, consider available space, preferred style, budget and maintenance requirements. Explore different pooja room tile designs and ideas at Interior Company for inspiration, or seek our experts for professional guidance.

    Which colour is best for the pooja room?

    Soft and gentle shades like white, light green, and pink are wonderful choices for pooja room tile designs. Opt for beige, yellow, and cream in your home for a touch of sophistication and flair while inviting peace and harmony.

    Which tile is the best, according to Vastu?

    According to Vastu Shastra, light-coloured tiles like cream or beige reflect light and positivity in the space.

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