Simple and Thoughtful Mother’s Day Decoration Ideas

Published On: May 8, 2023

“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a Mother”.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and will be commemorated on Sunday, May 14, 2024. Selfless, instinctual, unconditional, forever best friend- MOM, a three-letter word, summarises the world. There’s no love compared to that of a mother. While it needs to be celebrated every day, Mother’s Day is still a perfect excuse for a son's first love and daughter's best friend to showcase how much she means to them.

 DIY Mother's Day Decoration Ideas

From handmade bouquets and sweet treats to decorations and heartfelt gifts, personalise the holiday season and make your Mom smile! 

1. Floral Centrepiece

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A Mother's Day celebration is incomplete without flowers; they express gratitude and love towards the most special woman in your life. Create a stunning arrangement of flowers in the vase that your mom loves, or take your decor game up a notch by draping 

the flowers over the chandelier for an eye-catching look. 

2. Balloon Banner

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Balloons are the fun and surprising element for the Mother's Day brunch celebrations. Choose helium balloons in elegant colours, including pink white, gold or silver to create an enchanting backdrop that can serve as a photo booth for your mom and other family members. In addition, place some props, signs, and sunglasses and click pictures to make the day more memorable. 

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3. Dessert Table 

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Surprise your mother in the sweetest way with homemade treats like cupcakes, fruit tarts, chocolate cake or sugar cookies for a bright and cheerful festivity. Whether you're planning for breakfast in bed, a tea party or fine dining, these delectable desserts with a simple message will put a smile on your Mom’s face. Nothing but the very best for the most special person in your life, right? 

4. Beautiful Banner

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Whether it's your mom or grandma, decorate the room with a charming Mama banner that is a wonderful way to show them love and appreciation. Crafted with elegant calligraphy letters, this timeless Mother's Day wall hanging decoration idea will add a sophisticated touch to any home. In addition, it's easy to hang, all you need are some push pins to display it on the wall or the doorway. 

Mother's Day Craft Ideas 

Nothing beats handmade gifts from the kids that are meaningful and heart-touching. So, let your little one's creativity shine with these crafty Mother's Day decoration ideas. 

1. Personalised Card

Source: Pinterest

What's more precious than the handprint of a child? This one’s a keeper that Mama's going to cherish forever. Take a blank canvas and let the kids choose their favourite colours to mark their print, further enhance it with origami flowers and a unique MOM message. Don't forget to capture the freezing moment! 

2. Mason Jar Frames

Source: Pinterest

This Mother’s Day, make Mom an eccentric craft that she can dote on for years to come. Gather glass bottles and old mason jars of various sizes and shapes and insert photos of the kids or pets. Tailor-made the vase by adding sprigs of greenery and tying jute twine to make the perfect decor pieces and accentuate any room. Alternatively, you can colour the jars, paste a memorable picture and fill them with fresh flowers. 

Mother's Day Room Decoration

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Surprise your Mom, and turn your living room into a whimsical wonderland with the help of fairy lights! Perk up the room with a plush floor rug and swab the cushions that bring the space a sense of warmth and cosiness. String the fairy lights around the room, add a balloon garland and light up the space with scented candles to add an enchanted aura. This simple yet thoughtful gesture will escalate the celebratory mood.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Looking for a perfect present this Mother's Day that is creative yet unique? We've got you covered with top picks for moms, grandmothers or mother-in-laws.  

1. Customised Photo Gifts

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A beloved gift to present to your mom is a personalised photo frame with an inspiring quote. Create an aesthetic photo album filled with precious memories of the family together, or make it extra special with the customised photo pillow trending in-home decor. No matter what you choose, a simple and thoughtful gift will bring joy to her face. 

2. Spa Day

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Working day in and out, mothers need an escape from the stress of everyday life. Give her a gift of pampering and much-deserved self-care with a luxurious spa day! A relaxing massage will make her feel recharged and rejuvenated. Moreover, you can also design a homemade spa basket with a set of toiletry makeup bags filled with bath salts, scrubs, and lotions to brighten the Mother’s Day holiday. 

3. Elegant Jewellery

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This Mother’s Day, consider giving your mom a dazzling piece of jewellery that will spark just like her smile. Whether it’s studs or a pendant adorned with her initials, these elegant yet understated pieces will add to her collection that she’ll adore.

Mother's Day Board Decoration Idea

Source: Pinterest

Get crafty with Mother’s Day board decoration ideas by using colourful streamers, paper garlands, and heart-shaped cutouts to create a festive environment. Draw an eccentric wall art or frame the pictures with meaningful quotes or messages of love on the board. In addition, decorate with balloons or create a Best Mom banner to complete the look. 

Mother's Day Brunch Table Setting

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If you’re planning a Mother’s Day brunch or an evening family get-together, amplify the celebratory mood by crafting a bespoke tablescape setting that defines her with our favourite elements. Opt for subtle, pastel tones, blue, green, and pink and dress the table with a charming tablecloth. Place a whimsical centrepiece filled with treasures and souvenirs to make the day memorable. Additionally, light up the space with scented candles and flowers to accentuate the decor. Finally, tantalise the taste buds with flavoursome meals and refreshing drinks!


Deck up your home and honour the most special woman in your life with these endearing Mother’s Day decoration ideas. From heartfelt messages to touching gifts, engaging craft activities and stunning tablescape elements, celebrate the power and importance of motherhood and capture the beautiful bond between a mother and child. 

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    What are some affordable Mother's Day decoration ideas at home?
    • Create a DIY picture frame from your favourite moments. 
    • Make gorgeous flower bouquets with a heartwarming message. 
    • Hang a banner with Best Mom, I Love You Mom or Happy Mother’s Day written on it. 
    • Decorate the home with colourful streamers and balloons to bring out the festive mood.
    How can you make Mother's Day celebrations more personal?
    • Give her a personalised gift that resonates with her style and personality.
    • Plan a surprise party or get-together brunch with family and friends on her special day.
    • Wake her up with breakfast in bed to start the celebratory day.
    What are some DIY gifts for Mother’s Day decoration ideas?

    There are tons of creative and practical DIY gift ideas as a token of love and appreciation that can amplify the festive mood this Mother’s Day. 

    • Hand-painted portrait
    • Customised photo cushion
    • Homemade crayon candles
    •  Elegant jewellery
    • Goodies gift box
    • Embellished crafty card
    • Floral faux flower vase

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