Modern L-Shaped Kitchen Designs to Enhance Your Kitchen Looks

Published On: Sep 23, 2021

A great kitchen design is not always about the working triangle and storage rules- it is equally about how it feels and how much it inspires the cook to come up with innovative dishes. Check out this wonderful collection of L shaped kitchen designs that would not fail to inspire you to get creative with your kitchen! 

  • Patterns in Kitchen

A wonderfully zoned flooring with a patterned backsplash will not fail to be the stars of your kitchen with an L shaped kitchen design like this one- perfect for homes with smaller areas. Add a few rustic cupboards for an antique touch. 

  • Wrapped Style Countertop

If the lower end of the L is open on three sides, then wrap one side of the end with a sleek material to provide your kitchen with a luxurious finish. Add two chairs or stools at this part and you have your own little breakfast or coffee bars in your L shaped kitchen

  • Breakfast Corner by Your Dining Spot

Forget that space between your kitchen and dining area with a beautiful, unique L shaped kitchen design like this one.  The reason why this open kitchen design is unique is the lively breakfast bar at the end of the cabinet run placed right beside your dining table. 

  • Non-Traditional L Shaped Kitchen

This may not look like a traditional L-shaped kitchen because of the closing walls on all three sides but it is still a wonderful idea for small modular kitchens. The wooden units with a smooth finish provide the kitchen design with a luxurious touch while the handle-less cabinets provide a sense of space. 

  • Metro Tiles for Modern Decor

Making a small kitchen area look wider can be difficult but you can easily tackle this with metro tiles. Your L shaped kitchen space would look wider and spacious, especially when you add handle-less and sleek cabinets.  

  • Industrial L Shaped Kitchen Style

Add a brick backsplash with dark coloured cabinets to provide your kitchen with an industrial feel. The inclusion of glass walls as seen in the kitchen picture above can also add to its appearance. 

  • Split Zones Carefully

An L shaped kitchen design provides only two countertops to work on, so placing appliances in practical distances is key to reduce legwork for the chef. Therefore, consider splitting the two ends of the L shape into task areas. The shorter wing could contain water purifiers, sinks, and cutlery drawers while the longer ones contain other appliances. 

  • Optimised Use Sorting Design

A lot of small modular kitchen designs photos may look cluttered and keeping this out can be a tough task. Therefore, consider some of the latest kitchen designs that optimize space and have efficient storage like the one above. Vertical shelving can help keep the appliances off the counters while floating shelves can provide space on the countertops. 

  • Island Kitchen Style

When your L shaped kitchen design provides a lot of space in your kitchen, you could add an island that adds to the kitchen’s functionality. Islands are a popular part of some of the latest kitchen designs that can provide extra storage while acting as a quirky breakfast counter when required. 

  • Striking Kitchen Corner

A corner cut into a kitchen can make the design look absolutely stunning! An idea like the one shown in the kitchen image above can help you stay connected with the others at home while working in the kitchen. The sophisticated material and style provide a modern feel. 

  • Open Window for Better Light

Dedicate one wall to a floating cabinet to store all your appliances and spices while dedicating the other wall to putting up a large window. This way, your L shaped kitchen design would be lit by natural lights and would stay ventilated with fresh air. 

  • Cosy Kitchen Formation

A small comfortable space with sufficient storage and wonderful colour coordination would definitely define a space to be warm. Add pretty elements like rustic kettles and flowerpots to add to its charm.  

  • Consider the Vastu Shastra

According to Vastu Shastra, there should be a maximum distance between the water and fire in kitchens. If you are looking for a beautiful small Indian kitchen design in L shape, then consider picture one in which the stove and the sink are placed at two platforms in compliance with Vastu shastra. This is a popular Indian L shaped kitchen design. 

  • All-White L Shaped Wooden Ceiling Kitchen

Small modular kitchen designs like the one above are perfect for homes with little spaces for kitchens. All-white handless-less cabinets and countertops provide a sleek finish while the wooden ceilings provide a rustic, traditional touch. 

  • Vibrant Backsplash on Plain White

Into the plain white L shaped kitchen design¸ add some colour and character by adding in some cheerful backsplash over the longer countertop. 

  • Scandinavian Kitchen Mode

Add some cheerful prints and light wood tone to an all-white kitchen to create a wonderful Scandinavian style kitchen. You could also change the kitchen idea by adding in other tile designs. 

  • Minimalist Kitchen Design 

Minimalist kitchen designs can sink away into the walls of the kitchen and provide a hassle-free working space with the right cabinets. 

  • Colour Block Pattern

The coloured blocks and open shelving units in this kitchen makes this an interesting small L shaped kitchen design. With a kitchen design like this one, you could go for a bold colour choice and themes!

  • Patterned Small Spaces

To make the most of your small modular kitchen design L shape, use black and white patterns on the floor and backsplash. To add a softer touch to your L shaped kitchen layout, provide the cabinets with a tint of rose gold.  

  • Potted Plants as Dividers

If you wish to divide your L shaped kitchen and the dining area in a natural manner, then add a large potted plant near the countertop. This is a popular new kitchen design worth trying. 

  • Double Windows for Brighter Balance

Another great L shaped small modular kitchen design is to add dual windows over the longer countertop to provide a grand and spacious feel. Add intricately patterned backsplash tiles on the smaller countertop for an overall balance. 

  • Time for Wine

If you want something different from plain old kitchen wardrobes, then do consider placing a wine rack beside the cabinets, along with a peninsula. 

  • Place Holders for Organised Space

Another unique L shape kitchen interior design ideas include adding a boxy plant holder at the end of a countertop. You could also illuminate the open shelves with LEDs to brighten the wooden walls. 

  • Bold Black Kitchen

Create a space with depth with a beautiful black L type kitchen design. The wine cooler at one end and the illuminated brown backsplash will add to its sophisticated style. 

  • White Framework Kitchen

A one-of-a-kind L shaped kitchen designs for small kitchens like the one above is perfect for smaller, minimalistic homes. With white cabinet designs, you can create a chunky frame around the illuminated wooden inset. 

  • Glossy Finish 

Go chic and simple with plain white L shaped kitchen designs bringing out the glowing wooden backsplash and countertops. Separate the kitchen from the dining area with white flooring. 

  • Make a Gallery

Along with your kitchen almirah designs, add in a section to display your decorative plates or teapots to your L shaped kitchen. This will provide a classy touch to your L shape kitchen design.  

  • Add Extension to the L

Though there is an extension to the ‘L’ shape here, the design is popular because it provides an inspiration for people looking for kitchens with a corner window. This L shaped kitchen design with a window provides natural light and space. 

  • Add Natural Tones

When you want your L shaped small size modular kitchen to be a natural part of the common area at home that does not take up a lot of space, then you could go for a completely wooden L shaped module like this one!

  • Let Us Go Green 

Add indoor herb planters to your L shaped small modular kitchen to liven your space up! You could create some space in your open cupboard specifically for these plants, or attach the pots to the walls right above your smaller countertop. 

  • Handy Wall Shelves for Order

With the leftover space present on the kitchen wall, you could have a little fun with a wonderful collection of wall shelves. On these, you could place essential kitchen utensils and potted plants. This is a popular modular kitchen design for small kitchens.  

  • Dual Colour Kitchen

Many kitchen planners now go for two depths of wall cabinets in two different tones to bring in a unique space of creativity. If you have small or standard kitchen sizes then you could add in two or three windows for fresh air and natural light. 

  • Criss Cross Styled Kitchen Decor

Looking for a distinctive kitchen wardrobe design? Then go for the criss-cross low mounted cabinets in an L shape modular kitchen design. You could either go for the all-white theme or jazz it up with bold colours or dual tones. 

  • Merge It with Wood and Glass

A classic combination of glass and wood would never go out of fashion and is something you would have noticed in many Indian modular kitchen design photos. This charming design is something you need to consider for your home too. 

  • Metallic Decor

Create a metallic mixup in your own kitchen. A silver oven, golden faucet and sink, copper vase, wooden tables, and even a few candles would do the trick. Anything would go in a kitchen like this one.

  • Black and Honey Tone

Try something different in your L shaped modular kitchen like switching the primary colours with grey and heavy black accents accentuated with a hint of golden heavy toned wood. Adding a window to this L shape kitchen design would bring in an entirely different feel. 

  • Powdery Preference

Provide a contrast and warmth through powder blue décor by adding a blush of pink accents with copper accessories. Adding wooden utensils and white cabinets would add to the charm of your L shaped kitchen design. 

  • Daring Dark Kitchen

You can deepen the layout of your L shaped kitchen design using an equally long ceiling extension illuminated with spotlights. Dark ceiling extensions and cabinets with turquoise backsplash would not fail to provide you with the required depth. 

  • Create a Pantry Corner

An open shelving unit, set up at the end of the ‘L’, for placing all your pantry supplies is one of the most popular corner kitchen cabinet ideas. These are not only very useful but very decorative as well.

  • L-Shaped Overall Set Up

The cabinets and countertop need not be the only things that follow the L-shape; the floors can follow the same pattern as well! This is a popular floor-cabinet parallel kitchen design you can easily do using different coloured tiles. 

  • Unique Architecture

You can include a peninsula around a challenging architecture like shown in the picture above. The stairs could blend into the smaller countertop’s body while the wall provides separation between the two rooms. 

  • Plan it According to Your Budget

If monetary constraints do not allow you to build new cabinets in the extra space over the L shaped kitchen design, then fill the space by installing open shelves to place all appliances and accessories. 

  • Blend Yellow and Grey 

Yellow, grey, and rustic white is a bold colour combination one should definitely consider for their open kitchen design.  

  • Adorn with Glass Cabinets

Over your L shaped kitchen design, include glass cases with LED illumination instead of traditional opaque cabinets to highlight all your accessories. 

  • Victorian Inspired Kitchen

With near wooden cabinets of lighter shades and Victorian designs blended with a darker wall, your L shaped kitchen will look classy.

  • Enjoy Extension to Outdoors

If space and budget allow, you should consider leaving a separate wall for retractable doors to the great outdoors. 

  • Brick Backsplash

Add something more into your L shaped kitchen by including a brick backsplash and a rectangular rug on the floor for a cosy, rustic touch. 

  • Strong Yellow Accent Decor

The little yellow accessories and a yellow-painted rectangle at the centre of a countertop will definitely complement the all-white theme. 

  • Blend Purple, Pink and White

Highly unconventional yet bold- a purple, pink, and white combination provide an excellent finish for an L shaped kitchen, looking absolutely stunning.

  • Zen Decor Kitchen

Dark wooden, flat-panel cabinets, grey backsplash, and concrete countertops go perfectly with the bamboo floors of a zen L-shaped kitchen.