10+ Stylish MDF Jali Design for Mandir Ideas You Must Explore

Published On: Jan 31, 2023

In India, temples have traditionally played a significant role in both tradition and culture. A Pooja Ghar in your home is a reflection of the values, beliefs, and way of life that you and your family hold dear. The young generation is still trying to figure out a balance that unifies modern architecture with traditional Mandir designs. Hence, as a part of this effort the elegant jalis are now being merged with MDF to create a holistic temple jali design that serves both ornamental and functional purposes. 

If you are looking for mandir designs that provide the best of both worlds; the ethnic ambience in a contemporary setting, then this article will conclude your search. Explore the MDF mandir designs to find the one which makes your soul content. 

MDF Jali Design for Mandir

Enhance the spirituality of your home with these Mandir jali designs. 

Jali Door Design

Source: Pinterest

If your pooja room is in a busy area, jali doors are a terrific option to add some privacy. Jali doors have fixtures like bells and deity figures that add to the beauty of the room in traditional patterns. They not only make room for the light and the calming aroma that come from the pooja room, but also arouse interest via their attractiveness.

Portable MDF Jali

Source: Pinterest

A dedicated solitary mandir can be constructed with an MDF Jali design and a traditional arch that is portable. This MDF mandir jali design can have rollers placed beneath to move to another location if necessary. The traditional structure evokes the cosiness of Indian mandir architecture, and the diffuse backdrop light would gently illuminate the idols behind this portable pooja jali design. 

Floral Jali

Source: Pinterest

An ornate temple Jali design with its soothing all-white interiors emits a warm, welcoming feel. Nature-inspired graphic patterns called ornamental designs are typically designed in wavy floral emblems, freehand swirls, and other elements. These types of decorative MDF jali design for Mandir can be utilised to make monotonous or new, elaborate motifs. This magnificent floral pattern is perfect for a simple Pooja Ghar. 

3D Jali Design

Source: Pinterest

Installing a contemporary 3D MDF mandir jali design art that blends in with both the interiors and the elevation is a trending idea. It is one of the greatest multifunctional, aesthetically pleasing, and private options. Overlapping MDF designs look stunning in a classic white Pooja Ghar. This design is also ideal for contemporary interiors. Your home’s interior will look more graceful and elegant thanks to the MDF Jali design for the mandir.

White Jali Design

Source: Pinterest

This MDF jali for mandir is for those who adore white for its serenity. It blends in with all the colours while also standing out as an independent focal point. This mandir jali design has a Ganesh carving on it which accentuates the look. 

See Through Jali Design

Source: Pinterest

If you want to improve the aesthetics of a closed-off mandir space, a see-through jali panel is a fitting solution. The wooden construction of the mandir in this image is well-complemented by the see-through panel. The mandir jali’s design unifies the entire space in a cohesive manner.

Jali for Mandir Sides

Source: Pinterest

Many contemporary homes do not have a dedicated pooja room. In these cases, a side panel made of jali would prove to be effective in providing extra style and privacy. For the requirements of a modern mandir for homes with limited space, a hardwood jali design is the way forward. This panel establishes a designated space for the mandir by dividing it from the rest of the room. 

Mandir Jali with Back Pane

Source: Pinterest

Embellishing a statement background wall can help any mandir arrangement to feel more grounded. Use the MDF mandir jali design for a distinctive touch and cover it with laminates or paint. You can choose trendy, edgy geometric wallpaper for your pooja room or, for a more traditional look, carvings of auspicious symbols like the om, swastika, Kalash, lotus, etc. would do. 

Wooden Jali Door

Source: Pinterest

The wooden Jali door is in vogue and commonly found in contemporary mandirs in households. If your mandir is situated in an open area, the jali door offers some solitude when praying apart from being a mystifying element. The MDF mandir design can be adorned by including divine symbols like bells, Om, and other motifs inside the Jali. The uniform white background and the darker wooden jali motif in this reference pair well together. 

CNC Jali Design

Source: Pinterest

You might not always have a designated area for a mandir or even a pooja room design. The simplest way is to locate the Northeast corner so you can construct a nook for your mandir there. The CNC jali design for Mandir would look absolutely ravishing for this niche. The altar could be a drawer or a cupboard. CNC Mandir Jali can be used as solo dividers or as side panels. 

Marble Mandir with Jali

Source: Pinterest

Marble Mandirs have their own unique charm owing to their elegant finish. The marble is well complemented by the MDF Jali design of the Mandir. The all-white juxtaposition of jali and marble in this mandir is a sight to behold. This mandir will look best in a space with lots of strong lighting and a colourful background.

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Let's Get Designing!

Mandir Jali designs can be put into practise in a variety of innovative ways that enhance the use and ambiance of a pooja space. Due to its adaptability, MDF works well for projects including sacred pooja rooms. We hope that these MDF jali designs for mandir can help you establish a tranquill praying space for your home. For more Mandir design and ideas, contact our experts at Interior Company. 

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    Q 1. Which Jali is best for Mandir?

    Ans. An MDF jali design for Mandir is considered to be the best option because of its functionality and beauty. A pooja room can be adorned with this jali for the best results.

    Q 2. What are the three advantages of MDF?

    Ans. MDF mandir jali design is usually cheaper than plywood. The surface of MDF is extremely smooth which makes it easier to paint. MDF is also very consistent so the cut edges appear smoother.

    Q 3. What are the three different kinds of MDF mandir jali designs?

    Ans. Standard grade MDF, high-density MDF, and lightweight MDF are the three different kinds of MDF jali for mandir.

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