Holi Decoration Ideas for Your Home 2024

Published On: Mar 1, 2023

A festival of colours wholly propelled by laughter, colour, music, water balloons, gujjias, and thandai requires something extra to usher in the eccentric energy that comes with Holi. Although this festival is much more, it is also a celebration of love, togetherness and victory of the good. So, let us create a space that allows one to welcome positivity to their home. 

With holi just around the corner, it will be fantastic to decide on how to spruce up your space with holi decorations. 

Well, you've dropped by the perfect place! We have gathered some easy and simple DIY holi decoration ideas that you can take up to add character to your space this festive season. 

So, bring out all those colours, grab your pichkari from the back of the cupboard and don't forget to wear something frayed! 

1. Fun Laddu Gopal Holi Decoration

Source: Pinterest

What is more ideal than starting your day by thanking god and celebrating the festival with them? Create a cute laddu gopal holi decoration and mark the start of playing with some colour. This is a simple concept; inflate a small pool or get a deep dish, and fill that up with either water balloons or colourful flower petals. Place the tiny idol of laddu gopal in the middle and place some small pichkaaris and gulal on top. Trust us; this holi decoration will make your heart so happy just by looking at it.

2. Create a Fun Hand Art

Source: Pinterest

A fun way to add creativity and activity to holi party decor is painting a family handprint to mark the day. Stain your hand with your favourite colour and, turn by turn, get a handprint on a clean sheet of paper one over another so that all prints are clear and visible. Coat the sheet with a paint sealing agent and frame the art when dry. 

This can be a great holi decoration and a memorable keepsake. 

3. Madir Holi Decoration

Source: Pinterest

Beautify your mandir space with these holi decoration ideas, braid some colourful dupattas or sashes around the frame, and add some toy pichkaaris in the backdrop to play around laddu gopal holi decoration. Don't forget to add some colourful flower petals from the top to make the space more fragrant and compelling that even god wants to come and appreciate your efforts. 

4. Cushion Up!

Source: Pinterest

An easy way to spruce up your space is to add some coloured cushions to your sofa or even on your bed. Bring a bohemian vibe to your home by displaying that embroidered or ruffled cushions you've been keeping for special occasions. Through around some colour and make your space comfortable and hurt-free with this simple holi decoration. 

5. Rangoli

Source: Pinterest

What is a better occasion than decorating your home with some more colour? 

Rangolis are traditionally used to welcome holy gods to your home and enlighten the space. The practice has existed for many years and dates back to venerable times. Select a beautiful yet simple rangoli design and start the decoration process. We are telling you, this is the only way you'll be allowed to bring colours inside the house!

Make sure to find the perfect spot that keeps this art on display but also protected from being stepped on or ruined by water. 

6. Bestow With Holi Delicacies

Source: Pinterest

If Gujjia is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Holi, then you are not a foodie! Festivals are all about spending time with your family and eating delicious food. To mark the celebration, it is a tradition to serve people with a platter of gujjias, mathris and thandai. To include food in your holi decoration ideas, plate the items beautifully and decorate around the table with some gulal and flower petals to make a picturesque set-up. 

7. Pottery Charm

Source: Pinterest

Colour the planters in your home with some glaring colours and heighten your home. Give your garden an upgrade with this minor change that will also help brighten the energy flow in your home. This vertical balcony decor will act as a perfect holi decoration at home.

8. Cocktail Bar Decor

Source: Pinterest

Every celebration requires a cocktail! Hoard some exclusive and attractive glassware with various ingredients ranging from fruits to drinks, allowing one to make a cocktail. 

Pro Tip: Include Bhaang beverage in your bar decor and further respect the theme holi decoration idea. 

On A Final Note'¦  

With the closure of this blog, we hope you found some relevant holi decoration ideas that will help prepare your room festival. The great thing about holi is how everyone celebrates it with love. All grudges and distances are forgotten, and we are reminded, 'Bura Na Mano Holi Hai!'.


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    How can I decorate my home easily?

    The easy way to elevate your home in minutes is by adding some colourful cushions and rugs around the house to bring some colour to the space easily. Adding some fragrant and bright colours will also be a great way of holi decoration ideas.

    What does holi signify?

    The festival of holi marks the end of winter and the start of summer. It is also significant for celebrating the win of good over evil.

    What are the famous foods of holi?

    Some of the most famous foods that mark the festival of holi are –
    Gujjias, Dahi Bhalla, Mathri, Thandai and Bhaang.

    Who is the god of holi?

    Holi also signifies Lord Krishna, he is worshipped on this auspicious day, and the story of Holika and Prahlad is also often sung to mark the day.

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