Cost-Effective Home Makeovers: Renovation Tips for Every Room

Published On: Jun 11, 2024

It can get tiring looking at the same floor and walls every day. So, if you, too are dreaming of a home transformation without the nightmare of draining your bank account, here are easy and affordable home remodelling ideas for every room. Comfortable living cannot just be for the rich, right?

From upgrading kitchen countertops to installing dimmer switches in your living room, our easy and affordable ideas will help you create a stylish, functional, and inviting home.

Home Entrance Remodelling Ideas

Create a Mini Mudroom

Create a Mini Mudroom- Home Entryway Renovation Ideas

What better place to start a home renovation project than the entry itself? You can easily turn your chaotic entryway into a mini mudroom with just a few essentials because you're so organised. Grab a seat, a shelf, and hooks, and you'll have a completely new space. Add a hook for every house member, and name them if you like.

You can create a mini mudroom in the tiniest of corners. This makes it easy to create an everyday manoeuvre for keeping your bags, shoes, and other essentials neatly stored and easily accessible.

Paint the Stairs

Paint- Home Renovation Ideas for Staircase

Another cheap and cheerful home renovation idea for your entrance is to paint the stairs. Pick any colour and pattern for the stairs, and you can instantly add “character” (read: distract from the mess). Stylish stairs look inviting and also help hide wear and tear. Make sure to coat the stairs with polyurethane to protect the finish.

Go for bold, eye-searing colours like teal and add in some contrasting white stencil patterns for an eye-catching design.

Dining Room Renovation Ideas

Expressive Statement Wall

Expressive Statement Wall- Home Remodeling Ideas with Dining Room

You can easily amp up the dining area with a stylish, bold paint colour, eye-popping wallpaper, or textured materials like wood or brick. This home renovation idea adds visual interest, making the dining space more dynamic and engaging. Also, having one bold wall saves you the investment to do more with the entire room. Incorporate simple and minimalistic designs for the rest of the room to completely make it look trendy.

You can pair the walls with the same-toned rug to signify the eating space and add some abstract paintings to level up the room’s artistic feel.

Upgrade the Lighting Fixtures

Upgrade the Lighting Fixtures- Ways to Renovate Dining Room

Another good idea for home remodelling is to add some lighting fixtures to the dining room. You can choose from modern alternatives like pendant lights or wall sconces and add a luxurious chandelier.

Consider installing a dimmer switch to control the ambience, making it perfect for intimate dinners and lively gatherings. Ambient lighting can liven up a good family dinner and gathering, adding to the conversations from the sidelines.

Kitchen Home Renovation Ideas

Install New Countertops

Install New Countertops- Home Renovation Design for Kitchen

Easily, one of the most striking features of a kitchen is the countertop. A good home renovation idea for the kitchen is to install new countertops, instead of going for everything around, like the cabinets, shelves and more. You can easily replace the old countertops for a new look. This way, you only have to cover smaller square footage, which means you can afford more expensive materials.

Change the Backsplash

Change the Backsplash- House Remodel Ideas for Kitchen

Next, you can change the backsplash in your kitchen for something jazzy like a geometric pattern. This simple home remodelling idea is not only very budget-friendly, it can add a modern, eye-catching element that uplifts the entire space. Choose from affordable materials like tile, stone, glass, ceramic, or beadboard. For maximum bang-for-your-buck, just add it up where you need it most, like behind the range or near the sink.

A new backsplash enhances the aesthetic appeal and provides practical benefits. Add a green hue for a trendy colour flash.

Add a Faux Island

Add a Faux Island- House Renovation Ideas for Cooking Space

A stand-alone table or cabinet can be an affordable island and is perfect for extra workspace. Ideal for interior home renovation in the kitchen, you can remodel, adding contrast with a bold rug, as shown. Start with a simple table to keep costs down, or repurpose that dusty piece of furniture. Add in some yellow lights for a faint hue.

Upgrade the Cabinets or Cabinet Doors

Upgrade the Cabinets or Cabinet Doors to Remodel Kitchen Design

There are many ways that you can upgrade the kitchen cabinets or doors when thinking of home renovation ideas. You can paint them fresh, apply stylish wallpaper, or use peel-and-stick wood products for an instant upgrade. If your wallpaper is very demanding, then you can keep a simple minimalist interior for the rest of the kitchen. Of Course, it doesn't have to be so. You can opt for the other way, which is by going for a colourful kitchen with minimal wallpaper or cabinet design.

Add corbels below cabinets or under floating shelves for a classic, built-in look. For a modern twist and renovation ideas for old homes, remove doors from some upper cabinets to create open shelving'perfect for showcasing your bright dishes.

Living Room Home Remodelling Ideas

Remodel the Flooring

Remodel the Flooring to Upgrade Living Room Space

Changing the floor plans by simply changing the floor plans is a great option when looking for home renovation ideas to update the living room space. Choose from a range of options like hardwood, laminate or stylish tiles. Various options are available that don't even require you to remove the existing flooring. You can simply choose a peel-and-stick flooring option and save on budgets.

Always balance the room so that it feels airier. If your furniture is very bold, opt for earthy elements and tones. And while you're at it, replace that old 80s rug with a new and fresh piece.

Change the Curtains and Window Treatments

Change the Curtains and Window Treatments- Interior Home Renovation for Living Room

Refresh your living room by updating the window treatments. Swap out old, tired drapes to bring new life to your rooms. Pair these with a low table near the windows to create a cosy nook perfect for relaxing or entertaining. You can either use completely new designs and treatments or combine the old and the new. Remember to reuse the existing curtain rods and rings to save a little extra money on this home renovation idea.

Install Light Dimmers

Install Light Dimmers- Renovation Interior Design for Living Room

A good choice for those with limited natural lighting in the rooms, overhead lighting is a popular home renovation idea for living rooms. Best installed with light dimmers, the switches allow you to choose the amount of light you want to maintain in the hotspot around the house. No matter if you want to have a cosy movie night or a lively gathering, you can always set the mood. Dimmers also work great for old homes that might not have that many outlets.

Bathroom Home Renovation Ideas

Add A Cabinet for More Storage

Add A Cabinet for More Storage- Interior Home Remodeling for Bathroom

An easy way to revamp your bathroom space is to add a new storage cabinet. Pair it with a trendy mirror and some neatly arranged towels because aren't you the organisation guru? A good cabinet storage space helps you organise your clutter better and makes room for other things around the space, like a laundry basket. 

Add a Wallpaper

Add a Wallpaper- Interior Design Home Renovation for Washroom

Pasting the wallpaper is an easy way to breathe new life into the space without needing a sledgehammer. It is a budget-friendly option for a space that is usually kept very simple and clutter-free to avoid feeling cramped, making them perfect for old house renovation ideas. A wallpaper amplifies a single wall without the need for much change, and you can easily find a wallpaper that already goes well with your interior decor. The best thing, they are quick to install and replace with other designs.

Bedroom Home Renovation Ideas

Interesting Walls or Ceilings using POP

Interesting Walls or Ceilings using POP- Old House Renovation Ideas for Bedroom

POP designs for ceilings and walls help revamp your sleeping area to give the room a sophisticated and modern touch. You can opt for two colours that add a lot of depth and character, making the space more visually appealing. POP designs are also very stylish in the sense that they can form an aesthetic decorative moulding and medallion. They are a very cost-effective way to renovate your bedroom space and are a fantastic addition to your list of home remodelling ideas.

Opt for a two-toned wall design across the room. For the walls and ceilings, you can choose Victorian murals. For a fancy touch, top it off with a small chandelier. 

Add a Headboard

Add a Headboard- Home Modification Ideas for Master Bedroom

Another way to amp up your bedroom space in a cost-effective manner is to add a headboard to the bed. For a small white bedroom like this, consider a wall-length royal purple headboard to create a stunning focal point. This bold colour adds a touch of elegance and provides a beautiful contrast against the white walls. The headboard brings more comfort and support and can also be engineered to provide additional storage, making it a smart choice for interior home renovation.

Install Wall-to-Wall Shelves

Install Wall-to-Wall Shelves- Home Renovation Ideas for Bedroom

Best for kid's rooms to increase storage, inset display shelves are a great addition for home renovation. Arranged in organisation, these shelves are a godsend for those who have difficulty throwing out anything. Easy to install, change, and very budget-friendly, inset shelves are also great to showcase your favourite items, books, and decor, making the room feel personalised and organised. This home renovation idea helps declutter your space and creates a focal point that enhances the overall design.

Home Renovation on a Budget

From adding new kitchen countertops and pretending you're a design guru with a dining room statement wall to fooling your friends with dimmer switches in the living room, you’re all set. Hide your clutter with new bathroom cabinets. Remember, a little creativity and some elbow grease can turn your home into a palace'on a ramen noodle budget. So, start your home remodelling journey and make your home the envy of everyone who doesn't know your secret!

Ready to transform your home with stylish renovations without breaking the bank? Interior Company can help you get your hands on the best home renovation ideas and transform your place, one budget-friendly project at a time. Start your renovation journey today and enjoy a refreshed, beautiful home.

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    What are some cost-effective ways to increase storage space in small rooms?

    Consider using multi-functional furniture like beds with built-in drawers or ottomans with storage compartments. Wall-mounted shelves and over-the-door organisers can also help maximise vertical space.

    How can I make my home renovation more environmentally friendly?

    Use sustainable materials like bamboo or reclaimed wood. Opt for energy-efficient appliances and fixtures, and consider installing solar panels. Repurposing old furniture and fixtures is another great way to reduce waste.

    What should I prioritise if I have a very limited renovation budget?

    Focus on high-impact areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Simple changes like updating hardware, painting walls, and adding new lighting can make a significant difference without a hefty price tag.

    How do I choose the right colour scheme for my home renovation?

    Start by considering the mood you want to create in each room. Look for inspiration in home decor magazines and online platforms like Pinterest. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour samples before making a final decision.

    What are some tips for maintaining my home after renovation?

    Regularly clean and inspect renovated areas to prevent damage. Use coasters and mats to protect surfaces, and follow the manufacturer’s care instructions for new materials and appliances. Scheduling periodic professional maintenance can also help preserve the quality of your renovations.

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