Incredible Haldi Decorations Ideas at Home to Enliven Pre-wedding Festivities

Published On: Nov 23, 2022

Haldi is considered auspicious in Indian Culture as it signifies happiness and ushers peace and prosperity in married life. In different regions, it's known by various names like ubtan, mandha, tel baan, etc. It has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. Thus, a sacred wedding ritual includes anointing the bride-to-be and groom-to-be in a mixture of turmeric and milk/rose water to ensure a glowing look and avert the evil eye.

The Haldi Ceremony marks the beginning of wedding day rituals and brings life to celebrations. How can we expect its decor to be boring? Bright colours, exotic blooms, gold accents, and a dash of quirkiness are all you need to energise your Haldi Ceremony. Commonly, it is an intimate pre-wedding function celebrated at the homes of the bride and groom.

There are endless decor setup ideas, from grand to elegant and timeless, for every wedding style and preference. Although, for Haldi, marigold curtains, stunning welcome boards, floral wreaths, peppy photo frames, and vibrant hangings are the essentials to set the mood for a radiant event. 

Read the blog below and bookmark awe-inspiring ideas for a Haldi decoration at home. 

Indoor Haldi Decoration Ideas

If you’re looking for indoor Haldi ceremony decoration ideas for your intimate event, then you have arrived at the right place! From simple low-budget Haldi decoration ideas to enchanting floral backdrops, this pre-wedding function is to have fun, enjoy, dance, and ensure that the couple is smeared with just as much Haldi for celebration glow. 

Marigold Curtains – Simple Haldi Decoration Ideas

Source: Pinterest

A classic Haldi decoration idea that never goes out of trend is the usage of Marigold flowers in Indian weddings. Whether it’s yellow, orange, or rust, the bright colours of Marigolds induce a festive charm for any celebration. This cascading Marigold curtain sets an intimate background to execute Haldi decoration ideas. Add a few baskets and vases filled with celebratory elements to adorn the living space. Lastly, click the pictures with your gang against this beautiful backdrop to make the event memorable. 

Photo Booth Haldi Setup at Home

Source: Pinterest

The photo booth is the most trending decor element of every wedding ceremony. A colourful photo booth is the soul of the Haldi event for pictures with your loved ones. Use drapes, and bedeck with floral arrangements; hang all the buntings, streamers, and tassels for an elegant backdrop. Place some intriguing props for the guest to use for their picture-perfect moment! 

Delightful Haldi Decoration Ideas at Home

Source: Pinterest

Amp up your Haldi decorations by adding floral strings and hanging arrangements against a vibrant setup. You can add contrasting colours for a gorgeous background. Haldi ceremony decoration can also be a perfect backdrop for your festive photos. The seating arrangement will look lovely with the flower arch. Therefore, make the seating understated because the floral arch will accentuate the entire design. 

Vibrant Haldi Decoration Ideas

Source: Pinterest

As the Haldi ceremony brings fun elements into pre-wedding festivities, here we have ditched the flowering arrangements and opted for bright decor. Take inspiration from this beautiful mix of colourful drapes, tassel strings, and Rajasthani umbrellas that are the sure-shot ways to add vibrancy and charm to your celebrations.  

Simple Haldi Decoration Ideas

Source: Pinterest

Choose an elegant yet simple Haldi decoration idea at home for your festivities. A vibrant orange cloth installation on a cane frame with gota elements and tassels will look mesmerising for your Haldi ceremony. Throw some printed cushions to liven up the celebrations and for a laid-back relaxing vibe. 

Outdoor Haldi Decoration Ideas

The Haldi ceremony heralds the happy commencement of a new life together and safeguards the bride and groom from any unfavourable portent. The most fun-filled event involves super-fun dancing, singing, and more. Below we’ve curated some cool yet exquisite outdoor Haldi set-up ideas for your wedding. 

Welcome Board Haldi Decoration Idea

Source: Pinterest

Placards and welcome boards are a beautiful way to signify the entrance and add a personal touch to the function. Create an animated version of the couple or the Haldi hands to elevate the endearment of the wedding celebrations. Spruce up the pathway with the floral charm and quirky hangings for a visually appealing decor idea. 

Cosy Cabanas Haldi Setup at Home

Source: Pinterest

For outdoor Haldi set up at home, gorgeously decorated cabanas enhance the look of the celebrations and also provide guests with a beautiful space to sit and relax in. Opt for low seating and adorn it with charming covers for a laid-back vibe. Wedding decor plays an essential role in setting the mood right for the festivities, and every detail ties together to create a mesmerising day. 

Swinging Tassels Haldi Decoration Idea

Source: Pinterest

For Haldi decoration ideas, yellow is the staple colour. However, millennial brides are opting for different colours for their Haldi nuptials. Why not break the norms with allure? Opt for fiery pink and blue shades this wedding season as a part of Haldi decoration ideas at home. Create circular wreath backdrops for a picturesque setting. Additionally, hanging tassels, decorative pouffes, and colourful fabrics amplify the celebrations. 

Quirky Haldi Decoration Ideas at Home

Source: Pinterest

Floral printed backdrops are a fun idea for pre-wedding functions. Printed florals were a massive hit last year, from Sabyasachi lehengas to decor events. For outdoor ceremonies, stick to a couple of drapes and Haldi decor elements to bedeck the location. Choose some pretty centrepieces and elevate the look of your Haldi decoration idea. Coordinating the yellow, vibrant orange, and pink colours breaks the monotone look of the celebrations. 

Elegant Decoration Ideas for Haldi Ceremony

Source: Pinterest

It’s the bride’s D-day, and she should be treated like nothing less than a queen. For a striking Haldi decoration idea, try to make an appealing seating arrangement for the bride and groom. Different colours of the marigold, along with the banana leaves, create a picturesque Haldi setup. Don’t forget to add gold accents to brighten up the wedding affair.

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Decor Essentials for Haldi Function Ideas

Whether you're organising your Haldi ceremony indoors or in your backyard, these essential Haldi decoration ideas create a surreal backdrop at home.

Photo Booth

Source: Pinterest

Photo frames and props are the new go-to decor ideas in wedding celebrations! You can opt for a floral photo frame or quirky printable ones and capture the perfect moment. These props make celebrations more interactive and add to the beautiful decor. 

Rangoli Ideas

Source: Pinterest

Rangolis are a must for any celebration, whether a festival or a wedding ceremony. Decorate your home with appealing designs in myriad shades and make a stunning impact. 

Fairy Lights and Drapes

Source: Pinterest

How simple yet beautiful does this low-cost Haldi decoration idea look? You can easily recreate this look at home for your intimate event with drapes and fairy lights. Additionally, set up the pots filled with marigold garlands and decorative umbrellas for a chic wedding vibe. 

Colourful Pots

Source: Pinterest

Earthen-coloured pots tie the Haldi decor together. Place them at the entrance or near the food stand, fill them with similar Marigold flowers, and have the garland spill out for the simple Haldi decoration at home.


Source: Pinterest

Dreamcatchers add a boho vibe to your decorations ideas for the Haldi ceremony. These vibrant and alluring decor elements hang from the ceiling with strings of marigolds to add to the celebratory spirit and make for a colourful addition to your Haldi event.  

Upside-down Flower Baskets

Source: Pinterest

Here's another DIY idea for Haldi decoration at home! Upside-down cane and wicker baskets are trending in the wedding decor game. Filled with marigolds and roses, they look quirky and beautiful and can magnify the beauty of celebrations.

Marry Gold Wishes!

While Indian rituals are the soul of the wedding ceremony, the heart lies in the decor. The Haldi rasam has the most scope of undisturbed fun and jazz, all you need is to create a perfect ambience. We hope these Haldi decoration ideas complement the aesthetics of your home and set the eclectic vibe. For more trendy home decor ideas, contact the experts at Interior Company. 

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    How can I add a photo booth to the Haldi decoration ceremony?

    Get your creative juices flowing, whip up some easy DIY photo booth ideas for your pre-wedding festivities, and cherish the memories. 

    1. Hanging floral frames

    2. A hidden messages chalkboard backdrop

    3. Ribbon background with drapes

    4. Glitter backdrop with fairy lights

    How do I decorate my home for the Haldi function?

    Here are five Haldi decoration at-home ideas to jazz up your wedding:

    1. Cascading floral curtains

    2. Fairy lights and drapes 

    3. Marigold canopy ideas

    4. Wooden screens with floral decorations

    5. Quirky welcome and sign boards

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