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46 Friendship Day Decoration Ideas to Celebrate the Eternal Bond of Friendship with Your Bestie

Published On: Jun 14, 2023

Friendship Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the special bond you share with your bestie than by throwing a fantastic friendship-themed party? To help you create an unforgettable celebration, we've gathered 44+ quirky and delightful friendship day decoration ideas that are sure to make your friend's heart skip a beat. Friendship Day 2024 will be celebrated on July 30th. So, let's dive in and get your creative juices flowing! 

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1) Ace Your Friendship Day Decoration with a Friendship Wall

Source: Pinterest

Create a wall with memorable photos and heartfelt messages showcasing your friendship journey. Use colourful strings and mini clothespins to attach the pictures and notes.

2) Come up with Something Fresh! Like a Friendship Garland

Source: Pinterest

Craft a garland using colourful paper cutouts of your favourite things, inside jokes, and memorable moments, and string them together for a playful and personalised touch. Needless to say, it is a great friendship day decoration idea. 

3) Friendship Lanterns are So So So Important 

Source: Pinterest

Decorate your space with DIY lanterns made from mason jars. Fill the jars with fairy lights and hang them around the room to create a magical ambience.

4) Friendship Day Decoration Idea: Go with a Friendship Balloon Arch

Source: Pinterest

Blow up balloons in vibrant colours, and arrange them in an arch shape to welcome your guests. You can also attach photos of you and your bestie to some of the balloons for an extra sentimental touch.

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5) Friendship Photo Booth: Make the Day Special With Some Fun 'n' Frolic 

Source: Pinterest

Ready for the best friendship day decoration idea ever? Set up a photo booth area with fun props and a backdrop that reflects your friendship. Encourage your friends to strike a pose and capture some unforgettable moments. 

6) Friendship Banners: What You Need to Make it Special

Source: Pinterest

Create custom banners with quirky quotes, inside jokes, and meaningful messages. Hang them across the walls or above the entrance to set a festive mood. It goes without saying it is one of the best friendship day decoration ideas for your tribe. 

7) Be More Colourful: Make Use of Friendship Wreath

Source: Pinterest

Design a unique wreath using paper flowers, ribbons, and colourful yarn. Hang it on the door to symbolise the warmth and love of your friendship.

8) A Happy Surprise: Friendship Confetti

Source: Pinterest

Cut out colourful confetti in the shapes of hearts, stars, and smiley faces. Scatter it on the table or create a confetti-filled surprise for your bestie.

9) Friendship Cupcake Toppers

Source: Pinterest

Decorate cupcakes with edible toppers featuring pictures of you and your friend. It’s a sweet way to showcase your bond and satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth.

10) Friendship Tablecloth: You'll Love It 

Source: Pinterest

Customise a plain tablecloth with fabric markers or paints. Draw doodles, write quotes, and incorporate elements that represent your friendship.

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11) Friendship Wall Art

Source: Pinterest

Create DIY artwork showcasing your friendship. Use canvases, paints, and your artistic skills to make something truly special.

12) Go With a Chalkboard

Source: Pinterest

Write cute messages or quotes on a large chalkboard and place it in a prominent spot. It can serve as a fun and interactive element for your guests.

13) Paper Lanterns

Source: Pinterest

Hang paper lanterns with colourful patterns and prints to add a whimsical touch to your party space.

14) Origami

Source: Pinterest

Fold origami shapes like hearts, birds, or flowers and use them as decorative accents throughout the venue.

15) Wall Hangings

Source: Pinterest

Create personalised wall hangings using embroidery hoops, fabric, and meaningful friendship quotes. Hang them on the walls to add a touch of warmth.

16) Fairy Lights

Source: Pinterest

String fairy lights in different colors and patterns across the room to create a cosy and magical atmosphere.

17) Friendship Drink Station

Source: Pinterest

Set up a drink station with custom labels featuring funny quotes or your friend’s name. Provide a variety of refreshing beverages to keep the party spirits high.

18) Friendship Themed Goodie Bags

Source: Pinterest

Prepare thoughtful goodie bags filled with small personalised gifts or treats for your friends to take home as a token of your appreciation.

19) Make Use of Friendship Centerpieces

Source: Pinterest

Create eye-catching centrepieces using mason jars filled with colourful flowers, photos, or meaningful trinkets that represent your friendship.

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20) Friendship Themed Chandelier

Source: Pinterest

Craft a unique chandelier using strings of beads, paper cutouts, or even colourful ribbons to hang above the party table for an enchanting touch.

21) Door Hanger

Source: Pinterest

Personalise a door hanger with your bestie’s name or a fun friendship quote. Hang it on the entrance door to welcome your guests.

22) Paper Fans

Source: Pinterest

Make decorative paper fans in vibrant colours and patterns. Hang them from the ceiling or use them as table decorations.

23) Balloon Ceiling

Source: Pinterest

Fill the ceiling with helium balloons tied with colourful ribbons. It’ll create a whimsical effect and bring an instant smile to everyone’s faces.

24) Hanging Mobile: A Brilliant Idea for Friendship Day Decoration 

Source: Pinterest

Assemble a hanging mobile using paper cutouts, origami figures, or small photo frames. Hang it in a corner where it can twirl gently with the breeze.

25) Friendship Table Runner: A Great Idea for Friendship Day Decoration 

Source: Pinterest

Design a custom table runner using fabric paints or markers. Add doodles, quotes, and symbols that represent your friendship.

26) Friendship Day Themed Candle Holders

Source: Pinterest

Decorate plain candle holders with friendship-themed stickers, glitter, or colourful ribbons. Light them up to create a cosy and intimate ambience.

27) Friendship Day Themed Memory Jar

Source: Pinterest

Place a large jar on the party table along with slips of paper and pens. Encourage guests to write down their favourite memories with their besties and drop them in the jar.

28) Friendship Day Decoration Idea: Wall Decals

Source: Pinterest

Stick removable wall decals featuring friendship quotes or fun illustrations on the party venue walls to add a touch of charm.

29) Friendship Themed Hanging Frames

Source: Pinterest

Hang empty frames with colourful ribbons from the ceiling or on the walls. Guests can strike poses within the frames for fun photo ops.

30) Friendship Day Decoration Idea: Ice Bucket

Source: Pinterest

Fill a bucket with ice and display drinks with customised friendship labels. It’s a practical and stylish addition to your party.

31) Decoration Idea for Friendship Day Party: Coasters

Source: Pinterest

Make personalised coasters by printing photos of memorable moments with your friend. Guests can use them during the party and take them home as keepsakes.

32) Friendship Pié±ata: Now That's Something Unique

Source: Pinterest

Create a pié±ata shaped like a heart, a favourite object, or even a caricature of your bestie. Fill it with treats, and let the fun-filled smashing begin!

33) Decoration Ideas for Friendship Day: Wall of Fame

Source: Pinterest

Design a wall display with polaroid photos of your bestie and friends. Add witty captions or superlatives to make it even more amusing.

34) Friendship Snack Bar

Source: Pinterest

Set up a snack bar with jars filled with delicious treats like popcorn, candies, and cookies. Use cute labels to name each treat after a memorable friendship moment.

35) Friendship Pom-Pom Garland

Source: Pinterest

Make fluffy pom-poms using colourful yarn and string them together to create a playful garland that you can hang across the walls or the party table.

36) Paper Cutouts for Friendship Day 

Source: Pinterest

Cut out paper shapes like hearts, stars, or speech bubbles, and write funny or heartfelt messages on them. Scatter them around the venue to add a personal touch.

37) Bunting

Source: Pinterest

Create a colourful bunting using fabric scraps or patterned paper. Hang it across the walls or above the party table for a festive touch.

38) Friendship Backdrop

Source: Pinterest

Design a personalised backdrop with a large photo collage of you and your bestie. It serves as a beautiful backdrop for photos and adds a sentimental touch to the party.

40) Luminaries

Source: Pinterest

Make luminaries using decorated mason jars and LED tea lights. Place them along the walkway or around the party area to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

41) Welcome Sign for Friendship Day 

Source: Pinterest

Craft a creative welcome sign with a witty or heartfelt message that greets your guests as they enter the party venue. It sets a positive and friendly tone for the celebration.

42) Friendship Themed Hanging Quotes

Source: Pinterest

Write inspirational friendship quotes on colourful paper strips and hang them using string or ribbon from the ceiling. It adds a touch of wisdom and positivity to the party space.

43) Friendship Themed Tableware

Source: Pinterest

Use friendship-themed plates, cups, and napkins with cute illustrations or quotes. It adds a cohesive and playful element to your table setting.

44) Fresh Flower Arrangements

Source: Pinterest

Arrange fresh flowers in vases or jars and add friendship-themed trinkets like small friendship bracelets or charms. It’s a delightful centrepiece idea that symbolizes the beauty of your bond.

45) Go Colourful with Ribbon Curtains

Source: Pinterest

String colourful ribbons vertically from a horizontal rod or beam to create a curtain-like effect. It adds movement and liveliness to the party space.

46) Friendship Day Decoration Idea: Thought Bubbles

Source: Pinterest

Create thought bubbles using cardboard or foam board and write funny or sentimental friendship-related phrases. Place them strategically around the party area for a whimsical touch.

Wrapping Up 

With these 35+ decoration ideas for a friendship party, you’re ready to celebrate your bond with your bestie in the most extraordinary way. From personalised photo displays to whimsical hanging decorations, each idea adds a touch of love, laughter, and nostalgia to your friendship day celebration. Let your creativity shine and create an atmosphere reflecting the unique connection you share with your best friend. Remember, the thought and effort counts, so have fun and make memories that will last a lifetime. Friendship Day is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the cherished bond you share with your bestie. 


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    When is Friendship Day celebrated?

    Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August in most countries, including India and the United States. However, different countries may have varying dates for this special day.

    Can I celebrate Friendship Day with a small gathering?

    Absolutely! Friendship Day celebrations can range from intimate gatherings with a few close friends to larger parties. The important thing is to celebrate the bond you share with your best friend, no matter the size of the gathering.

    Are these decoration ideas suitable for both indoor and outdoor parties?

    Most of these decoration ideas can be adapted for indoor and outdoor parties. Just make sure to consider the weather conditions and choose appropriate decorations for the setting.

    How can I incorporate a friendship theme into the food and drinks at the party?

    You can customise food and drinks by using friendship-themed labels, creating signature drinks with names that reflect your friendship, or even shaping cookies or cupcakes into friendship symbols or initials.

    Are these decoration ideas suitable for all age groups?

    Yes, people of all age groups can enjoy these decoration ideas. Whether you’re throwing a party for kids, teenagers, or adults, there are plenty of creative and fun options to choose from.

    Can I combine multiple decoration ideas together?

    Absolutely! Feel free to mix and match different decoration ideas to create a unique and personalised celebration. Let your imagination run wild and create a party atmosphere that truly represents your friendship.

    How can I involve my guests in the decoration process?

    You can involve your guests by organising DIY decoration stations where they can create their own friendship-themed crafts or by encouraging them to bring their own personalised decorations to add to the party ambience.

    How can I make the party more interactive and memorable?

    In addition to decorations, you can plan fun activities like friendship-themed games, a “friendship memories” photo booth, or even a storytelling session where guests can share funny or heartwarming moments they’ve experienced with the guest of honour.

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