TransformYour Bungalow with These Innovative Design Ideas

Published On: Jul 10, 2024

Are you ready to turn your bungalow into a style statement that will leave your visitors in awe? This blog guides you to the latest and most innovative bungalow design ideas. Whether you're looking to redecorate or reconstruct, we've got you covered with a wide spectrum of ideas.

A stylish and modern bungalow can be your ultimate source of comfort, aesthetics and sophistication. You can transform your bungalow by adding a personal touch and incorporating modern elements and features. Read on to know more!

Latest Bungalow Designs

These are some of the latest and most stylish design ideas for your bungalow:-

Chicago-Style Bungalow Design

Chicago-Style Bungalow Design

A Chicago-style bungalow is elegant, especially when nestled in a mountain range. These bungalows feature a brick facade design on the exterior walls and a grand staircase leading up to the porch. With an attic or a spacious basement, these kinds of bungalows offer ample room for your design aspirations. Enhance the aesthetics with a unique roof design and vintage-style lanterns at the entrance.

Haveli-Style Bungalow Design

Haveli-Style Royal Bungalow House Design

A haveli-style bungalow gives a sense of Indian touch. It has ample natural sunlight and ventilation, perfect for family gatherings and intimate parties. Add vintage chandeliers and intricately designed pillars if you want your bungalow to have a royal vibe. You can also add an aesthetic garden area to this haveli bungalow.

Mid-Century Style Bungalow Design

Mid-Century Style Bungalow House Design

Mid-century-style bungalows are quite visually appealing and comfortable to live in. They give a cosy vibe, which is why most people prefer this style of bungalows and houses. They are smaller in comparison to other bungalow styles. They mostly have symmetrical rooftops and minimalistic patterns. However, a mid-century bungalow has wide windows that help with proper ventilation and air circulation.

Modern-Style Bungalow Design

Modern-Style Bungalow House Design

A modern-style bungalow includes modern and minimalistic designs and colours. In a modern-style bungalow, a major element that plays a significant role is the glass designs for windows, doors and balconies. You can opt for minimalistic colour combinations like black and white, brown and white or grey and white. Modern bungalows are built to be eco-friendly and sustainable compared to other bungalow types.

Modern-Scandinavian Bungalow Design

Modern-Scandinavian Bungalow Design

A Scandinavian-style modern bungalow is a style statement. It features modern and minimalistic colour tones and designs, like straight and sharp-lined rooftops and large glass-framed windows. These give the bungalow a sleek and elegant appearance. The stone pathways and the surrounding greenery provide a peaceful and calm atmosphere. A beautiful and modern entrance can give the bungalow a wholesome look.

Georgian-Inspired Bungalow Design

Georgian-Inspired Bungalow Design

A Georgian-inspired Bungalow will be the perfect choice because it has great aesthetic significance. In the image above, we have demonstrated a Georgian-inspired bungalow where we can see a small porch and white pillars present at the entrance. This gives a classic and elegant vibe to the bungalow. These designs generally include small windows and a stonework pathway, giving the bungalow a royal and aesthetic overall appearance.

Spanish-Style Bungalow Design

Spanish-Style Bungalow Design

A Spanish-style bungalow is inspired by colonial times. Its architecture represents old Spanish structures and buildings. It generally features a front porch with seating arrangements facing towards the garden. They are simple and minimalistic in appearance and include non-complicated mechanisms. The brown rooftop arches and simplistic design make this bungalow design unique and different from others.

Farmhouse-Style Bungalow Design

Farmhouse-Style Bungalow Home Design

A farmhouse bungalow design is one of the most common and is the preference of many people. Generally, farmhouses give a rustic look with sloped rooftops and vintage windows. Farmhouses also come with a backyard where there is a seating arrangement. In the above image, we can also spot a swimming pool incorporated into the farmhouse, which makes it a perfect weekend getaway location for you and your loved ones.

Arabic-Inspired Bungalow Design

Arabic-Inspired Bungalow Design

Arabic-inspired Bungalows are designed in an Islamic architectural style. They include intricate jaali work, and the entrance doors are tall and made of wood. These features give a sense of modernity and create an aesthetically pleasing bungalow. The image above shows intricate Arabic-style work on the front arches, making it a unique choice.

Modern-Minimalistic Bungalow Design

Modern-Minimalistic Bungalow House Design

This is a modern, minimalistic bungalow design. Modern bungalows of this kind generally use a grey-and-white colour scheme. In the image above, large windows and a flat roof emphasise the simple shapes and clean lines. The house depicts elegant landscaping, and natural materials highlight its subtle and modern architectural elements.

Brick-Themed Bungalow Design

Simple Brick-Themed Bungalow Design

A brick-themed bungalow design is right if you admire something earthy and minimal. They provide an earthy look and an airy and open vibe to the bungalow. On the other hand, you can build a swimming pool according to the available space and your design idea. In this particular image, an L-shaped pool looks perfect, along with some outdoor seating. The pool adds a modern aesthetic to the bricked Bungalow.

Mediterranean-Themed Bungalow Design

Mediterranean-Themed Bungalow Style House Design

A Mediterranean-style bungalow has open courtyards and a verandah that provides an open structure. It has terracotta roof tiles and charming arches. The image demonstrates a serene pool area, the ideal outdoor gateway framed by dense greenery and a stone terrace. Warm lighting and traditional architectural details create a sophisticated yet comfortable atmosphere, making it perfect for entertaining and relaxing. This is a one-storey design, so the windows are wide and tall, giving the bungalow an elegant and classy overall appearance.

Modern L-Shaped Bungalow Design

Modern L-Shaped Bungalow Design

This L-shaped bungalow design is a modern and elegant statement for your home. The outdoor space can be utilised in many ways that suit your desires. A dining area or car parking are two suggestions for using the empty space. It has a clean, modern design with large glass walls connecting the interior and outdoor areas. The large wooden terrace offers the ideal space for fun and relaxation, while the sleek lines and flat roof give the design a modern feel. Its open layout and warm lighting add to the stylish and welcoming ambience.

Duplex Bungalow Design

Duplex Bungalow Design

This duplex bungalow has a modern, elegant design with straight, sharp lines and large windows. The outside features include a blend of textures with wood and stone components, creating a stylish look. The duplex bungalow also includes large balconies and lights all over the house, giving it a luxurious touch. Adding some plants and trees surrounding the bungalow enhances its visual appeal.

One-Storey Small Bungalow Design

One-Storey Small Bungalow Design

This one-storey small bungalow is perfect if you are looking for something simple and peaceful. Every component of the house is incorporated into a single floor, which is convenient for people who can't use the staircase regularly. To complete the house’s look, you can add small plants and accessories to make the entrance appear more aesthetic and green.

Two-Storey Small Bungalow Design

Two-Storey Small Bungalow House Design

This two-story small bungalow has a contemporary layout that makes the most of natural light owing to its wide, floor-to-ceiling windows. The large balcony with lush greenery on the upper floor enhances the home’s appeal. The image shows a trendy, cosy, welcoming living area that combines modern and natural materials and sleek, clean lines.

Small Duplex Bungalow Design

Small Duplex Bungalow Design

This small duplex bungalow is a unique and modern transformation of a traditional-style bungalow. This modern design features components made of stone and wood accents, which create a warm and gentle environment for the house. A large balcony with glass railings on the second floor is ideal for relaxing outside. The well-kept lawn, a covered carport, and large windows all contribute to the attractiveness of this elegant yet efficient bungalow.

Small Contemporary Bungalow Design

Small Contemporary Bungalow Type House Design

With its clean, minimalist design and floor-to-ceiling glass walls that seamlessly connect it to the beautiful outdoor surroundings, this small contemporary bungalow radiates style. Its sleek exterior, cosy indoor lighting, and flat roof add to its contemporary style. This elegant retreat’s peaceful and welcoming ambience is further enhanced with a wooden terrace and a well-designed garden area.

Uneven Roof Small Bungalow Design

Uneven Roof Small Bungalow Design

An uneven roof is a unique design. It gives the bungalow a modern and elegant touch and makes the exterior look attractive. This small, modern bungalow design with glass frames is the perfect choice if your property is near the beach. Choosing the right colour combination and proper design is essential before building a bungalow.

The right colour combination is essential when constructing a house. This is because colours are present not only in the house’s interiors but also in its exteriors. When guests or family visit, the house’s colour scheme plays a major role in creating the desired impression.

Some of the trending colour combinations are:

Orange Roof and Peachy Walls: Inspired by colonial times, an orange rooftop and peachy walls epitomise elegance and positivity in your house. They make a great combination after adding a hint of wooden work to the house's exteriors.

White and Blue: If you love neutral colours and wish to explore a variety of new colours for your bungalow, white and blue are a great combination.

White and Beige: Beige provides a warm tone to a house’s exterior. White and beige both soothe the eyes and create a peaceful atmosphere. This combination also provides a modern tone to the house.

Pastel Pink and White: This colour combination gives the house a vintage yet modern feel. Pastel, pink, and white are visually appealing colour combinations that will catch your guests’ attention.

Grey and White: People prefer the simple colour combination of grey and white. This is because grey and white depict elegance and simplicity simultaneously.


These are some of the highlights you must know about bungalow designs. These will guide and help you choose a design that will suit your bungalow. However, you can incorporate elements according to your tastes, preferences, and comfort. There are several options to consider, whether you want the intricate details of a Mediterranean-inspired home, the modern minimalist design’s clean lines, or the inviting appeal of a traditional cottage. Create a calm and welcoming place that expresses your unique style by using natural components, making the most of natural light, and emphasising open, airy spaces. Utilise bungalow designs’ flexibility and classic charm to make your house a relaxing haven.

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    What is better- A bungalow or a flat?

    If you require space and privacy, a bungalow is perfect as it ensures complete privacy. Flats generally don’t provide much privacy.

    How many rooms should my bungalow have?

    A bungalow must have rooms that meet your requirements. However, the number can range from 2 to 5, including a living room, dining and other spaces.

    What is the ideal size of a bungalow?

    The ideal size of a bungalow depends on the number of people living there. Generally, the ideal size can range from 1,500 to 2,500 square feet, which provides enough space for 2-4 bedrooms and other amenities.

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