A Detailed West Facing House Vastu Plan and Tips for Pooja, Kitchen, and Other Rooms

Published On: Jan 13, 2023

A home should be a safe haven, a place to wind down from the business of everyday life. But how do you design a peaceful home that radiates positive energy?

Vastu planning your home might provide the answer. Vastu is the traditional Indian system of architecture planning that mixes science with ancient knowledge and experience to dictate the design, layout and even measurement of interior spaces. And if you're looking for specifics, we have a detailed plan for designing a west-facing house as per Vastu. Read on

The Significance of a West-Facing House as per Vastu

Before we provide you with a detailed guide for a west-face house plan as per Vastu, you need to understand the significance of the West direction for homes.

A west-facing flat in Vastu is not the most obvious choice, and people often consider the west direction in Vastu unlucky. While the sun rises in the East, it sets in the West, which makes many people think that a west-facing house is inherently inauspicious. West-facing houses also get more heat during the day and are consequently harder and more expensive to cool down.

However, you can easily ensure Vastu compliance by tweaking the west-facing house plan as per Vastu. 

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Structure of a West-Facing House Vastu Plan

It is important to get the structure right when designing your home, according to Vastu. This is true whether you are creating a west-facing house Vastu plan or east facing house Vastu plan.

Vastu prescribes specific auspicious orientations for different rooms in the house. In fact, it even prescribes appropriate colours for certain orientations. For example, Vastu, for the west-facing house’s main door, prescribes white, yellow and beige to be the most appropriate colours.

For a complete breakdown of the plans for different rooms in a West-facing Vastu-compliant home, read ahead.

We also have a specific west-facing 3BHK house Vastu plan, a west-facing 2 BHKhouse plan and a 1 BHK house plan with Vastu west-facing detailed below.

1. West-Facing 3 BHK House Vastu Plan

Image Source: Pinterest

The above photo illustrates a 4320 square feet Vastu-compliant plan for a 3 BHK West-facing house. In this plan, the kitchen is located in the Southeast, with a master bedroom in the Southwest direction and a dining area in the East. The external staircase of this house is located in the Southwest, and there is car parking in the Northwest.

Like the look of this design but want some tweaks? Contact Interior Company to book a consultation with one of our expert designers for a 3D rendering tailor-made just for your space.

2. West-Facing 2 BHK House Plan

Image Source: Pinterest

This is the plan for a 2 BHK west-facing Vastu-compliant house. The master bedroom in this house is located in the Southwest, the kitchen in the Southeast and the external staircase in the Southwest direction. There is also a children’s bedroom in the Northeast.

3. West-Facing 1 BHK House Plan 

Image Source: Pinterest

The above picture demonstrates the plan for a 1 BHK, west-facing, Vastu-compliant house. Like the homes above, the kitchen in this house is located in the Southeast, with a hall in the Northwest, a bedroom in the Southwest, and a bathroom in the Northwest.

Room-Wise West-Facing Apartment Vastu

1. Pooja Room Vastu for a West-Facing House

Image Source: Pinterest

When orienting the pooja room in a West-facing house, the orientation of the idols matters just as much as the room’s orientation. The pooja room Vastu for west facing house dictates the West to be the best direction for placing the pooja room, followed by the Northeast and East. In all these cases, the idols or photos of idols should face the East.

2. Kitchen Vastu for a West-Facing House

Image Source: Pinterest

Vastu plays an important role in the orientation of the kitchen. The Vastu rules for kitchens in west-facing houses, in particular, dictate that the kitchen be located in the southeast direction and, as an alternative, the second option in the northwest direction. In terms of colour, yellow, silver, and white are the auspicious colours for west-facing kitchens, according to Vastu rules.

Do you want to get your kitchen designed as a Vastu-compliant space but don’t know where to start? At Interior Company, our expert designers can help create a  modular kitchen design perfect for your space. Contact today to get started!

3. Bathroom Vastu for a West-Facing House

Image Source: Pinterest

A bathroom might seem like an odd area to apply Vastu principles on. But some simple scientific benefits to the location of bathrooms and toilets make sense for Vastu.

An example of this is the location of the bathroom window, which, according to Vastu, must face the east direction to bring in light and dispel odour.

In particular, the toilet Vastu for a west-facing house dictates that it should be located in the southeast or northwest direction. In contrast, the bathroom Vastu for a west-facing house dictates a northwest direction. A toilet should also never be located near the prayer room.

4. Staircase as per Vastu for a West-Facing House

Image Source: Pinterest

The rules for a staircase in Vastu are as important as the placement of doors. This is because staircases control the movement of the residents. A few general Vastu rules apply to all homes irrespective of where they face.

The consensus in Vastu is that staircases should be located in the West or South of the home. In addition, the staircase should run in a clockwise direction. An additional rule for staircase Vastu for west-facing houses is that external staircases should be located in the southwest. 

5. West-Facing Main Door Vastu

The placement of the west-facing main door in Vastu is an important element in reducing the inauspiciousness of West-facing homes. It dictates that the doors should lean towards the northwest or centre of the home. 

6. West-Facing House Colour as per Vastu

You may have by now realised the importance of room direction in Vastu. But what about colour? Does that play any role in Vastu? And the answer is yes.

In fact, the most appropriate colour for rooms changes in Vastu based on the direction. For instance, the best west-facing house colour, as per Vastu, is either white or yellow.

West-Facing House Vastu Benefits

Contrary to popular belief, there are many west-facing house Vastu benefits. Some of the key benefits are listed below.

  • The biggest benefit of a West-facing house is that it gets sunlight late into the day. If you’re somebody whose mood is affected by the amount of light in a home, a West-facing house will add much-needed energy to the space. 
  • The orientation of West-facing homes is said to be particularly beneficial for people in high-profile or intellectual fields like business, politics and teaching. This is perhaps connected to the light and radiance that West-facing homes experience through darker parts of the day.
  • West-facing homes are also said to be popular with social and extroverted people or people who want to add more sociability into their lives. The light and energy of West-facing homes attract guests.

Now that you have the answer to whether the west-facing house Vastu is good or bad let’s focus on creating a Vastu-compliant space. Keep in mind that understanding how to create a West face house plan as per Vastu is not enough. A trained designer can ensure your plan is perfectly compliant and all rooms follow your design dictum. Get in touch with professional home interior designers at Interior Company.

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    What is the best direction for bedroom placement in Vastu?

    According to Vastu, the perfect placement for a bedroom is in the Southwest of the House.

    In which direction should a water feature be added, as per Vastu?

    According to Vastu, a water fountain or other water-related interior features should be added in the North direction of your home.

    What is the best direction for garden placement, as per Vastu?

    The best direction for garden placement according to Vastu is the east or north. However, large trees should not be placed in this direction. 

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