Different Types of Window Blinds to Explore

Published On: Dec 13, 2022

Paying heed to the eyes of any house is really important, eyes of the house!? Yes, the windows play a similar role to our eyes like letting in light, and a space for you to peep out of course. Is covering these window frames with glass and panels enough? We need something that not only makes your windows look beautiful but also promotes privacy. 

This blog will walk you through several types of blinds till you find the most suitable one for your house. So look out; just like you look out your window!

Why Is There a Need To Have Window Blinds at Home? 

There are myriad types of blinds that are available in the market to choose from but the challenge comes in only when you have to choose the one that suits your requirements perfectly. When the question of privacy arises, the only answer is to choose window blinds as they give you the luxury to control them as per your preference. 

  • Light Control– As compared with curtains, blinds give you total control of how much light you want to allow in your home. Blinds can either be partially open or closed entirely. 
  • Protection from UV light- We wear sunscreen when we plan on stepping out of the house or even use some to protect the face when working under blue light to protect ourselves from any type of UV rays. Then why don't we think on similar lines when it comes to protecting the windows and banishing the entry of UV rays into the house? This is where *Blinds have entered the chat*

The rays that enter the house even from the slightest space during the peak hours are damaging in all ways. Installing different types of blinds help block the rays that help protect you and the house. So, this is a reminder to apply sunscreen both on your face and the windows. 

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Advantages of Installing Window Blinds

  • Blinds offer complete or partial light control and UV protection depending on the choice of material
  • Blinds are a one-time investment and don't need to be changed repeatedly. 
  • Blinds are also affordable
  • Easier to clean and dust
  • Blinds are more sanitary as compared to other solutions as it doesn’t allow the settling of dust mites and pollutants that cause allergies 
  • Suits both small and large sized rooms
  • Less dramatic and overwhelming
  • Give a more sophisticated look to the room
  • Require less space and is ideal for petite spaces
  • Can be mechanical or electronic for enhanced convenience 

Disadvantages of Installing Window Blinds

  • Require often cleaning and dusting
  • Do not work well in trapping head inside the room, especially during winters 
  • The cords attached to the blinds can be a choking hazard for kids 
  • Slats on blinds can be easily damaged and destroyed over time

1. Rustic Wooden Blinds

Source: Pinterest

Wooden blinds are an agile and appealing option to enhance your windows with, they are also known as Venetian blinds. 

People opt for window blinds because of their durability, functionality and everlasting wooden beauty. 

Wood is also a sustainable option among different types of blinds. It also gives its owners filtered and total light control. Using wooden blinds altogether will bring down any negative impact whilst making it an environmentally sound option to choose for your home. 

2. Faux Wood Blinds

Source: Pinterest

The only drawback with wooden blinds is that they can warp and crack over a period of time when exposed to high humidity and moisture. This is why the option of installing faux wood blinds is considered. This option is primarily suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and patios when the owners want to match a wooden appeal throughout the house but also want to make a smart and long-lasting choice. 

Imitation wood is warp free and it is also resistant to water and any type of stains. Faux wood blind types are as stylish and as functional as any other type. 

3. Wooden Weave Blinds

Source: Pinterest

Another wooden blind? We simply love them, don’t we? This is such a versatile choice of blinds as they bring calmness and softness to the room. While planning a bohemian-themed home, this can be an ideal pick.  These wooden weave blind types are created using bamboo and natural wood fibres. Couldn’t be more perfect, being slightly translucent, calming colour, sleek material and very easy to install. Natural wooden weave blind types are actually cheaper as compared to bamboo and wood slat blinds. They are much suitable and perfect for minimalist, bohemian and coastal-style homes. 

4. Straight Blinds

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Also known as vertical blinds, these are one of the most popular choices that are ideal for use in any space. Adding to the appeal of these blinds is their functionality. The long slats can be found in either thick or thin blades as you might prefer. The positioning and the movement of blades give the owner full control of making the room light filtering, blackout or light saturation. These blinds are a paramount feature for either home or an office. 

5. Roll-up Blinds 

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Roller shades are a very common and popular choice of blinds which are used globally. 

Their simplicity and availability of options make it an ideal choice. These blind types give added leeway to the designer to play around with themes and colours adding this minimal element for the windows that will tie the interior together. 

They also come in heat and moisture-resistant materials, providing privacy and light control. 

Roller blinds are generally used in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. 

6. Automated Blinds

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In this techno day and age, we desire electronic functionality – something that pulls the blinds up and down. And what better than getting these blinds to that themselves?

This blind type will help you in enjoying the light from outside during the day as well as shade when you want to have a comfortable time with the click of a button.  

7. Illusion Blinds

Source: Pinterest

These unique blind types are specially curated with a combination of sheer and opaque materials that allows daylight to enter the room keeping in mind to retain the view outside. These well-made illusion blinds are a showstopper. 

These types of blinds provide the owners with privacy as well as style in their homes no matter where they are installed. It would look beautiful in front of your patio door just to provide you with enough privacy.

8. Metal Venetian Blinds

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Blinds come in various types, colours and materials. 

They are not limited to wood or fabric but can be made out of metal as well. Metal Venetian blinds are one of a kind, made out of high-quality aluminium that is resistant towards water, light, heat, moisture or any abrasion. 

Slats can be positioned precisely to allow the perfect balance between privacy and light.

9. Day and Night Blinds

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These blinds are also comprehended as Zebra Blinds and it’s easy to understand why…

This type of blind provides flexibility and functionality to your home making it easy towards drawing the strings to make the ideal setting for either day or night. Day and Night blinds offer a unique altering feature to allow partial light or block it completely.  The slats play a decent role in partially filtering the light for the room. 

The best rooms to use day and night blind types are the living room, dining room and study room. 

10. Roman Blinds

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Roman blinds are one of th3 most commonly used blinds in the whole world, because of their variety and material as well as mechanism they are a sleek choice for your home. 

This is a great alternative for curtains and brings a sense of sophistication to your home. 

Roman blinds are available in a myriad of colours, patterns, finishes and materials. They also benefit in minimising the impact on the environment and they are ideal for use in the dining room, living room as well as bedrooms. Additionally, the design of Roman Blinds allows for options such as insulation and blackout linings to give you comfort.

Are Blinds and Shades the same thing? 

As a designer, it is common to hear a question like “What is the difference between shades and blinds? Aren’t they the same thing?”. The answer is No! They are not the same although hold minute differences.  

As windows and blinds are both essentially a type of covering, they hold their differences too. Blinds are hard window coverings made out of various materials whereas, shades are soft window coverings mainly consisting of fabric.  

Before We Draw the Blinds'¦ 

Well, it isn’t easy to set up a home, and it is even more difficult to choose the items you want to settle with. As much as it might be difficult to choose the ideal blinds from several beautiful designs and materials, it is important to keep in mind that the ones you choose help add character and personality to your home. With all this said, we hope this piece came in handy for your search. 


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    What is better blinds or curtains?

    This is decided based on the size of the room. Blinds are ideal because they help save a lot of space.

    What are the best types of blinds for your home?

    The best types of blinds found in the market are roller blinds because of their versatility and available choices.

    What blinds provide the utmost privacy?

    If your main concern is privacy then opting for blackout blinds will be a smart decision. These types of blinds block the most amount of light.

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