Different Types of Cement Used in India

Published On: Mar 3, 2023

About to build your dream home? Searching for the best quality bonding materials for your abode? Don’t feel jammed, because we have got your back! 

Looking through myriad types of cement that are not just strong but have the capability of holding it together, can be a tedious task. Cement is the most essential item for the building and is mostly used for plaster, mortar, and concrete amongst other uses. The strength of cement is measured through grades that act as primary indicators of compressive potency. Its measurement is done in terms of Mega-Pascal (mpa) after 28 days of setting. It is getting too technical here, let us keep you a breeze.

 To save you the hassle, we have gathered different types of cement in this blog for you to choose the most promising one! 

Types of Cement 

Quality is one of the most essential components when it comes to the best types of cement.  The difference lies in its material composition, properties and application. The material that will be used in the construction of a home depends on what kind of structure is being developed, whether is it for residential or commercial durability. 

Refer to the list below and learn more about the various types of cement available in the market. 

1. OPC'Ordinary Portland Cement 

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According to the availability in the Indian market, this type of cement comes in three distinct grades: Grade 33 (IS:269), Grade 43 (IS:8112) and Grade 53 (IS:12269). 

  • Class 33 utilises the M20 grade concrete which is known to be used for plastering. 
  • Grade 43 is used for precast, plaster and flooring, using M30 concrete. 
  • Class 53 applies a higher class of concrete and is used especially in the construction of roads, bridges and skyscrapers among others. 

2. Portland Slag Cement

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Portland slag is preferred over regular Portland cement because it does not crack when disclosed to harsh environments such as sewage treatment and marine applications. This type of cement has long-lasting and is ideal for high-rise buildings, roads and bridges. Its properties work perfectly with Portland cement to increase strength, thereby decreasing permeability and improving resistance to various chemical reactions such as chloride and sulphate attack and simple corrosion. Unlike other types of cement, this one is only available in specific markets and acquires the Indian Standard Code 455. 

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3. Portland Pozzolana Cement

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Portland pozzolan is known for its fineness, high impermeability, and outstanding attrition resistance that makes concrete impervious and structures durable. Due to its long-term strength, this type of cement is used instead of regular Portland cement in adverse soil conditions. It is therefore used in the construction of offshore structures, mass concrete structures such as bridge foundations in aggressive conditions, hydraulic structures such as dams and retaining walls, and even simple masonry mortar and plaster work. Portland pozzolanic type of cement is also readily available on the market. 

4. White Cement

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Coloured cement is more pricey than regular Portland cement, but it has its advantages and uses. It is made from raw materials such as iron oxide and manganese oxide. Terrazzo is widely used in decorative concrete products such as indoor and outdoor architectural aesthetic enhancements such as tiles, idols and non-structural objects, floor coverings and special effects. As its name indicates, it is white in colour, and its chemical composition and material properties meet the specifications of ordinary Portland cement. Coloured cement receives Indian standard code 8042.

5. Sulphate Resisting Cement 

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Sulfate resisting cement is used in the construction of wells, bridges and structures that are generally in connection with groundwater, soil, seacoast or seawater. This type of cement is also used in spots to replace Ordinary Portland cement. 

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6. Low Heat Portland Cement 

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This type of cement is used, among other things, in structures prepared to retain water, such as B. Dams, abutments, enclosing walls, slabs and piers. We use cement that will not crack or shrink. Its codename is IS:12600.

7. Rapid Hardening Cement 

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As the name suggests, this type of cement takes less time to set in comparison to others and it also formulates strength prematurely. Generally, rapid hardening cement is used for repair work and to speed up the construction process. 

Types of Cement Used in India 

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The most common choice of cement used in India is OPC or Ordinary Portland Cement. All three grader types of cement are popularly used in India for construction. The use of different types of cement also depends on the type of structure being constructed. 

Cement Your Thoughts

We understand that you are not just constructing a house, you are building a dream! Perfect exemplars of your dreams will come with the right choice amongst several types of cement. To find the most suitable and strong types of cement, get in touch with the talented builders and designers of the Interior Company and let us assist you to create your dream home.  


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    What are the four types of cement?

    The most famous types of cement are: Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) 

    Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) Rapid Hardening Cement and Extra Rapid Hardening Cement.

    Which one is better Type1 or Type1P?

    Type 1P concrete has better performance in both curing periods than Type 1 concrete but their difference is not significant. Having comparable or even better chloride resistance than Type 1 cement, the use of Type 1P cement is more economical due to its lower price.

    Which is the number one cement brand in India?

    As per reports, Ultra Tech Cement is the No. 1 brand in India.