Mute Colours Speaks The Most For Your House

Updated On: Jul 12, 2024

Pastel accents have their own voice tone and mood, they are not just mere aesthetics but they possess the power to transcend someone’s mind completely with their playful yet soothing vibe. This is the reason why, between this ebb and flow of interior design trends, pastels have remained somewhere in the system. Let it be on tiles, furniture, wall paints, or even bedsheets. But in the paradigm of contemporary times, while pastel palettes were shredded over, they have come together to make another genre of interior decor style- Pastel palette design.

Pastel shades take a playful and vibrant approach to achieving architectural subtlety. Their understated colours, which are vibrant but mute, provide a somewhat neutral tone to your overall decor.

What Are Pastel Colours?

Pastel colours are just less saturated than other primary colours. This means you can add white to a vibrant red colour and get blush pink, which depends on the ratio of the mixture. Nowadays done mostly through technology by desaturating a colour and adding a softness to it, pastel colour palettes are everywhere.

So we are going to discuss some trending pastel colour palettes which could be a timeless choice for your living room, bedroom, dining area, dressing room or anywhere else in the house!

Mint Green And Grey Palette- For Your Living Room

Mint Green and Grey Pastel Color Palette for Living Room

Mint as a word has a vibe to its sound, well similarly, the green mint colour in this palette shares a fresh aromatic feel with grey's unbinding sophistication. As mint green is a vibrant shade, use it to cover large smooth areas like the backdrop a wall and decorate the furniture and other decor items with grey, use shapes in grey colour, use carpet of a mixture of different shades of grey. Give textures with a mix of grey and green mint, keeping grey the dominant colour to maintain the balance in the overall environment of your living room.

You can also use pints of different colours, like black, to add depth and dynamicity to the place.

Pastel Grey Colour Sofa with Mint Green Colour Cushions

Furniture- A variety of furniture could be placed to provide texture and depth to the room while complementing the colour scheme- a linen sofa of pastel grey colour with cushions of mint green colour or different hues of the same colour. Going a bit away from the scheme, you can also add a black glass table, which will reflect the beautiful sunlight while toning it down, spreading an accent all over the room.

Pastel-coloured Planters

Decor Items- Use pastel-coloured planters of different curved shapes to maintain the geometric balance of the decor.

Pastel Grey And Blush Pink- For Dressing Areas

Soft Grey And Blush Pink Pastel Shades for Dressing Areas

Blush pink and pastel grey look like they were made for each other. The undertoned similarity between the feel of both the colours and the great cheerfulness with subtlety you need for a dressing room. They don't look too preachy or edgy, nor do they pop in your eyes like a splash of colours; they are just admirable. You can use MICA for the furniture, as shown in the image, or you can use pure wood and cover the walls with either paint or wallpaper.

Furniture- You can use wooden dressing tables of pastel grey colour, complemented with blush pink, with a wooden footstool with pastel-coloured cushions placed beside it.

Ceramic Pastel Color Shade Crates with Hinged Doors and Open Cabinets

Decor Items- Considering the dressing room is a place of functionality, you can add some beautiful and efficient storage solutions like ceramic pastel crates, which come with hinged doors and open cabinets and in many various designs. You can buy different hues of blush pink and pastel grey and block them so that they are visually balanced.

Warm White and Beige Palette

Warm White and Beige Pastel Color Combination

White and beige are perfect colours for a calm, rustic living room design. Both colours have different qualities. Warm white provides harmony and cleanness to the place while beige creates a soothing and earthly effect. Both of them, when used together create a space to really relax and chill with your family.

You can use beige as a decorative colour while using white and cream or other hues of the same colour as a dominant backdrop. Beige furniture looks like it has been gifted by nature for the well-being of humans.

Wavy White Pastel Shade Wood Tables with Brown Wooden Legs

Furniture- Use wavy woody tables of white colour with brown wooden legs to maintain the colour balance. The wavy design adds a pinch of playfulness to the furniture.

Textured Hanging Light

Decor- Textured hanging light fixtures will fill any void if you feel like some. Plus, the warm lighting they fill the room with gives a very soothing effect. The shadows these lights paint the room with give depth to the place and make it look way more spacious and sophisticated.

Multi-Coloured Dining Area

Multi-Pastel Coloured Shade Dining Area

The trick here is that you keep the whole dining area simple and with white or grey colours, with a ceramic or marble-based white dining table. The play comes with multi-pastel coloured chairs with which you surround it. These chairs need to stand out, creating an illusion that the whole room is multi-coloured. This impression doesn't make the room too eye-jarring and does not make it boring for longer. Meanwhile, the colourplay between these pastel shades is vibrant and cheerful.

Decor- For these dining areas, you would mostly like to use different-coloured ceramic cutlery, which does not oblige you to add more decor items while providing full functionality.

It has minimal decor, but if you want better, multi-coloured planters near the windows, and unmatched light fixtures.

Dusty Blue And Beige Coloured Bedroom

Dusty Blue and Beige Pastel Color Palette for Bedroom

Use dusty blue as the backdrop with beige-coloured furniture, and add more blue hues with a more vibrant colour pinch. This is your recipe for perfect, calming, yet happening bedroom decor. This is one of the best options for a pastel palette-themed bedroom.

Furniture'Keep it simple; don't overcomplicate the design of the bed or the side tables. Furniture with smooth textures works best with these types of rooms. You can also use other subtle colours like cream or grey.

Also, if you have wooden flooring, then this room design will hit the heights of fashion.

Decor'Paintings matching the colours framed in well-polished wooden frames, lighting fixtures of darker shades, and pastel night bulbs or lamps would work well. We suggest not using intricate designs on walls, using simple shapes or lines or panels, but keeping it clean. The colours are enough to beautify your sweet sleep.

Vibrance of Simplicity

So, you've seen how one can embrace their place with the vibrant simplicity of these pastel colour palettes. These understated tones are statement art pieces that speak about your personality in colours without overwhelming the place. Thanks to social media, which has instigated this idea of putting yourself out boldly, this long-gone, audacious architectural style has found its way into the trend of the times. So be ready to design your house with an aesthetic style that is so timeless that it becomes vintage in itself in some years and so trendy that your peers would come with photographers for their social media on your housewarming.

Pastel colour palettes are audacious and a bit complicated. Every audacious, complicated thing will need someone's help, so try the experts at Interior Company to help you achieve this interior style with flying colours.

*Images used are for representational purposes only. Unless explicitly mentioned, Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images. *


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    Where in a house can I use pastel colours?

    It depends on the personal preference like for this blog, the list has been curated for full fledged pastel colour palette in a house, though the typical places where pastel colours are typically used are- on walls for accents, furniture like side tables and footstools, decor items like hanging frames, planters, vases and light fixtures like night lamps and hanging lamps.

    What does pastel colours do to the feel of a house?

    Pastel colours provides a calming and soothing atmosphere to the house while being vibrant enough to be noticed. They create a vibe which is inviting and interesting.

    Can I use pastel colours in a minimalist style decor?

    Pastel colours provide dynamicity to a minimalist decor, they make those sharp bold clean lines and shapes in your architecture soft and more inviting.

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