Kitchen Direction Matters: Design Your Dream Kitchen According To Vastu

Published On: Jun 10, 2024

More than just a room with counters and cabinets, the kitchen is the beating heart of a home. The room draws loved ones in like a fragrant melody, promising comfort, connection, and the delicious promise of a shared meal. But beyond its practical and emotional function, the kitchen can also be a powerful energy source, influencing our well-being and overall happiness. For centuries, the ancient Indian design system of Vastu has offered a path to creating balanced living spaces, and the kitchen is no exception.

Vastu goes beyond mere aesthetics. It is a holistic approach that considers the natural elements, energy flow (chi), and directional placement to create balanced and nurturing environments. When your kitchen layout is as per Vastu, you can cultivate an environment that encourages imagination in cooking and promotes positive energy, wellness, and financial success.

This blog is a valuable tool for achieving your ideal kitchen layout. It covers essential Vastu principles for design, kitchen direction as per Vastu, and the dos and don'ts. Learn about the significance of the five elements and discover the best placement for your appliances and storage. Following these kitchen Vastu guidelines will create a harmonious and positive space.

The Importance of Kitchen According to Vastu Shastra

Importance of Kitchen Design as Per Vastu Shastra

Every room in a house holds significance, but the kitchen is one of the most hallowed after the puja room. The kitchen represents sustenance, nourishment, and gratification, providing us with the fuel and vigour to accomplish our everyday roles and responsibilities. It is important to adhere to vastu principles while positioning the kitchen, as they are related to the element of fire. A proper kitchen as per vastu, ensures harmony and prosperity in the household.

Kitchen Direction as per Vastu

Kitchen Direction as Per Vastu

According to Kitchen Vastu principles, these important elements must be considered when planning a kitchen.

  1. Vastu Shastra suggests that Agni, the Lord of Fire, holds sway in the southeast corner of a home. Therefore, according to Kitchen Vastu, the best location for a kitchen is in the southeast of your home. If this kitchen vastu direction is not feasible, the northwest direction can be an alternative. Nonetheless, it is important to avoid building a kitchen in the north, northeast, or southwest directions of the home as it could severely damage relationships within the family.
  2. To maintain positive energy in the kitchen, all fire-related objects like gas stoves, cylinders, toasters, and microwave ovens should be placed in the southeast part of the kitchen. Additionally, positioning these items to face the east during cooking will help maintain positive energy.
  3. The principles of Vastu Shastra advise against placing washbasins and cooking ranges, including gas cylinders and ovens, on the same surface or in alignment with each other in the kitchen. Water and fire are conflicting elements that can adversely affect a person’s conduct, leading to conflicts between family members and couples.
  4. To promote prosperity, place wash basins, washing machines, pipes, and kitchen drains in the north or northeast of the kitchen. Do not face the overhead tanker towards the north or northeast. Place it outside in the western part of the house. Balancing fire and water elements in the kitchen’s vastu is important. Keeping water balance can have positive results.
  5. You should place your refrigerator in the southwest corner of your kitchen to clear life’s hurdles and promote peace.
  6. For ideal fortune and prosperity, it is advised that you store your grain and other stock towards the southwest direction of your kitchen.
  7. The kitchen’s entrance is as important as its design. Experts in Vastu Shastra suggest that the entrance should face east, north, or west and never be in a corner.

Dont's for Kitchen as per Vastu

Kitchen Location as Per Vastu Shastra with Dont's

According to Vastu Shastra, several important guidelines must be followed to ensure a harmonious and positive environment when designing or organising your kitchen. Here are some key “dont's' for kitchen Vastu tips.

  • If your kitchen is situated in the Northeast corner of your home, it could lead to unwanted consequences such as mental distress and financial losses. However, there are ways to mitigate these negative effects, and a reputable Vastu specialist can guide you through the necessary remedial measures.
  • It is best to avoid stacking the kitchen on top of or beneath the prayer room, toilets, or bedrooms.
  • When preparing food, it is important to avoid facing the South as this can result in negative health effects for the cook and financial difficulties for the household. Cooking direction as per vastu recommends facing East or North for positive energy and prosperity.
  • It is best to avoid positioning the stove or hob directly in front of the kitchen’s entrance.

To Conclude

In conclusion, applying kitchen Vastu tips to your kitchen design can significantly enhance positive energy flow in your home, fostering a balanced and prosperous living environment. The kitchen, being the heart of the home, plays an important role in maintaining the overall well-being and health of the household members.

Focusing on creating a kitchen that develops positive energy and well-being will naturally lead to choices that support this goal. So, enjoy the fruits of your labour, and may your Vastu-inspired kitchen bring joy, inspiration, and countless delicious meals to you and your loved ones.

If you want your kitchen designed according to Vastu Shastra, let Interior Company craft one tailored to your unique needs and aesthetic preferences. We guarantee it will be a stunning addition to your home.

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    According to Vastu, what is the ideal direction for the kitchen?

    If you are planning your kitchen’s placement, it’s best to aim for the southeast corner of your home, influenced by the fire element. However, the northwest corner is suitable if that is not an option.

    Which direction should I face while cooking for positive energy?

    According to Vastu, you should face the east while cooking, as this cooking direction invites positive energy and good health. Additionally, according to Vastu, the kitchen layout recommends placing the stove in the southeast corner of the kitchen for the most benefit.

    How should the stove and sink be positioned in the kitchen?

    The kitchen stove direction, as per Vastu, is important. The stove should be placed in the southeast direction, and the cook should face east while cooking. The sink and other water-related elements should be placed in the north or northeast direction to maintain a balance between fire and water elements.

    What about the sink placement in a Vastu kitchen?

    As per Vastu, the stove should be placed in the southeast direction, and the cook should face east while cooking. The kitchen sink direction, as per Vastu, and other water-related elements should be placed in the north or northeast direction to maintain a balance between fire and water elements.

    Can I still benefit from Vastu if my kitchen isn't in the ideal direction?

    Absolutely! Vastu offers a framework, not a rigid set of rules. Use the principles you can to create a balanced and harmonious space that resonates with you.

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