Backsplash Ideas for Your Modern Kitchen

Published On: Oct 03, 2022

Are you looking to transform your home interiors? Do you love looking at magazines for inspiration? In between deciding the framing, layout, appliances and furniture for your kitchen, you might sometimes forget to pay heed to the design, decoration and paint choices.

The walls are an important part, and so is the backsplash! Modern kitchen backsplash refers to the space or the kitchen wall material above the counter. Find the best kitchen backsplash ideas from wooden finish to marble and tiles to suit the aesthetic of your home.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Kitchen?

If we get deep into the subject of kitchen backsplash ideas most designers recommend the use because it might help with making the space grease-proof and water-proof and prevent any dust or liquids while cooking from damaging the wall foundation.

It is not mandatory, but without any modern kitchen backsplash, the wall remains exposed to all kinds of materials and will require constant high maintenance.

Subway Tiles

A classic white collection of subway tiles assists modernise the space, the black grout with the subway tiles makes it stand out a bit more than usual. This wall is set in a geometrically repeating bond pattern to create a graphical impact. The crockery and the decorations on the kitchen cabinet make the simple backsplash stand out more. The subway tiles for kitchen backsplash ideas come in several colours and textures for you to choose from.

Subway Tiles

Mosaic out of Morocco

Not only do you like neutral colours, but you might also want a little pizazz. This mosaic patterned kitchen backsplash ideas adds visual interest to the kitchen without being cluttered but bybeing sophistacted. The soft shades of white and grey are also always very soothing.


Brick Veneer

An exposed brick wall might be a genius kitchen backsplash idea for your cooking space. This kitchen flaunts rustic red brick veneer that sets a historic and homely tone to the kitchen. If you don't want to expose the actual brick then go for the faux brick texture that will give you a similar essence to what you are aiming for.

Brick Veneer

Wooden Touch

Warm up like a cabin feels kitchen interiors with these wooden kitchen backsplash ideas. Adding a rustic charm to the modern kitchen backsplash is a new trendsetter. The white interiors in this image are a clear example of why people love white so much. The wooden white kitchen backsplash stands out, making it a clear eye candy.

Wooden Touch

Stone Finish

This charcoal grey Negresco granite kitchen backsplash idea adds a bit of structure by pairing it with the all-black cabinetry and kitchen interior. The colour is an inspiration to consider the combination of black and grey. Using stone as a kitchen backsplash idea might come out to be more expensive than the rest, but it will also be an investment in your home because it is long-lasting and doesn't require much assistance daily.

Stone Finish

Glossy and Glammy

These amazing kitchen backsplash ideas are covered in ash-grey glossy tiles. The space sets aside a unique like between the designs back to the future or the Retro Era. To keep the modern look, this simple grey paired with the white cabinetry helps introduce the airy and aesthetic kitchen space that is welcoming and calming.


Marine Hues

If you live by the beach or want to bring in the calming hues of the marina, then blue kitchen backsplash ideas are the most suitable for your taste. Take inspiration from this sky blue kitchen backsplash tile which also comes in several other blue shades. This is a simple yet grand L-shaped island kitchen that is great for families to spend time together cooking their favourite dishes. The calming tones will help keep the heat down and make the space a perfect haven.

Marine Hues

Zebra from the Wild

The animal prints are a high fashion choice, then why only choose them in clothes? Make a bold choice and design your kitchen with these beautiful-looking zebra printed tiles as the best kitchen backsplash ideas. The subtle choice of grey and white colour palette in this kitchen makes it bearable for even those who might not like to go too loud with prints.

Zebra from the Wild.

Green Makes Everything Better

Green has been having a major moment in 2022, the colour that is most desired and one of the most suitable and calming shades in existence. This is a free pass to go bonkers!  Take this kitchen as an example, the emerald green hexagon kitchen backsplash tile looks great. This is clearly the year for the more earthy tones and we couldn’t agree more. The hexagon kitchen backsplash tile injects so much dimension into the space than any flat paint could do.


Marble Moment

This hip kitchen backsplash ideas features a bold and rendering marble backsplash in this modern open kitchen space. As much as you focus on the space, the more it will draw you in.

The black is a bold choice and the only reason this space has become a focal point. The black TV screen, the bar stools and the black matte appliances are matching well tying the whole interior together.

Marble Moment

Make a Decision!

When we talk about the kitchen, it is the most important and busiest space in the whole house. You might not notice but it is the space where an average person spends at least 22-61 minutes per meal cooking minus the time you might sneak into the kitchen to fetch a snack. It is very important to make that space appealing and welcoming for anyone– kitchen backsplash ideas are a great idea to do so. Get in touch with the Interior Company and find the best suit for your kitchen backsplash gallery.

What is the easiest backsplash to install?

After the pandemic hit, all have become much more open to the DIY idea. The best is to buy some peel and stick wallpaper or tile materials that are available at local stores as well as online for you to purchase. The only catch with them is they might not be as durable as the above-mentioned kitchen backsplash ideas.

Which one is the most popular kitchen backsplash ideas? 

It is safe to say that subway tiles and mosaic tiles are becoming a few of the most popular ideas to use as a backsplash.