Inspiring Kitchen Backsplash Ideas on a Budget

Published On: May 3, 2022

Traversing from a functional need to a design quotient, backsplashes expands the scope of design in a kitchen. Peering from a functional perspective, the backsplash is a vertical setup space behind the countertop, encompassing the stove and basin. This part of the kitchen is also responsible to protect the wall from the stains of water, oil and other splashes. In this article, we shed light on some kitchen backsplash ideas on a budget.

Why are Kitchen Backsplashes Important?

This kitchen sheathing not only makes cleaning easier but also acts as a backdrop to your stove and sink areas. The backsplash area carries potential in a kitchen design layout and with the use of materials, it can either be blended seamlessly or can be the focus. All of it actually comes down to the use of materials and the executed design. 

Pinning design ideas is something that comes from your creative side, but knitting the technical side of the installation requires more research. And when you are looking out for cheap ideas for kitchen backsplash, the ideation becomes more extensive.  For a small kitchen backsplash ideas on a budget, you can refer to these brain-tinting ideas. 


From going back to terracotta and adding that vintage and rustic charm to your kitchen to installing modern details, there are multiple genres to explore in backsplash design. Adding glass is also a good option and makes a statement in its own form. Consult a professional before choosing any material, texture or design for your kitchen backsplash.

Faux facades including brick backsplashes also come along with their own charms to play in a kitchen space. With the appropriate sense of rustic, chic, vintage and chic aesthetic, there can be a variety of materials to pick from. 

Breaking the monotony of basic glossy kitchens, we bring to you these materials that would instantly uplift your kitchen space.

Budget-friendly Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Choose Organic Quartz

The material that you choose for your kitchen space also drives the functionality. 

Quartz is a material that is widely installed in kitchen spaces. Resistance to cracks, stains and scratches make it the perfect material match for your kitchen. 


Tougher than most natural stones, artificial quartz is prefabricated in large slabs and can be installed seamlessly. The material comes with a wider bandwidth of credibility referencing to cheap ideas for kitchen backsplash. 

Blending into the natural-inspired fluid conceptualisation brings textures into realism. The designs align with the entire theme, bringing in more parallel themes and textures.

Exaggerating the Interior Space

If you are torn between choosing from quartz and tiles, then you can also go for a dual approach, complementing the space with a combination of the two. You can go for a kitchen backsplash area, splitting the space, yet marrying the juxtaposed textures. This is yet another idea to incorporate cheap ideas for kitchen backsplash in your home interiors.


Going for varying patterns and textures on the backsplash area would also accentuate the space, making it the focal point of the kitchen space. Standing as a statement triumph, installing a backsplash material can be something that might require a lot of work. Make sure that you consult the right professional to do the same.

Mirror Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash can be elaborated not only with paint colours or material finishes, but also with mirrors. Not only mirrors can make your kitchen space look more spacious, but it also visually stretches the length of your kitchen and can make it look substantial. 


Installing a mirror in modular or small kitchens is always an optimistic addition. So, while looking up small kitchen backsplash ideas on a budget, do not forget shiny surfaces!

Use Contrasting Colour

Playing with colours is probably one of the preliminary, but salient steps to interior design. Uplifting basic spaces, and contrasting colours can create the needed pop of colour in your kitchen. 


For example: In this image, all three colours might be contrasting to each other, but appear composed and complementing when seen in one still.

Use Natural Stone

As a matter of fact, a natural stone like marble is a delicate but used vertically under fire from pans and knives. Resistant to splashes, these cladded stones can be cleaned with just a wipe. 


The beauty of space comes with religious cleaning. Whilst natural materials have a calming effect, the installation also elaborates the entire backsplash space.

3D Textures


With percolating lighting, glass and design, the perfect 3D texture can be achieved. Be it incorporating a fluted, or any contemporary pattern, the effect works quite well with a backsplash wall. Not only it adds certain visual interest to the still, but also displays a balanced coalition of the materials induced.



Wood can be incorporated in various forms in a kitchen backsplash space. From durable oak to water-resistant iroko, a wooden backsplash can speak of traditional kitchen spaces. As a matter of fact, wood would create a resisting surface, omitting the stains from the kitchen area. However, wood is more prone to fire, which is risky. 

Hardwoods can be resilient as well, but with proper conditioning, shrinking and fracturing can be avoided.


When it comes to pinning an easy method that incorporates colour in a space, using wallpaper is one of the ways to go about it. Wallpapers in various patterns, colours and textures not only makes them more viable in usage but also in functionality. A wallpapered backsplash is easier to clean and maintain than the traditional ones. 


However,  wallpapers must be prevented from moisture. In the process of doing so, make sure to sandwich them between two glass sheets. This would also protect the wallpapers from creasing or tearing from the surface.

DIY Kitchen Backsplash Ideas on a Budget

Paint the wall Red


One of the simplest, yet instant ways to add that pop of colour to your backsplash wall is to paint the drywall or the existing tile. There can be other popular painting techniques from using brush strokes to using textured rollers. While painting the wall by yourself, you can mould the visual of the wall as per your liking.

Peel and Stick Tiles


Installing tiles is one of the basic materials to install on the backsplash wall. But, with peel-and-stick faux tiles, you get to escape the mess and labour but achieve the desired look! These adhesive tiles are moisture and heat resistant, and can be re-installed if they get sore for your eyes. 

You can get your hands on them on Amazon easily and pick your desired colour to install on the backsplash wall. This is yet another one of the many inexpensive kitchen backsplash options.

Installing a Backsplash Beadboard

Beadboard is an accessible and inexpensive material that makes up for small kitchen backsplash ideas on a budget. If you are looking forward to creating visual illusions in your kitchen, then using these white and seamless tiles can be the way to go! 


There is absolutely no need to re-install the entire backsplash. Beadboard is relatively lighter in weight and can be installed with liquid nails or glue over the existing backsplash material. However, if you are not a big fan of white, you can use wipeable easy-to-clean paint in your kitchen. Frolicking interiors and cheap ideas for kitchen backsplash ideas in one bowl. What else is left to ask for?


The backsplash area of the kitchen comes in the hindsight of designing. Usually, designed along the lines of the backdrop of the kitchen, this part of the kitchen can steal the limelight, if designed separately. Listed above are a few design ideas that can amp up your kitchen backsplash area. You can also indulge in some DIY kitchen backsplash ideas to elaborate your still and have fun at the same time! For more kitchen design ideas, follow the Interior Company.

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Q. Can the backsplash be darker or lighter than the countertop?

The crux of the design must be balancing out the light and dark shades with other elements. So, if you are opting for light and dark shades for the backsplash, it might bring more depth to the kitchen. For extremely dark countertops or cabinets, a light backsplash would make the kitchen feel fresh.

Q. What is trending in backsplash designs?

 Another trend that homeowners are following is continuous slabs of quartzite and marble as a backsplash. Opting for a continuous slab that goes along well with your backdrop theme would blend seamlessly with the interiors. 

Q. Are backsplashes outdated? 

One of the main cons that backsplashes come with is that the design is a little outdated. However, if applied with a creative mindset and materials are used meticulously, one can achieve interesting designs in backsplashes. 

Q. Does Kitchen Backsplash add more value to the kitchen design?

If you are exploring your options to uplift your kitchen space, then incorporating an interesting and well-designed kitchen backsplash is the way to go about it. Not only the backsplash would increase the visual appeal of your kitchen, but would also cater to a remarkable asset. 

Q. What can replace tiles on kitchen walls?

If you are quite reluctant towards tiles on backsplash walls, you can go ahead with using glossy textures marbles, metallic, bricks and concretes. The not only prevent your wall from all the steam and heat produced by the stove but also protects it from damaging the wall behind.