20 Functional Kid's Bathroom Ideas That Are Cute and Playful

Updated On: Jun 1, 2024

Thinking of redoing your kid's bathroom? There are plenty of artful ideas for designing a space, starting with figuring out the desired bathroom colour palette and overall theme. Introduce elements and materials that are practical and durable. Not to forget, infusing a playful energy that keeps them entertained and attains a fun aesthetic. The key is to balance functionality, flexibility and flair while keeping the kid's ever-changing tastes in mind.

Ahead, read these best 20 kid's bathroom design ideas to create the coolest bath tailored to a kid-friendly style.

Floral Accent Wall

Floral Accent Wall - Kids Bathroom

Instead of plain ceramic tiles, choose a floral wallpaper that adds a visual feast to your kid's bathroom design. It’s a practical choice that can withstand extreme moisture and heat while sparking vibrancy in the space. A floral accent wall provides an immersive feel, creating an enchanting scene.

Primary Colour Scheme

Primary Colour Scheme - Kids Bathroom Ideas

Dive into the joyous world of primary colours and create a cheerful space that makes bath time fun for your little one. Opt for bright shade tiles that make a feature wall, introducing colour and personality to your design. Add interactive elements like shower curtains with primary colour patterns and shapes or colour-coordinated storage bins for a playful yet practical touch.

Nautical Kid's Bathroom

Nautical - Kids Bathroom Design

For a timeless kid’s bathroom decor, opt for a nautical theme full of adventure. Think ocean blues to bring the walls to life. Add nautical decor elements like a mirror with rope details, sea-creature wallpaper and a white and blue vanity that encourages a calming yet creative vibe. Alternatively, you can also opt for a classic white, grey and blue kids bathroom theme to give a perfect seaside look.

Geometric Flooring

Geometric Flooring - Small Kids Bathroom Designs

If you want to make an impact without overdoing the space, how about changing the floor tiles? Keep everything bright and light and add striking floor patterns to create a playful mosaic. Opt for colourful hexagons or vinyl blue-and-white geometric tile that enhances safety and brings vibrancy to the space.

Kid's Bathroom Design Wallpaper

Design Wallpaper - Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

One sure way to upgrade your kid’s bathroom decor is to add a ton of pattern and personality by implementing a quirky wallpaper. Look over trending waterproof wallpapers and mural ideas that can make a small kids' bathroom design sing. From jungle safari, or cartoon characters to coastal decor, opt for one that will grow with the kids over time.

Organised Kid's Bathroom Decor

Organised Kid's Bathroom Decor

Organisation is key for a kid’s bathroom interior design. Opt for open shelves, colourful baskets and fun-shaped hooks to keep towels, toiletries, and other essentials with ease. Layer the space with a simple and functional foundation, bringing a rich combination of colour, textures and materials to keep the bathroom safe and clutter-free.

White as A Blank Canvas With Pop of Hue

White as A Blank Canvas With Pop of Hue - Kid Friendly Bathroom Designs

White bathrooms provide a perfect blank canvas and are the safest choice for kid’s bathroom ideas, swapping accessories and furniture with time. This kid’s bathroom interior design is simple and functional with bright white walls, fixtures and tiles while adding a splash of colour through accessories like shower curtains, rugs, towels, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, or even a brightly coloured tub. Keep the floor neutrals to create a clean and dynamic aesthetic.

Muted Pink Kids Bathroom Ideas

Muted Pink Kids Bathroom Ideas

A kid’s bathroom is a great place to be experimental with colours, as shown in this mid-century muted pink bathroom decor. With a subway tile backsplash, white fixtures and a neutral marble-topped vanity, the room radiates warmth and comfort. Thanks to more playful touches and accessories that lend a soothing environment and character to the space. For kid’s bathroom design ideas, choose soft sheen paints with an acrylic base as they are wipeable and safe.

Patterned Tile Design

Patterned Tile Design - Kids Bathroom Decor

In this kid’s bathroom idea for boys, the patterned tiles integrated randomly make it appear like a wallpaper, adding visual interest to the space. Whatever you choose for floors or walls, pick up an aesthetic or design that grows with them and adds an element of delight to the room. These fabulous wall tiles are highly durable and easy to clean, elevating the overall space.

Lay Down a Funky Rug

Lay Down a Funky Rug - Kids Bathroom Design Ideas

Give your kids' bathroom decor ideas a stylistic and cosy upgrade by laying down a plush rug that can transform the look and feel of a space. When little feet are running around, all you need is a little touch of softness, bright colours and interesting textures for a visually pleasing look.

Colourful Kids Bathroom Accessories

Colourful Kids Bathroom Accessories

Curate a kid-friendly bathroom design by adding colourful accessories, like bright towels, vibrant wall art, fun-shaped soap dishes, and storage canisters. Introduce character-themed accessories that your child loves, adding personality and interest to the living space.

Neutral Glam Kid's Bathroom Design Ideas

Neutral Glam Kid's Bathroom Design Ideas

There's a common misconception that catering to kid’s bathroom interior design avoids luxury upgrades. Well, this is far from reality. Even kids deserve a spa-like experience. Nowadays, the market is abundant with materials and elements that are as beautiful as they are durable, including plush bath towels, statement mirrors and green quartz floor tiles, lending a luxe feel to the space.

Jack & Jill Kid’s Bathroom Ideas for Boys and Girls

Jack & Jill - Kids Bathroom Decor

While designing a shared kid's bathroom ideas for boys and girls focus on a blend of innovation, practicality, and a sprinkle of enchantment. If you have a space, establish designated areas and install double sinks with personalised storage that make the space feel organised and cater to the needs of both younger and older children. Go for a cohesive design with a neutral colour scheme and flexible elements, and choose each one's favourite accessories to infuse visual delight.

Painted Beadboard

Painted Beadboard - Kids Bathroom Design Ideas

Introduce the classic charm of beadboard into the kid’s bathroom design ideas. Paint the walls in bold hues and add texture and depth to the space, making it visually appealing. Sprinkle the touch of personality with photos or a vintage washboard that adds an authentic flair to the space. In addition, beadboards protect walls from splashes and scribbles, infusing utility and convenience.

Personalised Storage

Personalised Storage - Kids Bathroom Ideas For Boys And Girls

Storage is hugely important while decorating a kid’s bathroom, consider clever solutions for a clutter-free look. In case of limited floor area, use wall-mounted cabinets and vanity, adding a drawer or two to stack away toiletries and towels. Choose labelled bins on open shelving or colour-coded baskets that are the perfect kid’s bathroom accessory, adding a unique and personalised touch to their little space.

Black and White Kid's Bathroom Themes

Black and White Kid's Bathroom Themes

Embrace the monochrome look that lays the foundation for this kid’s bathroom decor. Pair a black and marble vanity with a trendy geometric rug in the same colour palette. Add zebra-striped towels and other creative choices to brighten up the space and incite a fun and eccentric vibe. This kid's bathroom design idea is versatile and adaptable with functionality and flair at its core.

Repurposed Bar Cart Into Vanity

Repurposed Bar Cart Into Vanity

If you have an old bar cart lying around, why not transform it into a whimsical vanity as a DIY creative bathroom decor idea? Paint the bar cart in a neutral or pastel tone and roll the cart with essentials- storing towels, toiletries, and bath toys. This moveable idea adds flexibility and a quirky touch to the space.

Bold Stripes Kid’s Bathroom Decor

Bold Stripes Kid's Bathroom Decor

Looking for something dynamic yet timeless to add to your kid's bathroom design? Opt for bold stripes that seek attention in the space and add a burst of energy. Create a cohesive scheme by covering the walls in and out of the shower.

Vertical Bathroom Storage

Vertical Bathroom Storage - Kids Bathroom Themes

Limited space with a lack of built-in storage? Worry Not! Opt for vertical bathroom storage ideas that are functional yet playful and keep daily essentials within easy reach. A perfect solution for kids making them more independent and organised while adding a whimsical touch to the space.

Paint The Ceiling

Paint The Ceiling - Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

Often overlooked, ceiling paint ideas are the least considered while designing a kid’s bathroom. However, this fifth wall can transform the whole ambience with warm hues softening the cold, sterile surfaces in a bathroom space. Choose bright hues in a neutral space, such as yellow or red, to cosy up the atmosphere. This unexpected pop of colour brings a lively look to the bathroom.

Final Words

Each of these characterful and creative bathroom decor ideas offers a fresh perspective for making a space functional, stylish, whimsical, and so much more. From geometric themes to charming patterns and bold stripes or painted ceilings, create a delightful and extra-appealing space for your little one that inspires young minds with creativity and organisation.

Looking for more bathroom decor ideas, Connect to our experts at Interior Company, curating designs with on-trend ideas that suit your taste and space.

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    How do I make my kid’s bathroom design fun and functional?

    Opt for colourful accessories and textiles that are inexpensive as kids may quickly out-grow. A neutral bathroom theme with vibrant shower curtains, wall art, bath mats, towels and toy storage can pep up the space. Think of removable wall decals and prints that can be swapped easily.

    What are essential items for kids' bathroom decor?

    Safety is paramount while designing a kids’ bathroom theme. Choose kid-friendly decor elements, like non-slip flooring mats, stools, bath taps and showers with thermostatic controls. Use weave baskets for laundry, storage and other bath toys, bringing a sustainable and visual interest to the space.

    How to choose the best kids' bathroom design colours?

    The best thing about designing a kids’ bathroom is you can experiment with different shades and hues without overwhelming the look. Trending hues are cerulean blue, yellow, aqua, eggshell, pale green, mint, and sea blue, which bring a playful yet elegant vibe to the bathroom. Consider your little one favourite colour and splash on one wall and accessories, and keep the other elements neutral for a touch of liveliness.

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