Transform Your Home With These IPL-Themed Decor Ideas

Published On: Mar 23, 2023

With the Indian Premier League’s 16th season just around the corner, starting from March 31st, the anticipation is palpable. Are you looking for ways to jazz up your home decor that showcases your love for cricket? Look no further than these eccentric IPL-themed home decor ideas. From colour schemes to wall art, to sports displays, and table settings, transform your living space to recreate your favourite IPL team look into your home design

1. Colour Scheme IPL Theme

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If you want to honour your favourite team and show your unwavering loyalty, try incorporating team colours as an accent wall into your bedroom's design. For instance, if you're a fan of Rajasthan Royals, prep your space with pink and blue decor and induce a pack a punch of personality to the room. Accessorise the furniture elements that blend with the interiors to create a cohesive look.  

2. Cricket Themed Decor

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Feature your beloved team colours in the furniture pieces and decor elements, including tables, rugs, throws, and drapes, to add vibrance and dynamic appeal to the room. This zesty orange and black living room enriched with intriguing pieces enhances striking performance like those of the Sunrisers Hyderabad and perfectly compliments this eccentric design. 

3. Wall Decals

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Wall Decals are inexpensive ways to spruce up the space and they can be easily replaced or interchanged as per the choice. For die-hard fans, get a life-size vinyl print of a batsman ready to swing his bat or of a fielder in action for a sporty ambience in your home. Moreover, you can showcase your IPL theme collection, including caps, jerseys, bowls, and other paraphernalia that lends a sporty personality to the space. 

4. IPL-Themed Furniture

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Embellish your room with furniture inspired by cricket like accessories with selected theme colour accent throws or pillows, bean bags or ottomans. Go bravo with red and black rugs and bedspread, and cheer the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Neutralise this powerful combination with shades of blue and white while adding balance and modernity to the interiors. 

5. Chic Sports Display

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Spruce up every nook and corner of your home to create an IPL-themed display. Show off your eye-catching decor pieces and cricket memorabilia, such as autographed bats, jerseys, balls, helmets, gloves, or winning trophies on shelves or glass cabinets. Paint the inner side of the wall with your favourite team’s colours, like exuberant yellow for Whistle Podu, the Chennai Super Kings or stylish blue for the Mumbai Indians. 

6. DIY IPL Theme Decor Ideas

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How about adding a personal touch to your home with IPL theme decor ideas? Attach a pegboard to the wall and hang IPL caps of different teams, like purple for the Kolkata Knight Riders squad, navy blue for the Rajasthan Royals, and red for the Kings Eleven Punjab. Another brilliant idea is to create a scoreboard using chalkboard paint to keep the score track and up your interior decor game. 

7. Striking Table Decor

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Thinking of hosting an IPL match screening or a cricket-themed celebratory dinner? Let the cricket craze set in with cheer and enthusiasm to create unforgettable moments.  Elevate your table setting with a vibrant colour palette and funky touches. Start with a tablecloth or runner in your cherished IPL team’s colours, and add themed place settings, centrepieces, and even napkin rings. Don’t forget to incorporate cricket-inspired elements like team logo coasters or cricket bat place card holders.

8. IPL Themed Cushions

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Organising a get-together for friends and family at home with an ongoing IPl event and want to ensure comfort and warmth to the room while adding a distinctive touch? Dress up your living space with bespoke cushions in the different colours of the IPL team or logos. In addition, you can print quotes by famous cricketers to show love for your game.

9. IPLGame Room

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If you have the luxury of space, why not design a game room and turn it into stadium-inspired decor? Invest in a large TV screen with a sound system, and comfortable couches for an ultimate innings experience. Moreover, add cricket equipment and lighting ideas, including ceiling overheads, string lights and lamps to accentuate the space and depth of the interiors. 

IPL Fever!

Bring out the thrill of cricket and add zeal to your home with these innovative IPL-themed decor ideas! Introduce stylish sports decor, cricket-themed accessories, and DIY wall art to create a personalised space that celebrates your team’s spirit with fan fervour. These quirky ideas can be tailored according to any style or budget. Let the excitement begin and cheer your favourite team as the feeling is supreme and profound.


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    What are some IPL-themed decor ideas to incorporate into the home?

    From living rooms and bedrooms to game rooms, there are plenty of ways to shower your love for cricket. 

    1. Add comfort and style with thematic throws and pillows. 
    2. Impress your guests with IPL theme table decor settings.
    3. Deck up the space with wall art that showcases your favourite team logo. 
    4. Enliven the interiors with selected team colour rugs and carpets.
    Are there any DIY projects to add IPL elements to the home decor?
    1. Hang a banner featuring your selected team’s logo or colours.
    2. Paint a wall with the IPL theme team’s primary colour.
    3. Create an IPL- themed inspired wall mural with logos.
    4. Hang IPL team caps on a pegboard.
    What are some subtle ways to incorporate IPL theme decor ideas into your home?

    Cheer your favourite team in style by sprucing the accent wall in team colours, adding sports quotes, and displaying team memorabilia in a shadow box. These small touches bring a spark to the celebrations.

    Can we mix and match different IPL-themed decor ideas?

    Yes, we can blend different ideas to create a unique and personalised space that reflects the bespoke style and enhance the pleasure and love of the game.

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