Ultimate Guide to Warding Off the Evil Eye in Style

Updated On: Jun 12, 2024

The concept of the evil eye, an old belief, has now become a pop culture phenomenon. It has transcended its mystical origins to become a symbol of protection and peace in homes around the globe. Whether you embrace the supernatural or prefer a more rationalist and grounded approach to life, incorporating these home remedies to remove evil eye—or 'Nazar, like an upside-down horseshoe hung above a front door or a blue glass eye amulet adds style and substance to your living space.

Evil Eyes Remedies- Understand How to Get Rid of Nazar.

Understand How to Get Rid of Nazar

In every culture, traditional practices and symbols safeguard the home from the ill effects of the evil eye'a malevolent gaze believed to bring misfortune or harm. Understanding how to remove ‘Nazar’ or the evil eye, fueled by negativity or jealousy, promotes one’s well-being and fosters a space that exudes positivity and tranquillity. Here’s how you can infuse your home with protective measures that are aesthetic and effective.

At the Front Door

At the Front Door- Quick Remedy to Remove Evil Eye

The entrance of your home is an intangible space where external and internal energies converge. To shield your home right from its entry point:

  • Place a swastika or an Om symbol at the door to usher positive energies and dispel negative influences. These symbols are deeply rooted in our culture, bringing prosperity and protection.
  • Another simple yet effective remedy involves the use of alum. A bowl of alum placed at the entrance absorbs negativity. Ensure to replace it weekly to maintain its sanctify effect.

In The South-East

In The South-East- Easy Ways to Protect from Evil Eye

According to Vastu Shastra, the south-east corner of your home is the fire corner, governed by the fiery goddess Durga, who protects her devotees against evil. Enhancing this quadrant can suppress the negative vibes:

  • Light the Akhandjot ( a brass lamp) and place it on a sandalwood table or stool to ward off evil eyes. The eternal flame symbolises positivity and good energy.
  • You can also incorporate a copper swastika in this area to augment the protective vibes and strengthen the evil eye cure.

The North-East Corner

The North-East Corner- Evil Eye Remedies

Revered in Hinduism as the Ishaan Kon, the north-east corner of your home is of utmost importance and has divine blessings.

  • Keep this area uncluttered and minimal so positive energies and blessings flow into your abode.
  • Avoid placing heavy furniture or decor in this direction, and brighten it with natural shades to lend a soothing vibe.

Burning Incense

Burning Incense- Tips to Ward Off Evil Eye (Buri Nazar)

Burning purifying herbs or incense is another effective method to cleanse spaces of negative energy. This remedy is good for evil eye cures and promotes a sense of peace and security within the home.

  • Opt for white sage, sandalwood, or camphor in the southeast direction, renowned for their strong purifying properties.
  • Use cedarwood or frankincense in the southwest direction to neutralise the energies.

Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Holy Basil (Tulsi)- Indian Technique to Protect Yourself from the Evil Eye

Tulsi is the holy plant in Ayurveda, widely found in Indian homes.

  • Grow tulsi plants in pots and place them in doorways or window sills facing the east, north, or northeast directions to channel cleaning.
  • Beyond its spiritual power, this holy plant has antifungal and antibacterial properties and benefits a healthy environment.

Protective Art

Protective Art- Simple Ways to Avoid Evil Eye at Home

Artwork with spiritual significance can serve as a powerful shield against harmful energies and the evil eye:

  • A painting of the Hindu God, Hanuman, in the south, safeguards your home.
  • Adorning peacock paintings in the northeast direction is believed to remove Nazar from home. Additionally, placing a Lord Ganesha painting in this direction can boost luck and fortify the home’s defences.
  • Select artwork that aligns with your beliefs to create a cultural and protective aura in the home.

In A Nutshell

Adopting this protective measure and incorporating elements shields your home from the malevolent glances of the evil eye. Whether you want to infuse your space with the therapeutic presence of holy basil, adorn your home with Vastu-aligned paintings and mirrors, or simply organise space to invite positivity and prosperity, introducing these evil eye remedies in your home can augment harmony, peace, and energy in your living space.

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    What are effective traditional methods to get rid of the evil eye?

    Traditional methods for warding off the evil eye include using amulets like the Nazar charm, placing alum in the bowl, or burning incense sticks with cleansing properties. You can also decorate your home with symbolic elements, like an upside-down horseshoe at the entrance or mirrors opposite the front door, to dissipate negative vibes.

    Can decorating specific items at the home entrance prevent the evil eye?

    Yes, placing protective symbols like an evil eye amulet or drawing a swastika at the entrance of your home can shield your space against negative energies.

    Are there any specific incense scents recommended for evil eye cures?

    Incense scents like frankincense, myrrh, and camphor endure spiritual cleansing properties and are used in various cultural rituals to purify spaces and guard against negative energies.

    How do you remove the evil eye with salt?

    According to experts, the best way to ward off the effects of the evil eye, negativity and other barriers in your life or home. Take some coarse salt and rub it on your palm, and then wash it off with water, chanting that this action will clear all obstacles in your life.

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