Holi Decoration Ideas for Office in 2024

Published On: Feb 27, 2023

Holi is the festival of joy that welcomes the beginning of the new season, the triumph of good over evil, with a kaleidoscope of colours! This year it will be celebrated on the 7th of March and the day of 8th March, 2024. Since Holi is just around the corner, it's time to plan and enliven your workplace with vibrance and enthusiasm. 

Importance of the Holi Festival in India

Holi is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated around the globe by people from all walks of life. The two-day festival signifies the onset of a new season and the victory of the Hindu Lord Vishnu over Hiranyakashyap. It begins on the night prior to the main Holi festival with a Holika Dahan or Choti Holi, where people light a bonfire and perform rituals. It is a time to socialise with each other while enjoying sweet treats, music and dance.

The second day of the festival, popularly known as Dhulandi, Rangwali Holi, Phagwah or Badi Holi, is a boisterous and exciting time where children and adults throw coloured powder on one another and play with water balloons to glorify the colours of life and the power of love. 

Why Celebrate Holi at Your Workplace?

Festivals unite everyone, and celebrating them at the workplace with your fellow colleagues induces positive vibes, fostering the warmest of bonds. Holi is the most lively festival that encourages unity and inclusivity as the colours blend together. With colourful workwear, enticing decor, fun activities, live music, boards pinned with handprints, happy polaroids and a galore of sweet treats, Holi is the most visual of spectacles out there! 

These exciting celebrations increase employee engagement, creating a penchant atmosphere that makes everyone feel included. So, it’s time you take a break from the mundane work regime, and cherish the festival of colours to brighten your space. Keep reading the blog to discover creative ideas for your Holi celebrations at the office. 

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1. Plan a Theme For Rang Barse

Source: Pinterest

Start by choosing a theme for the office holi celebration, to add a touch of personalisation. Themed parties include invitations to match- dress code and decor with flowers and balloons. Some preferable themes are listed below:

  • Traditional theme
  • Sustainable Holi
  • Modern Holi party theme
  • Holi pool party theme
  • Holi with photo booth theme
  • Holi with masks 
  • Holi decorations with artwork
  • Holi office decorations with origami

2. Prop-Ful Photo Booth

Source: Pinterest

Festivals like Holi are incomplete without coloured face photographs. Spruce up your holi celebration ideas in the office with quirky photo props, including fancy hats, outsized sunglasses, and colourful wigs to up the ante, and elevate your social media game. 

Deck up a duly dedicated spot with brightly coloured flowers, and hangings to click pictures and place the bowls of Gulals-  red, yellow, green and pink colours, to capture the zeal of the festivity.

An eccentric backdrop, colourful attires, and cheeky humour on props ' could there possibly be a better way to celebrate Holi? We don't think so! 

3. Create a Graffiti Wall- Let's Play Art Holi!

Source: Pinterest

A canvas wall art is a great office Holi celebration idea that can gather everyone for a playful activity. Participants can use small paintbrushes and choose bold colours like red, blue, green, yellow and pink to paint or even write something and unleash their creativity. You can also imprint fun hand designs to mark memories and create a feature wall. 

4. Colourful Sweet Putlock

Source: Pinterest

Holi celebrates the arrival of spring with beautiful colours blossoming in nature. Apart from striking colours and water balloons, fill your day with festive seasonal foods, such as gujiya, kheer, mathri, malpuas, and many others. Assign a colour to participants and ask them to bring sweet putlock as a delicacy treat for everyone. This will motivate the staff and will create enriched memories among them.  

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5. Splashing Holi Party

Source: Pinterest

If you have the luxury of outdoor space near your workplace, then amp up your celebrations this year with a fancy holi party. Create a dazzling entrance with hanging brightly-coloured festoons. Place small clay pots filled with gulal, and a dart board with balloons. Decorate the table with flowers, treats, and have drinks placed to celebrate the triumph of this beautiful festival. Infuse music and dance to let everyone bloom with joy. 

6. Rangoli Competition

Source: Pinterest

Rangoli is the staple of festive decoration in India, it is loved by one and all. Drawn on the office floor or the home entrance, it is said to invite good luck and prosperity. Make this festival of colours unique by organising a healthy competition between employees to enhance the vibe of your office holi celebrations. Create a joyful working environment with this lively idea that brightens the interiors. 

7. Slaying Holi Slogans- Quirky Dress Codes! 

Source: Pinterest

While planning the holi celebration ideas in the office, decide on a dress code to bring a sense of excitement. You can opt for white/pastel traditional dresses that can lend a sense of unity and add an authentic touch to holi celebration ideas for the office. Or go for offbeat slogan ideas to make it even more appealing, like Rang Barsao, Big Bhang Theory, Bura Na Mano Holi Hai and more. 

8. Colour Versity Awards

Source: Pinterest

Want more creative ideas for the holi celebration in the office? How about honouring colour-themed awards among the staff? Each colour stands for a unique trait. Ask the coworkers to nominate whom they believe symbolises characteristics. These brilliant holi activities for the office fosters positive behaviour.

  • Blue- Cool and responsible demeanour.
  • Yellow- The chirpy and joyful
  • Purple- Innovative 
  • Red- Energetic and fearless
  • Pink- Positive behaviour
  • Green- Orderly and style

9. Rang Special Antakshari

Source: Pinterest

From Do me a favour, let’s play holi! to Rang Barsey and Balam Pichkari, indulge all the employees and cover the different eras of filmi-bollywood goodness –'Antakshari'. Such fantastic office holi celebration ideas boost the mood and create a cheerful atmosphere among the employees. 

Make your festive occasion more fun and increase engagement by involving employees in varied activities like playing cards, bingo, musical chairs this Holi! 

10. Organic Ke Rang

Source: Pinterest

Let’s celebrate an eco-friendly Holi this year by striving for sustainability! It gives you unabashed freedom of celebration as well as the pleasure of protecting nature. Use organic colours that come in an array of shades to keep your skin and eyes safe from allergies or sensitivity. Apart from the herbal colours, avoid using plastic disposables and switch to sugarcane pulp-based organic tableware for holi celebration ideas at the office. 

Apni Office Wali Holi!

Holi is the time to unwind, de-stress, and bond with your friends with Colours, Treats, and Thandai!

We hope these holi celebration ideas at the office bring splendour and zest of energy to your workplace and create memories that will stay for years. Let the festival of love and colours drench you in delight and build a harmonious atmosphere filled with warmth and bliss. 

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    What are some best Holi celebration ideas for work?

    Celebrate the festival of colours by decorating the entire place with vibrant ideas to elevate the lively vibe in your office.

    • Decorate the entrance with colourful flower arrangements and curtains.
    • Make a canvas wall of colours
    • Face painting with your colleagues
    • Slogans or handprints on shirts
    • Dance and musical party
    • Scavenger hunt to make the event more amusing
    • Cooking competition
    How do you celebrate Holi in the office?

    One way to celebrate is to host a festive lunch and engage your employees in various activities, including decorating the office with vibrant flowers and spreading sheer joy with colours. Additionally, organising an art competition or holding a trivia event to honour the colours of Holi is a fun way to honour the occasion with colleagues.

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