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11 Easter DIY Decorations for Easter 2024

Published On: Mar 13, 2023

Spring has finally sprung, and with it comes one of the most festive and colourful holidays of the year- Easter! Easter is one of the main Christian holidays. It is celebrated to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his crucifixion. Easter comes on a Sunday after the vernal equinox full moon. Whether you're hosting a brunch or just looking to add a touch of whimsy to your home decor, DIY Easter decorations are the perfect way to get into the spirit of the season. From cute and quirky to elegant and sophisticated, here are 25 creative ideas to inspire your Easter crafting.

1. Easter Egg Painting

Source: Pinterest

Having decorative eggs for Easter is essential. The time to get creative is upon you, as Easter eggs can be decorated in so many ways. You can make this a fun project with your friends or family. Once you've punctured and cleaned the eggs, you can paint them, use ribbons to decorate them, use motifs, flowers or leaves, whatever you want. Get as crafty as you can! 

2. Easter Wreath 

Source: Pinterest

Wreaths are a symbol of eternal life. For Easter, you can go for floral, paper or egg wreaths. For the floral wreaths, take an embroidery hook and attach all the springtime flowers that you can find. Add a bit of green just for a pop of colour. To make paper wreaths, take a large string or a circle with a hollow middle cut out from the paper. You can cut out various shapes like rabbits, eggs, carrots, or anything Easter related and attach them to the circle. You can also use halves of the plastic eggs as an element for wreath decoration. 

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3. Easter Advent Calendar

Source: Pinterest

Since it’s not fair that advent calendars come out mostly near the end of the year, it's only just to make advent calendars for Easter too! Take the halves of eggs to store gifts or sweets. You can start the advent calendar five days before Easter. It is a great way to induce festive vibes in the house. 

4. Easter Baskets

Source: Pinterest

Easter baskets can be made from paper or felt. You can make little origami baskets for your little ones. Start off by cutting out cardstock papers in a shape and make baskets from those. If you want something sturdier, use felt for a basket. Cut out the felt in any shape or size you want, and sow it together. 

5. Easter Painting and Signs 

Source: Pinterest

To amp up the spirit of easter in your home, you can create easter themed paintings and signages. Consider cutting out a bunny silhouette and placing it in a frame for a quick and easy Easter decoration. You can also create signs using chalkboards if you're throwing an easter party. 

6. Easter Garland

Source: Pinterest

Easter is incomplete without garlands. An Easter garland is a simple yet effective way to add some Easter cheer to your home. With just a few basic supplies and some creativity, you can make a beautiful garland that will brighten up any room. Use pastel-coloured sheets for the garlands to stand out. You can add glitter for a little pizazz.  

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7. Easter Egg Terrarium 

Source: Pinterest

Out of the ordinary, but an easter egg terrarium is a unique idea. You can add a terrarium to your Easter box. Take transparent easter egg moulds and add your miniature plants to complete the terrarium. You can even use flower petals to fill the eggs and hide gifts for the Easter eggs treasure hunt. 

8. Easter Egg Tree

Source: Pinterest

A decorative Easter egg tree is a beautiful and festive addition to any Easter décor. Whether you make your own or purchase one, an Easter egg tree is the harbinger of the good old springtime charm to your home. You can spray-paint the eggs into whatever colours you like or according to the colour theme you are following this easter. If you don't have a potted tree, you can use a branch, pot it and put all the embellishments on it. 

9. Cut-Out Easter Decorations 

Source: Pinterest

The easiest way to make time out of your busy schedule and decorate for easter is by using colourful paper, newspapers and cloth for easter decorations. You can make garlands, wreaths, name tags, paintings and anything under the sun with paper. Since paper is good for composting and recycling, take positive steps towards celebrating an environmentally friendly Easter this year. 

10. Easter Candle stands 

Source: Pinterest

Easter-specific candle stands may be over the top for some, but it is a great addition to the festive season. Take plastic moulds and fill them with cement. Once dried out, cut open those moulds. You can paint the eggs in whatever colour you wish for. Using pastel colours adds brightness to the design. Super glue these eggs on top of each other and add a base for the candles. 

11. Easter Bunny Home 

Source: Pinterest

The Easter Bunny's significance is to bring life expectancy and birth. And this is the season when bunnies come out now that the winters are over and done with. Many families make a home for the easter bunnies as decorative pieces. An easy way to make an easter bunny home is by taking a balloon and wrapping it with yarn using glue. Once the yarn is secured and dry, pop the balloon. Cut out a circle in the middle of the yarn house and viola! You have a home for your Easter bunny! 

The Essence of Easter Lies in Its Decoration

Easter is a time for celebration and decorating your home with creative Easter decorations is a great way to kick off the holiday. From Easter egg wreaths to bunny napkin rings, there are countless ways to make your home feel festive and inviting. Use these creative Easter decoration ideas as inspiration to craft your own. Whether you prefer a traditional Easter décor or a more modern approach, there are plenty of Easter decoration ideas to suit your style and taste. DIY projects ensure your whole family is involved and adds a personal touch to your Easter decorations. Incorporating Easter decorations into your home can create an atmosphere of joy during the Easter season. Get creative, have fun and enjoy all the beauty and warmth this holiday brings. 

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    When is Easter in 2024?

    Easter in 2024 is on Sunday, April 9, 2024.

    Can I make all the Easter decor at home?

    Yes, you can procure materials which are already at home for easter decorations.

    Can I reuse old Easter decorations?

    Yes, you can reuse old Easter decorations. Just make sure you store them properly.

    Why do we decorate Easter eggs?

    Decorating Easter eggs is a tradition that dates back to ancient times. It symbolises new life and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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