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10 Trending Cricket World Cup Decoration Ideas for Your Home in 2024

Published On: Apr 3, 2023

We love cricket! This year India is hosting the 13th edition of the 2024 ICC Cricket World Cup and we simply can’t keep calm. The tournament will be held across various stadiums in the country, kicking off on October 5, 2024, till November 19, 2024. The World Cup is like a sporting festival and it is imperative that we celebrate it as one. It’s time you recollect all the totkas you applied for in the 2011 World Cup. We are bringing you some ideas to decorate your home for Cricket World Cup 2024.

1. Get a Projector

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To have the ultimate cricket experience with your friends and family, you need to get a projector. Set up the projector against a blank wall or a massive piece of white screen/cloth. Watching cricket is more fun when you have people shouting, screaming, crying and displaying passion towards the screen. It is often said that Indians are united by cricket. Bring a tinge of that in your home!

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2. Eat Blue!

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A cricket match without snacks? That doesn't sound right. This cricket season instead of bleeding blue, eat blue! Gather all your favourite blue snacks and introduce a bit of natural blue colour in your food. A blue pasta bowl while watching India win certainly sounds enticing! If blue snacks don't sound appetising, take out your blue serving bowls and plates to induce the spirit of cricket in your home.

3. Cricket Themed Food

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Since we are talking about food, cricket themed food is not that crazy of an idea- Cupcakes, pre match celebratory cake, cake pops and so much more. If you like baking and decorating, you are guaranteed to have a fun time decorating your table with these ideas. Bonus: Add the faux grass table runner to the dining table and infuse the cricket World Cup theme.

4. Bring Out Your Cricket Gear

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Even though watching the match pumps you up, what's better is to employ the skills of your favourite cricketer. Bring out your gear and keep it where you can access it easily. If you are not playing anymore, you can also keep out your old trophies you've won in the past as a decoration for cricket World Cup 2024.

5. Special Bats and Balls

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If you possess cricket equipment or merchandise that is autographed by your idols, why not display it out there? Show off your signed cricket gear on match nights! To keep them safe and out of the reach, enclose them in glass containers or even better- frame them! Surely, you don't want greasy hands handling those signed bats and balls.

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6. Poster it Up!

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A proper incorporation of cricket enthusiasm right before the World Cup is incomplete without postering up the walls. Posters are the easiest way to elevate your home for any kind of theme. Layer your walls with posters and frames of your favourite cricketers, the team, even the World Cup trophy and manifest India winning the tournament!

7. Cool Party Invites

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This cricket season, let's make sending invites cool again. Invite your friends or family over for match-night parties. Send a proper invite instead of just a message, just to add a bit of excitement. If you want to go an extra mile, you can even send out handmade invites to your friends!

8. Cricket Themed Decor

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Home decor is complete without a DIY project. Decorate your home for the cricket World Cup with DIY projects. You can use the cricket helmet to make a lamp by adding a light fixture inside the helmet. You can also use wickets or bats as a support for the glass of your centre or side table. If you want to get a bit more creative, you can use the cricket balls as key holders.

9. Spruce up the Spreads

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A direct way to decorate for the cricket World Cup is by enveloping your house with cricket themed cushions, curtains or bedspreads. If you aren't able to find cricket themed decor pieces, you can go ahead and order pillows and sheets which you can lay out across your home. Use fake grass as carpet for the field element.

10. The Indian Accent

For a cricket feel throughout the year, paint the accent wall of your living room or bedroom with the colour of India's jersey. Paint your room with a bright cerulean blue and add furniture that goes with it. Maybe the helmet light fixture or bat side/centre table? If you are looking for some other accents which go with the cricket theme, add faux grass, stickers or posters if it’s your bedroom.

And We're Out

The Cricket World Cup is a great time to get creative with your home decor. From painting the wall with your favourite team's colours, displaying flags and banners, to creating festive centrepieces, there are endless ways to spruce up your home in honour of the cricket World Cup. Whether you're hosting a party or just kicking back to watch the games, adding some festive decorations is sure to make the experience even more enjoyable. So, get out your craft supplies and get ready to decorate your home for the cricket World Cup!


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    When did India win the World Cup?

    India won the ICC ODI World Cup in 1983 & 2011.

    What is the hex code for India’s jersey for wall paint?

    The hex code for India’s blue is #004B8D

    How many times has India won the World Cup?

    India has won the World Cup twice.

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