10 Budget Friendly Small Bathroom Ideas to Remodel Your Personal Space in Style

Published On: Dec 25, 2023

Your bathroom is special; it offers a space to relax and rejuvenate. Renovation can be an expensive affair. Recognising this, we share easy and low cost bathroom design. Let's sprinkle some love on this special space without having to worry about the cost!

Light Up

Light Up- Budget Small Bathroom Ideas

When you’re on a budget but want to spruce up your small bathroom, lights are the easiest trick in this handbook. Use all the sockets available in the bathroom. Metal frame sconces are one of the best small bathroom decorating ideas on a budget. If there are very few outlets, you can also add battery-operated lights or attach lights in the false ceiling. Lastly, add both yellow and white lights to make it classy because it’s a smart way to bring light where you need it most in a small space.

Add Compact Vanities

Add Compact Vanities- Low Cost Simple Bathroom Designs

Bathrooms that are smaller in size always come with less storage. For a budget-friendly solution, incorporate compact vanities. Building in the vanity helps maximise storage, keeping your bathroom organised and tidy without straining your wallet.

Compact Vanities- Low Cost Bathroom Design Ideas

If you wish for increased floor space, get storage that can hang from the side walls of the ceiling. With attached mirrors, a vanity is a great, inexpensive small bathroom idea to add two items in one space. You can select its space and size depending on the type of product you want to store. Don't forget to use the corners and space below the sink!

Mirror Gallery- Inexpensive Small Bathroom Ideas

Make your bathroom feel charming by hanging mirrors on the wall. Such budget small bathroom ideas reflect sunlight and add a nice touch to your space. To keep it simple and affordable, paint the frames of your mirrors in the same colour, creating a cohesive look that brings charm to your bathroom. To make the mirrors more efficient, you can add mirrors with different focus, like makeup mirrors. Add lights behind or around, or attach it with a handle.

Fancy Up the Ceilings

Fancy Up the Ceilings- Budget Very Small Bathroom Ideas

Decorating the bathroom with accessories may be challenging, especially when you need more space for commodities. In such a situation, having a decorative ceiling can come in handy. Ceiling designs are quite affordable. From glow stickers to POP ceilings, your pocket will set the limit for your low budget bathroom ideas.

Door That Offer More Space

Sliding Door That Offer More Space- Low Budget Bathroom Designs

Consider changing your door if your current door takes up too much space. Instead of doors that swing open, try pocket doors or sliding doors. If the space is too congested, try a top-to-bottom sliding door. Budget very small bathroom ideas; you can add hangers and signs on the door.

Colours and Wallpaper

Colours and Wallpaper- Low Budget Bathroom Ideas

Choosing the right shades can do wonders for your bathroom. Opt for light colours like white, beige, or light pastels for bigger and brighter spaces. To make the low cost simple bathroom designs, make sure the paint would be able to protect from moisture and water stains. Otherwise, annual repair will take a toll on your pocket. If you’re feeling adventurous, add stripes or massive florals!

Choose the Right Colour Shade - Bathrooms on A Budget Ideas

If your low budget bathroom designs are not ideal for the paint, pick wallpaper. It adds a decorative element without overwhelming you or the space. Avoid dark or busy patterns. Stick to simple, elegant designs for a stylish and visually spacious bathroom. Ps – natural patterns give a more comforting tone to the bathroom.

Make The Best of Tricky Spaces

Make The Best of Tricky Spaces- Renovating Small Bathrooms on a Budget

If your bathroom has weird shapes or slanted ceilings, no worries! Be smart about it! Put mirrors, adhesive storage or decorative portraits where they make sense. This way, your bathroom becomes a challenge and a smart and stylish spot.

Natural Light Boost

Natural Light Boost- Small Bathroom Remodel on A Budget

Let the sunlight in! Skip the curtains and keep those windows bare to let the natural light flood your bathroom. It’s like a low budget small bathroom remodel mood booster. Instead of covering up the windows entirely, you can add a translucent sheet to maintain your privacy. This adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom.

Efficient Sink Design

Efficient Sink Design- Bathroom Design Ideas on A Budget

Opt for a floating sink basin in your bathroom for renovating small bathrooms on a budget. This space-saving solution adds modernity whilst creating a visual illusion of a larger space. Consider contrasting colours to enhance the visual appeal.

Space-savvy Tub Choices

Space-savvy Tub Choices- Budget Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Go for a freestanding slipper tub for a small bathroom remodel on a budget. It’s a clever alternative to the traditional bathtub, fitting snugly without taking up too much room. This compact tub will be the focal point of your bathroom.

Wrap Up!

Our bathroom is like a cosy corner in your home, and we get that. With us, changing it up can happen in a manageable amount of cash. These easy ideas make it comfy without stressing your wallet. For more such content, keep in touch with us! To get your bathroom renovated at easy rates, check our contact details!


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    Can I change the look of my bathroom without a major renovation?

    Certainly! Paint the walls, add a new shower curtain, or incorporate small vintage pieces. These simple changes can make a big difference on a budget.

    Are there any cheap ways to organise a small bathroom?

    Try hiding things with furniture like skirted vanities or floating sinks. They look good and help you keep things neat.

    How can I address a quirky floor plan in my bathroom design?

    Work around rooflines creatively. Use different-sized mirrors to mimic the drama of the ceiling and make the slanted roofline work for your bathroom setup.

    What's a compact tub?

    You can add a smaller, freestanding slipper tub to your bathroom for space and money-efficient luxury.

    Is there a space-saving alternative to swinging doors in a small bathroom?

    Choose to replace swinging doors with pocket doors to create a cosy atmosphere.

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