Evil Eye: Significance, Purpose, Protection, Meaning with Different Hanging Directions

Published On: Dec 10, 2023

One item has been around for a very long time- the evil eye charm- in a world where people have various methods to shield themselves from negative energy. Want to know why this charm is essential in your life? This blog will discuss why it's important, what it means, and how it can keep you safe. From its history to the different colours it comes in, we'll cover it all.

So, get ready to learn about this ancient charm that's not just fancy jewellery you see in every corner of the gift shop!

Meaning of Evil Eye

Meaning of Evil Eye

When someone looks at you to harm you or bring bad luck, it is known as the evil eye. It’s a belief in different cultures that a person’s jealous gaze can affect you negatively. It’s about the idea that someone’s look can impact your well-being.

Evil Eye History & Significance

Evil Eye History

The evil eye has a long history that dates back to ancient times. In Mesopotamia, people used items like the Ruby Eye Pendant as protection against negative influences'the belief in the evil eye pendant benefits spread to various cultures. The Greeks incorporated prayers into their churches to ward it off.

Evil Eye Significance

The Assyrians and Egyptians saw the purpose of the evil eye as a protective charm. They are like blue beads that were used to guard against the perceived harm of the evil eye. As time progressed into the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, rituals were crafted to determine if someone was affected by the evil eye. Even in the present day, the concept of the evil eye persists. Examples include the Nazar, or evil eye amulet, in Turkey and the use of red ribbons in Latin America.

Evil Eye Colour & Their Meaning

Different Types Of Evil Eye Colour Meaning

Evil eye charms come in various colours, each carrying its significance:

Dark Blue Evil Eye

Dark Blue Evil Eye Meaning

Dark blue evil eye charms signify good karma and positive energy. Most of the most frequently used evil eye protection for home India, these dark blue eyes are associated with qualities like commitment and motivation. It also serves as a protective shield against the evil eye. People believe wearing or placing dark blue evil eye charms can ward off negative energies and create a sense of security.

Light Blue Evil Eye

Light Blue Evil Eye Meaning

The light blue evil eye is linked to the vastness of the sky. Wearing or using these light blue charms as evil eye remedies for home is believed to create a sense of openness and safeguard individuals from the ill intentions of others.

Yellow or Golden Evil Eye

Yellow or Golden Evil Eye Meaning

Yellow or golden evil eye charms resemble the sun, representing energy, strength, and protection against diseases. These charms are thought to bring vitality and resilience. People often choose yellow or golden evil eyes to enhance their well-being against potential health-related challenges.

Orange Evil Eye

Orange Evil Eye Meaning

An orange’s evil eye protection meaning is associated with happiness, creativity, and fulfilling dreams. Individuals who seek inspiration and joy often opt for orange evil eye charms. Placing or wearing them will encourage a sense of fulfilment and creativity in various aspects of life.

Pink Evil Eye

Pink Evil Eye Meaning

Pink feng shui evil eye charms are linked to relaxation and are thought to contribute to developing friendships and love. Pink evil eye charms are believed to create a soothing atmosphere, fostering connections and positive relationships.

Green Evil Eye

Green Evil Eye Meaning

A green evil eye stone benefits include a balanced life filled with enjoyment, new ideas, and happiness. Individuals looking for harmony and personal growth often choose green evil eye charms. Placing or wearing them invites positive energies, contributing to a well-rounded and joyful life.

Brown Evil Eye

Brown Evil Eye Meaning

Brown evil eye charms offer protection against natural forces, providing stability and growth. People pick brown evil eye hanging for home for grounding and a sense of security. Placing or wearing them is believed to bring about peace and resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

Purple Evil Eye

Purple Evil Eye Meaning

Purple evil eye charms are associated with spirituality and are believed to remove obstacles. Individuals looking for spiritual growth and a sense of equilibrium often choose evil eye protection for home, office, and oneself. Placing or wearing them is thought to invite positive energy and a connection to the spiritual realm.

Red Evil Eye

Red Evil Eye Meaning

The red evil eye benefits the person with positive energy, strength, and courage to face life’s challenges. People seeking motivation and resilience often choose red evil eyes. Placing or wearing them is believed to instil a sense of vitality and determination, helping individuals overcome obstacles with strength.

Grey Evil Eye

Grey Evil Eye Meaning

Grey evil eye charms protect against sadness. Individuals looking for emotional resilience and protection against negative emotions often choose evil grey eyes. Decoration or evil eye bracelet benefits create a shield against despair, promoting emotional well-being.

Black Evil Eye

Black Evil Eye Meaning

Although the least popular black evil eye charms are associated with power and protection against bad luck and adversity, individuals seeking strength and resilience in the face of challenges often choose black evil eyes. Ornament-like evil eye ring benefits include creating a protective barrier against negative forces and misfortune.

White Evil Eye

White Evil Eye Meaning

White evil eye charms symbolise goodness, wealth, purity, opportunities, and new beginnings. Individuals seeking a fresh start or hoping for positive developments often choose white evil eyes. Choosing an evil eye for home entrance or wearing it is believed to attract good fortune and positive outcomes in various aspects of life.

Can You Wear Evil Eye Charm?

Right Way to Wear Evil Eye Jewellery

Carrying an evil eye charm for evil eye protection can offer a sense of comfort. Many wear these charms as jewellery, like bracelets, necklaces, or rings. Even though the jewellery has no side effects, individual beliefs may vary. You might find reassurance in knowing that this ancient symbol protects you from the bad eye of anyone who is not good to you.

Some even attach a charming evil eye keychain to their belongings, such as keys or bags, creating constant positive energy wherever they go.

Can You Hang Evil Eye Charm?

Where to Hang Evil Eye in Home

Placing the evil eye charm in your home or office is a practice people follow. It is believed that powerful evil eye protection can help you avoid the negativity of your surroundings. You can hang it on walls, club it with decorations, or attach it to personal items. Position it near entrances or spaces frequented by family members or colleagues to create a shield of positive energy.

When it comes to placing the devil’s eye symbol at home or the office, keep it simple. Hang it near the front door of your house for good vibes as you enter. In the office, put it on your desk or close to the entrance to bring positive energy to your workspace. The idea is to position it where it feels right for you, making your surroundings feel harmonious and protected from negativity.

Placing Evil Eye Guardians

Different Places to Hang Evil Eye

Now that you know the benefits of this amazing charm, let’s explore how to place these amulets for positive vibes in different places.

At Home

Placement of Evil Eye at Home Entrance

We all want to protect our family from the evil eyes of those who enter our homes. They can be friends, relatives, or your next-door neighbour who sheds these negative vibes on your home. Thus, let’s see how you can protect yourself using this blue eye symbol.

  • Hang the evil eye by your front door to block negativity and welcome only good things.
  • Place it in the living room for family protection, keeping harmony intact.
  • Let the evil eye guard your sleep by placing it in your or your little one’s bedroom.
  • Make your home workspace positive by placing an evil eye on it and making work enjoyable.

At the Office

Evil Eye Hanging Directions for Office

Corporate is known to be competitive; sometimes, people take others as their hurdles and try to create a negative vibe around them. Here are some evil eye hanging directions for your office to maintain a positive attitude.

  • Place the evil eye on your office door to avoid negativity and stay focused.
  • Put it on your desk to create a positive work environment by warding off envy.
  • The evil eye guarantees peaceful conversations and positive energy in conference rooms.
  • For businesses, having an evil eye in the reception area welcomes positivity from everyone.

In the Car

Evil Eye Hanging Directions for Car

Evil eye symbol meaning is to keep you away from negativity of all forms. Trust its power; place it smartly in your car for peace and good vibes. Evil eye hanging benefits of your rearview mirror is that you will get good vibes during drives. On the dashboard, it brings positivity to your vehicle. Attach a small one to your keychain for protection everywhere you go.

Caution: Avoid dark corners or cluttered spaces where its power may dilute. Keep it away from bathrooms to preserve its positive energy.


The evil eye is a symbol with ancient roots. In many cultures, the evil eye uses as a protective charm. From Mesopotamian practices to modern-day beliefs, it signifies a shield against negativity. Whether worn or placed, it serves as a guardian. The charms come in different colours and have different spiritual powers. They are a great addition to your life. For more life-related content, stay tuned!


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    How does the evil eye protect babies?

    Hanging it above a crib is believed to protect infants from negative energies.

    Can the evil eye be used in gardens?

    Hanging it on a tree or plant is thought to enhance positive energy.

    Does wearing an evil eye on the ankle have any significance?

    Wearing it on the ankle is inappropriate; it’s commonly worn as a necklace or bracelet.

    Can the evil eye be used for financial prosperity?

    While its primary focus is protection, some believe it can attract good fortune.

    Can the evil eye be used for protection against office gossip and politics?

    While it is not a guaranteed solution, some believe it can create a protective barrier.

    Can the evil eye be gifted to others for protection?

    Yes, it is commonly gifted as a gesture of protection and good wishes.

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