Work Well from Home: 7 Vastu Tips for a Perfect Home Office

Published On: Jun 13, 2024

When working from home, you're blending the personal with the professional, so it's crucial to strike the right balance. You need clear boundaries that help you effortlessly switch between home life and work mode. Ensuring these lines are well-defined helps you manage your daily tasks and sets the stage for a productive and positive work environment.

Let’s explore how Vastu tips can help you create the perfect home office space where productivity flows and stress stays low. Knowing the best direction for the work desk at home is a great first step. Here are seven Vastu tips to help you set up your home office for maximum productivity and positivity.

Choose the Right Direction for Your Home Office

Best Direction for Work Desk at Home Office

Yes, there is an ideal office table direction as per Vastu and not only that but there is also the right shape for it. You have to remember that what Vastu brings to the table, literally, is that it aligns your life in the right way so that it doesn't interfere with the flow of the world. There is a natural flow, and we are usually disrupting much of it. It’s really all about positioning your space in harmony with the elements to maximise energy and productivity.

When working from home, the best direction to face while in the office is the West or South-West direction. These areas are known to enhance stability and foster a strong work ethic. So, the best direction for your work desk is to face North, Northeast, or East. These orientations are thought to draw in positive energy, boosting your concentration and clarity'providing a natural lift to your productivity without the need for extra caffeine!

So if you're wondering, which direction should I face while working from home? This spot supports business acumen and career stability, making it the perfect backdrop for making important decisions and advancing your professional life.

Picking the Right Desk as Per Vastu

Vastu for Office Table

Get Your Life Straightened with the Right Angles. Using a rectangular or square desk is the norm and for a good reason. They help maintain balance and sharpen your focus, turning your work sessions into productivity power hours. While those funky circular or oddly shaped desks might catch your eye, they’re just a recipe for a scrambled brain and scattered thoughts. Stick to the right angles.

Let There Be Light (and Windows)

Let There Be Light- Vastu Shastra for Home Office

It's good to have windows on the North or East walls to catch the sun as soon as it rises. This keeps the energy of the room positive and makes it feel fresh. A new day and new challenges in a dull room may make you feel unprepared for the coming day. Also, make sure there are no doors or windows directly behind you, this keeps distractions at bay and concentration on point. Windows also help when you need a mini escape from the grind, a quick gaze out the window does wonders. It's like hitting the refresh button on your brain, all without leaving your desk.

When adding artificial lights, make sure they're not too bright or are not hurtful to the eyes. Open the windows in the office regularly to maintain a clean and open space. A well-lit and airy office can make all the difference in how you feel and work.

Pick Soothing Colours and Inspirational Decor

Pick Soothing Colours And Inspirational Décor- Vastu Tips for Home Office

Another way to bring positive Vastu to your office space is via colours. Make a visual setting where you will enjoy sitting because you are in for a lot of tiring hours. It is best to opt for soothing colours like white, cream, light yellow, or green. these shades are soothing to the eye and also help maintain a zen-like balance and flow of energy, which is just what you need to stay focused and calm during your work sprints.

A small colour guide to keep in mind:

  • Cream: Enhances dignity and engagement with your work
  • Light Yellow: Boosts health and brings an optimistic glow to your space
  • Light Green: Keeps your mind, body, and soul in harmony while inviting in those good vibes
  • Light Gold: Ramps up productivity and potential profits

Additionally, you can add in some motivational decor pieces across the room for inspiration as well. It can be anything, from motivational posters, a collection of your favourite art, or quirky little gadgets that make you smile.

Arrange Your Equipment Wisely

Arrange Your Equipment Wisely- Vastu Principles for Work Desk

The best direction to work from home is the East or Northeast direction. So make sure you organise your other equipment around this area. For starters, you can keep your computer table direction as per vastu in the South-East. This is also where you should stash all your heavy electronics like printers and servers as well. This zone is recognised as the hub for electronic devices, and positioning them here can help to sidestep those pesky technical glitches.

Now, what about your phones and other communication gear? Point those towards the North-West. This isn't just for good Vastu'this direction enhances clarity and effectiveness in communication, which is a must-have when your home doubles as your office.

Keep Clutter to a Minimum

Keep Clutter to A Minimum- Vastu for Office Desk

Tidy up those rooms. Messy desks slow you down. Prioritise a clean and organised workspace. Strategically place shelves and cabinets in the South or West directions of your office to keep files and supplies neatly arranged. This organisation doesn’t just clear your space; it enhances the circulation of positive energy, ensuring a more productive and vibrant work environment.

For storage, placethe all-important documents in drawers and wardrobes and position them in the west or southwest section of your home office. Make sure these storage units open towards the north, east, or northeast directions that are traditionally associated with attracting wealth.

To amplify the Vastu for office desks, consider placing a Citrine cluster or a Gold pyrite crystal inside your drawer. These stones are believed to attract and multiply wealth.

Grow Your Prospects: Adding Water and Plant Elements

Adding Water And Plant Elements- Vastu Guidelines for Work Space

We might rarely notice our own growth. Nothing says life more than a living, growing being in front of you. So, inject some life and zest into your workspace with the vibrant touch of green plants. Positioning plants like bamboo or money plants in the northeast corner of your office attracts prosperity.

Also, if you’re a fan of water elements, consider adding a small fountain or an aquarium in the same corner. Water features are not just visually appealing; they also play a crucial role in attracting wealth and encouraging the flow of positive vibes. Plus, the gentle sound of water is just what you need for a calming backdrop to power through those tough workdays.

To More Deals and Better Steals

Don't forget that, as much as it can be, each element and placement is not random or decorative. It is purposeful. Each detail, from choosing the best direction to work and the best direction to face while working in an office to the strategic positioning of your desk, plants, and water features, is carefully considered to create an environment that enhances productivity and attracts positive energy and prosperity. Happy working!

Want to change your home office into a new productivity powerhouse with Vastu? Our team at Interior Company is here to blend style with Vastu principles for the perfect workspace.

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    Why is the direction of my desk important in Vastu?

    The direction of your desk influences the flow of energy; facing North or East while working is believed to enhance concentration and attract prosperity.

    Can the shape of my desk affect my productivity according to Vastu?

    Yes, a rectangular or square desk is recommended as it helps maintain balance and focus, leading to better productivity.

    What colours are best for a home office as per Vastu?

    Light and neutral colours like white, cream, light yellow, and green are ideal as they create a calm and balanced environment.

    Where should I place my electronic equipment in my home office according to Vastu?

    Place heavy electronics in the South-East direction to prevent technical issues and enhance their functionality.

    How do plants contribute to a Vastu-friendly home office?

    Green plants in the northeast corner can boost tranquillity and prosperity, enhancing the positive energy in your office.

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