Modern Wash Basin Designs in Hall Specially Made for Indian Homes

Published On: Dec 24, 2022

We all are aware that it is highly vital to wash your hands before and after every meal. However, in India, it might not be considered very good to go into the washroom before meals. Although the sink can be used for similar purposes it isn't very ideal to use. Apart from this, it is also very convenient to have one wash basin outside so that the washroom is less occupied.

Tips on Choosing Wash Basin Designs in Hall

  • It is mandatory to have a wash basin design in hall but it is also important to place it at a considerable distance from the dining table. 
  • It is important to consider the plumbing and maintenance requirements of the outlet before choosing a wash basin design for hall. 
  • Check the water supply beforehand.
  • Measure the dimensions of the area available to install a wash basin. 
  • When installing a basin in the dining room, gallery or hall it is important to match the storage units and walls.
  • When working with a small space, consider installing floating shelves to save extra space. 
  • Consider a way to cover the pipes and plumbing to avoid a bad appearance. 

Different Types of Basin Designs for Hall

There are plenty of options for wash basins in the market that can be chosen but we have gathered some of the best ones that can be included as the wash basin designs in halls for your home. 

1. Glass 

Source: Pinterest

Adding a glass fixture in a modern wash basin design in hall is a dreamy choice. The best part about this choice is that it can be camouflaged with the decor because of its clear appearance. It will also make your space appear much cleaner and posh. The only thing that has to be kept in mind when installing this, is to clean the bowl every once in a while to maintain the shine of the glass. Because who likes a dull glass piece? Absolutely nobody!  

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2. Stainless Steel 

Source: Pinterest

Stainless steel is always a great option if you want something that is long-lasting and maintenance-free. A stainless steel wash basin design in hall has a shiny bowl interior which makes it more appealing and attractive. 

3. Ceramic 

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Ceramic wash basin designs for hall are a great fit for any home. As they are economical and require low maintenance. Ceramic wash basins can be found in every Indian household as they are a popular choice. Being a cheaper option, the Indian market offers a myriad of choices in both dining room and bathroom basins of different shapes, colours and sizes. 

4. Metal Bowl 

Source: Pinterest

Finding a metal wash basin might not be a common sight in homes, but we can say it is a great way to incorporate some expensive materials into your dining area. This area looks divine with a rustic appeal and renders an essence. This will make such a petite washing area in your dining room a focal point in the house. 

5. Stone

Source: Pinterest

A stone wash basin is a more ecosystem-friendly option amongst all as it is created from all-natural ingredients. Stone wash basin designs in hall can be heavier to the station and need more lumbar support or a larger surface area. 

6. Marble 

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Choosing a marble basin is as expensive as it is durable. Marble fittings whether they are tiles, countertops or a basin are a vital element. Wash basin designs in hall need to be attractive and functional as they are positioned in a place that has dense foot traffic. This is why it is important to make this space an area of expertise and attraction. 

7. Granite

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Naturally acquired material, granite is also a choice of material for your wash basin in dining area. Granite is a long-lasting material but isn’t a very popular choice for wash basins. 

8. Concrete

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There's increasing interest in following themes when it comes to designing your home. When going with an industrial style of interior design using a hunk of concrete basin either in the dining room or bathroom is a great alternative to get in the theme. 

A concrete sink is easier to create with a mould and can be even installed easily.  The only thing that has to be kept in mind is that you need a stable platform base to make the area safer to operate. 

9. Resin 

Source: Pinterest

Resin wash basins might not be as long-lasting as any other but they are equally adorable to fit in your dining area or hall. As we all know that resin art is in trend and also with the increasing interest in DIY, we will not be shocked if someone wants to make their basin and their own. The only suggestion we’d give is to add either a colour pigment or some decorative material that will make the wash basin in hall an attractive addition. 


Finding fittings and fixtures for your home is a task but also an exciting experience. We hope this blog came in handy with your research for something like these wash basin designs for dining room.


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    Why do you need a wash basin in hall or dining room?

    Wash basins are a need for any Indian home. They not only play a role in giving people extra space to wash up after a meal, but also help in maintaining hygiene.

    Which variety of wash basins is the best for installation in homes?

    Ceramic wash basins are the best ones since they are easier to maintain. Ceramic basins are easily available too.

    What basin shape is the most ideal one?

    Wash basins are available in several shapes and sizes. The only difference is what makes a better fit for your house. Square-shaped sinks are the best suited as they give a fair share of space and surface area allowing it to either be stationed on a base or hung to a wall.

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