Jali Partition Ideas: Painting With Shadows

Updated On: Jul 12, 2024

With its roots in Arabia, the Jali’s primary purpose was to shield interiors from harsh glare and heat while inviting in natural light through its intricate designs, thereby painting the space with a play of shadows.

Amidst the ebb and flow of interior trends, the jali partitions stand as an inspiring example of how to merge age-old culture with contemporary trends, not just for aesthetics but also for functionality. Their relevance has not only survived but has grown through time, thanks to their harmonious blend of function and design.

The role of jali partitions and their designs have undergone a significant transformation over time. Nowadays, the most popularly used material for jali partitions is MDF, and modern MDF jalis are not just tools to combat intense heat but also provide functionality and beauty to a place. This versatility opens up a world of possibilities for interior design enthusiasts.

Get inspired by these 10 contemporary and innovative design ideas for using jali partitions. These ideas truly showcase the creative potential of jali partitions in interior design.

What Is MDF?

Medium-density fibreboard is an engineered product made from wood, fibre, resin, and wax, glued together under high pressure and heat and passed into sheets. It’s an upgrade from particle board and plywood, often used as an alternative to wood. It can be machined and finished to a high standard thanks to its strength and density. The dynamicity of its characteristics makes it suitable for use as a contemporary raw material for jalis.

Modern MDF Jali Design With Geometrical Motifs

Modern MDF Jali Design With Geometrical Motifs

For people who love simple designs, geometrical jalis are one of the best options for decorating their house with sophisticated simplicity. It’s an array of circles, rectangles, polygons & other different shapes. Altered and brought together in different styles and compositions to create a cohesive design which matches the interior of your house. This MDF jali design adds form and texture to the simplistic interior of your house.

The Minimalist MDF Partition Design for Living Room

The Minimalist MDF Partition Design for Living Room

Even a simple composition of straight or vertical lines in partition MDF jalis can accentuate the modernity of your living space. These types of jalis are free-standing room dividers which can be both functional and aesthetically appealing. They can be used in living areas, kids' rooms and even in some semi-formal offices. They are visually modular and create a simple yet creative aura to the space. Apart from these, you can also use different designs in these free-standing jalis like an ornamental design for a traditional look or by adding fun curves and shapes for a children-friendly vibe.

Spiritually Engraved MDF Jali Design for Pooja Room

Spiritually Engraved MDF Jali Design for Pooja Room

Worship rooms or 'pooja ghars'  are one of those spaces which are not bound to the theme of the house due to pre-designed rules and limitations they need to abide by. This is one of the most respected and thought-out spaces in the house. Marble has been the go-to choice for mandir jalis, but their weight and cost make it hard to be a popular and efficient choice. On the other hand, MDF designer Jali is something that can be customised as per the need of the space while being pocket-friendly at the same time. You can design these jalis to match your house’s interior while keeping the religious elegance.

Modern Angular MDF Jali Design for Partition

Modern Angular MDF Jali Design for Partition

Interiors in contemporary houses and flats miss curves and angular traditional designs to match the minimalist trend, but these angular designs have their own character, and they make the home stand out in the crowd. Angular jalis can fill in the uniqueness your house has been missing. They add grandeur of textures, harmony of complex designs, and can easily complement even the most simple and contemporary décor design. Angular jalis are floor-to-slab pieces which can be merged with the patterns on the ceiling, becoming a mix of contemporary design with an ancient vibe.

Luxurious MDF Jali Design for Bathroom

Luxurious MDF Jali Design for Bathroom

People do not give much thought to bathrooms after the interior is done, but even simple free-hand partitions like in the picture above can easily elevate the look of your bathroom. You can compose the jali according to the needs of your bathroom by simply adding a mirror, dual tones, and a combination of different shapes and designs to make your bathroom look luxurious and sophisticated.

Openwork Screens as Jali Partitions

Openwork Screens as Jali Partitions

These are some of the most widely used living room jali designs. They let the air and light flow freely, giving a visual illusion of space. They are best for adding balance to your already cluttered space. They are structured in a way to let you put those extra decorative pieces lying in your storerooms waiting to be relocated. These jalis put a subtle distinction between two spaces and add refinement with clean lines and minimalist look.

Fit Chic MDF Jali Partition Design in Your Living Area

MDF Jali Partition Design for Living Area

Compose the design with several patterns while keeping a singular or monochromatic colour pattern. This will work as an accessory to your living area. You can also use different hues of the same colour to complement the scheme while keeping it dynamic. Feel free to use bold contrast with a darker colour scheme. Treat these chic jali partitions as an accessory for your living room, so style them as you do with your clothes. Just keep the colour choice limited and articulated, or else your living room could end up looking like a kid's artboard, try playing with the patterns and designs, not the colours.

Sliding MDF Jali Design for Large Spaces

Sliding MDF Jali Design for Large Spaces

Decorating and distinguishing a large living room may become difficult and make it look like an empty space. So, instead of occupying the space with a wall, you can separate it with a sliding jali, which does not take extra space and define the large areas of the room. They add a very cosy and elegant feel to the space while being highly portable. Have a party? Need more space now? Well'¦ slide shut the jali partition and you have successfully transformed your living room into a club.

Free-Portable Jali: A Multifunctional Design Element

Modern Free-Portable MDF Jali Design for Partition

One innovative way to employ a modern jali design is as a multifunctional interior design element. The image above shows how a beautiful MDF jali design can serve two purposes. You can use it primarily as a room divider and a decorative design element, and you can also use it as an extra cabinet or storage unit.

Contemporary MDF Jali Design With Flora And Fauna

Contemporary MDF Jali Design With Flora And Fauna

Create an elegant, soothing embrace of nature's atmosphere with these wonderful flora and fauna-themed jali designs. These jalis let the light in through their leafy carvings, casting beautiful shadows all over the place. If placed thoughtfully, these jalis will maintain an ideal balance between privacy and openness. They provide seclusion while maintaining an airy presence.

Wrapping Up

The variety of usage and aesthetics these centuries-old structures can still provide is an open show of the architectural intelligence designers had. Contemporary designers’ evolution of these designs to fit the needs of modern times while not losing their authenticity and original purpose is commendable, too. Jalis can work as moulds to paint your favourite designs in your house with the paints of shadows.

MDF jalis partitions are versatile, cost-efficient, aesthetically variable and beautiful, functionally apt, flexible, and environmentally sustainable. They can add to the décor of space with their intricate designs and the texture of beautiful shadows.

We have discussed many different uses and designs of MDF jali partitions and there are many more to choose from, and you can anytime contact the experts at Interior Company, to help you choose and design the customised canvases these MDF jali partitions are.

*Images used are for representational purposes only. Unless explicitly mentioned, Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images.*


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    What is MDF jali design?

    Medium-density fibreboard is a popular engineered wood product made of compressed wooden fibres mixed with wax and resin. It is smooth and affordable and is used for partitions in various places.

    Is MDF a sturdy material?

    This is one of the unique qualities of MDF, they are sturdy yet light weight material which is the core reason of their versatile usage in different products. In specifically MDF jali partitions, MDFs are used for the same reason.

    What is the thickness of MDF jali?

    MDF jalis come in a variety of thicknesses: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 11mm, 15mm, 17mm, 18mm, 25mm, 30mm and 35mm.

    Which type of MDF is best for MDF jali partitions?

    Two different types of MDF are available in the market. The most commonly used is interior-grade MDF, which, as the name suggests, is suitable for most internal applications of buildings where moisture isn’t a problem. Then comes the exterior-grade MDF, which is used externally for building elevations or signage works.

    How to create a partition between an open kitchen and a living room?

    Firstly, assess if your living room furniture is already set up. Consider its spatial impact. Determine desired openness for both areas; MDF jalis allow light and air, enhancing spaciousness. Explore various designs for functional and aesthetic harmony. Consult interior experts for renovation guidance.

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