Exquisite Modern Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Published On: Apr 23, 2022

Modern kitchen islands have gained hype in recent years. If you think of your house as a human being, the kitchen would be the heart. Apart from the kitchen space, every home needs a central dining place where the family can sit together and have a meal. It is why most people opt for a modern kitchen island designs nowadays.

A kitchen island is a central place or a freestanding cabinet with a seating facility around it. It consists of washing, cooking, and dining space. Drawers and cabinets for storing kitchenware are also a part of the kitchen island setting. You can go for a small or a large modern kitchen island based on your needs.

Modern kitchen islands are a relatively recent development and have become quite popular in the past few years. However, even if the word 'kitchen island' is relatively young, people have discovered ideas for central freestanding cabinets inside the kitchen for years. So let's take a glimpse into some appealing modern kitchen island ideas.

• White Kitchen Island 

White Kitchen Island 

A seamless modern luxury kitchen island is always in fashion. The white colour in your kitchen represents cleanliness, hygiene, purity, and innocence. An all-white modern luxury kitchen island goes well with the same colour backdrop. Besides this, it will also go well with other subtle light shades. For example, you can pair a white kitchen island with light-brown or cream-coloured stools for an enhanced look.

• Kitchen Island with Wooden Cabinets

Kitchen Island with Wooden Cabinets

Many people prefer wood finishing for a vintage or professional look in their kitchen. A modern luxury kitchen island with wooden cabinets will add to the beauty of your kitchen. A modern luxury kitchen island with wooden cabinets with a quartz or granite countertop goes well.

You can add custom designs to the wooden cabinets to sync them with the kitchen. Not to forget, wooden cabinets can be easily cleaned and offer high durability. You can pair the wooden cabinets with dark wood stools.

• Curved Kitchen Island

Curved Kitchen Island

Are you done with rectangle-shaped kitchen islands? Well, try the curved modern island kitchen designs for a change. A curved kitchen island is more than a cynosure in your kitchen. Use your curved kitchen island as a breakfast space or a minibar during a party. The curved kitchen island design opens the door to new possibilities. You can place some comfy chairs around the curved kitchen island for seating.

Comfy bar stools are the apt choice for a curved kitchen island. The curved modern island kitchen design is perfect for space management in small kitchens. You can also match the colour of stools/chairs with the countertop of the modern curved kitchen island for a better look.

• Emblazoned Kitchen Island 

Emblazoned Kitchen Island 

An embellished/emblazoned kitchen island is the first choice of many. People prefer modern island kitchen designs filled with patterns, textures, and design elements. You can add patterned tiles on the bottom half of the kitchen island for an appealing view. A contemporary kitchen island with embellished bottom offers the right amount of colour.

One needs to consider the spacing requirements while designing a contemporary kitchen island. Consider you have a refrigerator in the kitchen with some deep drawers. Your contemporary kitchen island should not hinder opening the drawer of the refrigerator. You need to leave space for opening drawers, cabinets, and ergonomic convenience before designing a kitchen island.

• Refreshing Green Kitchen Island

Refreshing Green Kitchen Island

The contemporary kitchen islands can be differentiated based on colour, design, or storage. If you want to add some refreshing and energetic colours to your kitchen, try a green kitchen island. You can go for a kitchen island with a white countertop and wooden green cabinets. There is no limit to modern kitchen island ideas in today's era.

Search the web or ask an expert to explore some mind-boggling modern kitchen island ideas. You can also try the pastel green colour for the wooden cabinets of your kitchen island. You can add stools/chairs around the green kitchen island for dining. Do not commit the mistake of ignoring ergonomic convenience while exploring kitchen island ideas. You should be able to walk around the green kitchen island with ease.

• Sophisticated Turquoise Kitchen Island

Sophisticated Turquoise Kitchen Island

Many people are convinced that the turquoise colour represents a feminine personality. Well, the turquoise colour represents many other aspects. For example, the turquoise colour in your kitchen represents serenity, wholeness, and sophistication. Modern kitchen island ideas have to do a lot with the colour you choose.

If you want to add turquoise colour to your kitchen, you can use wooden cabinets and drawers. The turquoise colour on the wooden finishing adds to the overall visual appearance. Explore modern kitchen island ideas that go well with the existing colour in your kitchen. White, aqua and other light shades go well with a turquoise kitchen island. Don't forget to leave some space for seating around the turquoise kitchen island.

• L-shaped kitchen island

L-shaped kitchen island

Large families often go with an L-shaped modern contemporary kitchen island. One of the main functions of a modern contemporary kitchen island is to offer seating space. Many family members can dine at once on an L-shaped modern contemporary kitchen island.

Besides versatility, an L-shaped modern contemporary kitchen island is apt for an open floor plan. Not to forget, an L-shaped kitchen island offers high functionality and ergonomic convenience. You can add cabinets to your L-shaped modern contemporary kitchen island for optimised storage if needed.

You can add many stools/chairs around an L-shaped kitchen island for dining. If you have a smaller kitchen with not much square footage, an L-shaped kitchen island will be a perfect choice.

• Kitchen Island with a Washing Space 

Kitchen Island with a Washing Space

If you are cooking on the kitchen island, you may need to wash the utensils or veggies. You need a washing space close to the countertop used for cooking for added convenience. A modern kitchen island with a sink offers you a bigger work area. When the sink is part of your kitchen island, you will use it frequently.

A modern kitchen island with a sink helps you end up with fewer dishes when you have finished cooking. However, a modern kitchen island with a sink depends on subjective impression. Some people may think a modern kitchen island with a sink is a downgrade to the kitchen's overall look. One thing is sure that modern kitchen island with seating/sink will add to the kitchen's functionality.

• Extended Kitchen Island

Extended Kitchen Island

A modern kitchen island with seating needs more space than other kitchen islands. Families with more members opt for an extended modern kitchen island with seating to fit everybody. Based on the available space in your kitchen, you can extend your large modern kitchen island.

When choosing an extended modern kitchen island with seating, go for the rectangle shape. You can consult an expert to design an extended kitchen island according to your needs.

• Mini Kitchen Island 

Mini Kitchen Island 

Sometimes, you don't explore modern kitchen island decor ideas for seating and dining. People also explore modern kitchen island decor ideas for adding to the overall beauty of the kitchen. You can opt for a small kitchen island in the centre of your kitchen. You can use it to keep a bowl of fruits or a vase for decoration.

 Modern kitchen island decor ideas also depend on the space available in your kitchen. Modern kitchen island decor ideas can add style and function to even a smaller kitchen. One should also consider future needs while exploring kitchen island decor desings.

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In a Nutshell

For contemporary kitchen island ideas; you need to consider the available space and functional requirements. Don't explore modern/contemporary kitchen island ideas without a clear intention.

You can also consider the storage requirements before browsing kitchen island ideas. If you need a washbasin, you have to browse modern kitchen island designs accordingly. Choose Interior Company for designing kitchen islands!


Q. Which contemporary kitchen island ideas are best for a small space?

Square-shaped or a modern curved kitchen island is best for a smaller space.

Q. What can I add to my large modern kitchen island for enhanced functionality?

You can add washing space, cabinets, and seating to your large modern kitchen island for increased functionality.

Q. Which kitchen island is best for a large family?

An L-shaped or circular kitchen island is best for a large family.