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6 Best Indoor Fountain Design Ideas for Your Home

Published On: Dec 24, 2022

Do you want to add some glamour to your home? Do you want to attract good luck to your home? Then, we suggest you add a fountain to your home! A water feature not only adds an attractive appearance to your home but also brings tranquillity to your space. Many times you may find yourself relaxed amidst the sound of water flowing. This is because sound of water puts our mind in a meditative state. 

Let us read on and find out why you need fountains and what are the different types of fountain designs for home. 

Why are Indoor Fountain Ideas for Home a Great Indoor Addition? 

Apart from helping the mind to unwind, an indoor fountain idea for home also helps increase the quality of life. According to Feng Shui, the Chinese art of living space arrangement, water fountains help attract prosperity, fortune, and positive forces, it boosts Chi, rebalances yang energy and promotes energy flow in the house. 

Since water is an elemment that has the energy to calm human emotions, incorporating indoor water fountains are a great centrepiece in any home. 

1. Fills a Boring Room 

A fountain helps create a focal point in any room. There are also no restrictions to the design or size of the fountain, based on the space in your home you can choose what fountain design fits best for you. Adding a water element adds a lot of interest and movement which will never give your home a dull moment. 

2. Can be Used in the Workplace 

A water fountain is an interesting feature even for the office, as it helps placate a stressful environment. Surprisingly, it will also make the space more productive and engaging. 

3. Improves Air Quality

We care about the AQI, and currently with the increasing levels of air pollution, all preventative measures matter. As we all have read in grade school water helps lower smog and pollution similarly, a fountain will approach in a unique way to make the air near you at least the slightest bit better.

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1. Indoor Wall Fountain 

Source: Pinterest

Wall fountains can be built with many creative ideas. Generally, a wall fountain design for home is found flowing down a glass wall. It serves two purposes, one of adding a focal point and the other is to provide privacy as a screen. This indoor fountain design for home is made using materials and enhanced by placing some water stones at the bottom. This type of fountain is ideal for homes that are spacious and follow an opulent decor theme. 

2. Colourful Vessel Fountain 

Source: Pinterest

Watering vessels are one of the most common fountain designs, and why they are common, one may ask? Many people prefer getting them as they are easy to match any type of decor. 

These turquoise blue vessels will not only attract prosperity but it will also attract many eyes to appreciate their beauty. 

3. Traditional Birdbath 

Source: Pinterest

Birdbath water fountains are the integral water fountain that you can locate at various public parks worldwide. Their omnipresence makes them a versatile choice ' one can place them outside on the lawn, at the doorway of the home, or in an indoor garden, and they will seamlessly combine with the decor in each of the settings.

A single-layered tall birdbath fountain design for home is a traditional yet immaculate choice; the sound of water is cascading enough to attract birds for a quick drink and it takes your mind off disturbing thoughts. One can also choose to surround this design with plants and creepers to give a laid-back appeal. 

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4. Teapot Indoor Piece 

Source: Pinterest

If you want to choose this teapot indoor fountain design, then make sure to either place it facing your dining table or the living space to meet the aesthetic appeal. This cute set of four is easy to assemble and set up with a tiny bit amount of water required. This is a simple decor piece that can be placed on any side table or centre table to give an excellent look. 

5. Table Top Budha Fountain 

Source: Pinterest

Installing a Gautam Buddha statue in itself brings calm but pairing it with an indoor fountain tops all our charts. This Buddha tabletop fountain will attract positive Chi and fortune. Many people look for a way to add statues in their homes and this idea is a creative one. 

Buddha Fountain statues come in several designs and sizes based on the market requirement, and they can also be placed both inside and outside the house. 

6. Corner Lotus Stand 

Source: Pinterest

Who dosent like decorating the corner in any room right? To top it off, what is more ideal if you find a tall fountain design? This Lotus flower fountain will add structure, beauty and the music of streaming water to your abode. The six feet tall column of blossoms catches water like cups maintaining the flow. It is an artistic way to make a natural focal point for your home that will have all eyes onboard!. 

Make a Choice 

As we came to know how cascading water attracts and corrects Feng Shui, it also attracts wealth, health and prosperity. We hope this blog has been inspiring enough for you to choose an indoor fountain design. Most of the mentioned designs are readily available in the market for purchase. In order to seek expert guidance in finding the best design and planning the placement of fountains, log on to and get in touch with our experts today for assistance. 

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    Are indoor fountain ideas for home beneficial?

    According to Vastu Shastra, indoor fountain ideas for home symbolise fortune, love, happiness and money flow. Stationing one in or around the house will be a beneficial decision.

    Where should a fountain be placed in the house?

    The best position to place a fountain at home is near the entrance in the northward direction.  The water flow in the fountain should be continuous and not stagnant. If the fountain stops or doesn’t work, it is best to hide it away to avoid bad vastu.

    Do indoor fountains use a lot of electricity?

    Most fountains placed inside the house use electricity same as a small lamp. But the usage might differ with a larger-sized fountain.

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