15 Easy DIY Christmas Trees You Must Try for Every Room of Your House

Published On: Dec 24, 2023

In the season of gifts and reindeers, the scent of pine wafts and festive vibe fills the air- it's time to choose the most daunting task of the holiday season, the iconic Christmas Tree. Whether you like faux trees or evergreen, deciding on a theme or simply eager for a change this season. Here are some DIY Christmas tree ideas that are unique and oh-so-trending to spice up the holiday decor. Not only this, they are perfect solutions for space-saver dwellers and are fun and creative alternatives to traditional trees.

Moreover, the best handmade Christmas trees double us as children’s Christmas craft ideas and work wonderfully outdoors and indoors. From eclectic Christmas wreath trees to rustic wood pallet trees or elegant string trees, discover these quirky and imaginative DIY Xmas tree ideas that spruce up your home with a personalised touch and seasonal celebrations. 

DIY Xmas Tree Pom-pom Tree

DIY Xmas Tree Pom-pom Tree christmas tree craft ideas

If traditional ornaments aren’t your style or you're seeking an alternative DIY Christmas tree theme, why not infuse your home with the playful charm of pom-poms? You only need assorted yarns in various vibrant colours to make a Christmas tree. Mix different sizes of pom-poms to add a unique colour and texture for a delightful festive tree. Plus, it can be a fun children's Christmas craft activity, radiating a whimsical touch to the home.

Wood Pallet Trees Christmas Tree Craft Ideas

Wood Pallet Trees Christmas Tree Craft Ideas diy xmas tree

Wood pallets have been all the rage in DIY Christmas tree ideas, adding a rustic and eco-friendly vibe with holiday spirit.  Transform your leftover wood pallets and sand them to lend a smooth surface. Paint them with festive colours or keep them bare as per your desired style. For an added touch, adorn with pinecones and lights for your charming tree wonder.

Simple Xmas Tree Miniature Yarn Tree

Simple Xmas Tree Miniature Yarn Tree simple xmas tree

Want some visually stunning tree centrepiece for your tabletop or mantle? Go for a miniature yarn tree that incites cosiness and texture to the decor. Choose foam cones of varying sizes and wrap them in colourful yarns. Embellish them with beads or sequins to add a festive sparkle to the room while bringing a whimsical flair to your celebrations.

Homemade Christmas Tree Ribbon Tree

Homemade Christmas Tree Ribbon Tree

Do you have any leftover ribbons lying around from wrapping presents? You are in a treat with this simple Xmas tree idea that adds a flair of textures and patterns to your home decor. For this, you need to hot glue pieces of ribbon to a cone. Experiment with contrasting tones for an eclectic tree.

Simple Xmas Tree String Tree

Simple Xmas Tree String Tree make a christmas tree

This is one of the most minimalist yet charming handmade Xmas tree ideas. Hang some colourful string from the ceiling for a playful effect. Attach miniature ornaments or paper snowflakes to create a whimsical display. For a final touch place the gifts underneath to infuse festive charm.

DIY Christmas Tree Colourful Paper Tree

DIY Christmas Tree Colourful Paper Tree

If this festival season you want to make a mini Christmas tree, use colourful papers to burst the warmth and energy into your holiday season. This vibrant and playful tree is super easy to make- cut the paper into a triangular shape silhouette and add colourful stripes in round shapes that look like visually striking ornaments, oozing cheerfulness and charm.

Simple Xmas Tree Book Tree

Simple Xmas Tree Book Tree diy christmas tree

Book lovers, rejoice! Such DIY Xmas tree ideas can infuse a distinct charm to your holiday decor. Simply rearrange your books in varying sizes in a pyramidal shape and then spice up the decor with twinkling lights or ornaments and pine cones.  If all the books are in classic tones like red or green then it is a perfect blend of intellect and festivity.

DIY Christmas Tree Ladder Tree

DIY Christmas Tree Ladder Tree

Seeking a rustic and spontaneous DIY Christmas tree idea? Repurpose an old wooden ladder and embellish it with garlands, lights, and ornament to exude a farmhouse charm and holiday spirit in your home. You can even drape it with ribbons or burlap for a touch of  country-chic aesthetic. It is an ideal space-saving and cost-friendly solution for smaller homes.

Handmade Christmas Tree Hanging Tree

Handmade Christmas Tree Hanging Tree

Elevate your holiday décor with this handmade Christmas tree idea that can create a mesmerising glow in your room. You need stir sticks and a wire to create a hanging tree. Add little ornaments and baubles and string lights for a magical effect that enlivens the interiors.

Simple Xmas Tree Balloon Tree

Simple Xmas Tree Balloon Tree Handmade Christmas Tree

Prepare for a burst of colour with the balloon tree that brings a playful twist to your  traditional holiday decor. If you're looking for a hassle-free decorating experience, go for this cheerful DIY Xmas tree idea that effortlessly transforms your space into a vibrant wonderland. For that extra touch of dazzle, wrap the string lights to unfold the magic.

Handmade Christmas Tree- Cone Trees

Handmade Christmas Tree- Cone Trees

Create cones from sturdy construction paper by rolling them into tree shapes of varying sizes. This is a super chic and inexpensive idea to add a handmade touch to your festive decor. Adorn these simple Xmas trees with glitter, buttons, sequins, paints or beads to lend a charming look. Arrange the cones in a cluster on a tabletop or mantel and inject a sprinkle of whimsical charm into your space.

DIY Triangle Wreath Tree

DIY Triangle Wreath Tree Handmade Christmas Tree

Elevate your home décor with this modern yet elegant DIY triangle wreath tree'providing festive cheer into your home without taking up floor space.

Fabricated using wireframes, greenery or faux foliage, this DIY christmas tree idea  creates a layered and multidimensional effect. Bonus points for adding twinkling lights, ornaments, or ribbons. This stylish alternative to traditional trees will capture visual interest and admiration among your guests.

Homemade Christmas Tree Wooden Wall Tree

Homemade Christmas Tree Wooden Wall Tree christmas tree craft ideas

If you have a liking for minimalist decor, transform your blank wall into a rustic and chic holiday vibe with a DIY wooden wall Christmas tree. Arrange and attach the wooden planks forming a tree silhouette. Accentuate the tree with string lights, ornaments,  and charming baubles for a space-saving and unconventional holiday display.

Scrap Paper DIY Christmas Trees

Another great way to uphold the magic of recycling is to make paper Christmas trees. This eco-friendly DIY Xmas tree project is perfect for small spaces, adding a unique and eclectic charm to the space. These handmade treasure trees fabricated from softer pastel tones lend a pop of creativity and character to the holiday cheer.

Handmade Christmas Tree Plastic Utensil Tree

Looking for a one-of-a-kind DIY Christmas Tree idea? Raid your kitchen drawers for plastic spoons or forks and cut off the ends. Start by decorating the utensils in glitzy gold or icy silver and arrange them in a conical tree shape to add creative flair and jazz in the corner of your home.

Jolly Crafting!

Let your imagination run wild with these unique DIY Christmas tree ideas that celebrate tradition, creativity and holiday cheer. From whimsical paper tree craft ideas to striking pom-pom and vibrant balloon trees, these wondrous designs cater to every taste and space. Moreover, the budget-friendly and space-saving solutions make the holiday season even merrier. Embrace these crafty ideas and infuse your home with inviting and warm appeal.

Want some more inspiring home decor ideas? Get in touch with our experts at Interior Company, crafting bespoke and livable designs for you and your loved ones.

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    How to make a christmas tree at home?

    Some brilliant DIY Christmas tree ideas can bring jolly spirit and festive charm into your home. From balloon trees to colourful paper trees, plastic spoon Xmas trees to ladder trees, choose the one that suits your home style and add starry lights, glitter, or sequins to decorate your tree.

    How to make an easy Christmas tree?

    Some easy and simple Xmas tree ideas are:-

    • Paper Trees
    • Pom pom Trees
    • Book Tree 
    • Ribbon Tree 
    • Chalkboard Diy Xmas tree
    How to create a Christmas tree?

    There are various ways to create a Christmas tree according to the style of your home.

    • Traditional Tree: Decorate with garlands, baubles and a tree topper.
    • Eco-Friendly Materials: Crafting a tree from recycled materials, such as wood pallets, cardboard, or scrap paper trees.
    • Customised: Get creative with decor elements like ribbons, yarn, or household items like forks or spoons to lend a unique aesthetic.
    Are DIY Christmas trees cost-effective ideas?

    Yes, you can repurpose household materials, wood pallets or scrap papers that significantly reduce costs and breathe new life into the decor elements.