Quick & Easy Diwali Decoration Ideas for Every Room of Your Home

Published On: Oct 7, 2022

Celebrated by more than a billion people across nations, this five-day festival of lights sparkles homes with prayer, feasts, and fireworks.

Diwali is India’s most auspicious festival - a time to celebrate new beginnings, a triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness. According to the Hindu Mythological C Calendar, Diwali falls in the month of the Karthik, and celebrations take place over five days with a sense of joy and goodness.

 The five-day festival of lights is as follows:

  • Dhanteras (Day of fortune)
  • Choti Diwali (Day of knowledge)
  • Diwali (Day of Light)
  • Govdharan Pooja, Padwa (New Year)
  • Bhai Duj (Day dedicated to siblings)

With Diwali round the corner, the planning starts in advance with cleaning rituals to seek the blessings of Goddess Laxmi for prosperity and wealth. This Diwali, decorate your homes to usher in positivity and hope. From gleaming diyas and eclectic candle displays to quirky fairy lights and alluring rangoli designs, we bring you some inspiring Diwali decorating ideas to spruce up your home interiors.

Pooja Room Diwali Decoration Ideas

Pooja room is an integral part of Indian homes especially during the holy festivities. It serves as a space that provides solace, faith, and tranquillity. Diwali house decorations start with the pooja room- worshipping the idols, hanging garlands, and lighting diyas to accentuate the space. Moreover, use fairy lights to highlight the backdrop and place some scented candles to keep up with the festive mood. Use good incense sticks and burning camphor to set the divine and spiritual mood. 

Pooja Room Diwali Decoration Ideas

Simple Diwali Decorations at Home

Diwali is a delightful time of the year when we spruce up our home interiors with flowers, candles, and diyas. String up lights outside the house to start the festivity. You may either you can choose one colour according to the theme or colourful patterns to amp up your Diwali decorations at home. Hang marigold flowers and torans at the entrance to usher in prosperity and good luck. Paint diyas in vibrant shades or buy embellished ones to light up each corner of your home for a festive glow.

Simple Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home

Rangoli Decorations on Diwali

Designing a rangoli is a custom tradition to deck up your home, with myriad hues on the eve of the festival of lights. People draw appealing designs at the main entrance door to welcome friends and family visiting during Diwali. While keeping the traditional core essence, there is a whole array of rangoli design ideas that can make your home stand out in a crowd of beautifully-decked homes. In case you don't want to use colours, choose yellow and orange marigold flowers to create an enchanting rangoli pattern. The bright colours and designs channel positive energies at home. 

Rangoli Decoration Ideas for Diwali

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Diyas for Diwali House Decorations

Diyas are the hearts of Diwali decoration ideas that shine and usher positivity in your homes. Decorate your stairways, patios, and living room in designs and patterns to create a visually striking look. Make your Diwali sustainable by getting earthen diyas and decorating them with acrylic paints. 

Moreover, use floating candles and brass candle stands for Diwali house decoration that will create a picturesque setting and make your home warm and inviting. 

Diyas for Diwali House Decorations

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Decorate the House for Diwali Entrance

The Indian doorways are festooned with Diwali decorating ideas to welcome this auspicious day in piety. Enhance your entrance with torans or wall hangings available in rich patterns, vibrant colours and mirrorwork. Bring in garlands to set up a theme and then decorate accordingly. The simple vertical droppings can lend an exquisite look to your home. Add paper ribbons or mango leaves to your garlands and make them fall effortlessly. 

Home Entrance Decoration Ideas for Diwali

Create a Festive Nook with Diwali Decor Ideas

Whether it's on the entrance table in a corridor or a coffee table in the living room, you can spruce up the space with small details to create a festive niche. Play with patterns and colours to style your cushions whilst elevating the home interiors. Add fresh flowers and scented candles to enliven the mood, or place candles in small glasses and spread petals which brings an elegant look to the Diwali celebrations.

Further, accessorise with other decorative items like, copper stands that bring an antique yet festive look into your home. 

Beautiful Diwali Decoration Ideas for Living Room

Play with Lighting Diwali House Decorations

The festival of light symbolises the victory of good over evil. Use fairy lights, LED lights, coloured bulbs and chandeliers to illuminate every corner of your house. For simple Diwali house decoration, hang fairy lights around surfaces and window sills, or use your empty glass bottles and bundle them up inside and see the magic unfold! For affordable Diwali decorating ideas, use paper lanterns available in different shapes and colours to sparkle your home. 

Best Diwali Lighting Ideas for Indian Homes

DIY Diwali Decorating Ideas for Home

You can never run out of DIY Diwali decoration ideas that are easy to execute and sparkle your home interiors. Create magic with candles that can be arranged beautifully to decorate your home. 

Fill a large bowl with water, spread some fresh petals, and place the tea light candles inside the bowl. Let them float to create a festive visual glow! Give traditional Diwali diyas a contemporary makeover, and taper candles in complementary colours. Paint the glass jars to make for an eye-catching display on your centre table or sideboards.

DIY Diwali Decorating Ideas for Home

Flower Diwali Decorations at Home

The Diwali decoration ideas are incomplete without the scent of fresh flowers that brighten up your home. Use fresh rose petals to add festive charm to your home decor. Embellish your entrances or window panes with a string of flowers or spread fragrance with floating blossoms adding beautiful aesthetics to the living space. Create alluring rangoli patterns with colourful flowers and enhance them with lit diyas. Sometimes the smallest details or easy Diwali decor ideas create visual intrigue in living space and set the festive mood. 

Flower Decoration Ideas for Diwali

Table Decorations on Diwali

As you usher in the festival of lights, food is used as a visual treat in your decorations. When planning table decorations for a Diwali dinner party, consider using traditional earthen pots or brass bowls to echo the mood of the season. Enhance the entire setting by including fragranced candles, and fresh flowers, and place them in decorative holders. Bring in copper lanterns or oil lamps to add an antique and festive look. These stunning Diwali house decoration idea  is surely going to steal the show! 

Table Decoration Ideas for Diwali

Celebrate the Festival of Lights!

We hope these Diwali decorating ideas with glorified lights of diyas and candles brighten up your home and give a wow factor. May this festival of lights fill your home with positive energy, love, laughter, and happiness. For more home decoration ideas, connect with our experts at Interior Company. Our design professionals provide tailored solutions and exceptional services suited to your taste and budget.


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    Q1: How to do Diwali flower decoration at home?

    Flowers bring an enchanted vibe and fragrance to homes. Decorate with a string of flowers like marigolds or roses, or place flower bouquets in glass vases, and create vivid flower rangoli designs. You can also use glass jars spread some fresh petals, and place the tea light candles inside them to beautify your home interiors.

    Q2: What are traditional Diwali decoration ideas for home?

    Embrace traditional Diwali decoration ideas for home with garlands and gleaming diyas and candles, brighten your entryways with string lights and create beautiful rangolis with colours and flowers.

    Q3. How do you make easy Diwali Decorating Ideas?

    The best and easy Diwali Decor ideas include flowers, fairy lights, paper lanterns, marigold flowers and scented candles. Create intrigue patterns with flowers and rangoli and enhance them with lit diyas.

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