7 Bihu Festival Decoration Ideas - Importance

Published On: Mar 30, 2023

Bihu, a celebratory festival in Assam, marks the changing of the seasons in a year. This unique festival consists of three distinct celebrations: Rongali or Bohag Bihu (April), Kongali or Kati Bihu (October) and Bhogali or Magh Bihu (January). The Bihu festival is celebrated in Assam with great enthusiasm and zeal, which includes home decoration, lavish feasts, and traditional dances whilst bringing people of all communities together for a joyous occasion.

Bihu Festival Is Celebrated in Which State?

Bihu is the Assamese term for the New Year, celebrated across the state with great pomp and show. Assam is situated in the northeastern part of the country and is known for its beauty, art, and culture. Bihu is a colourful festival, as people rejoice in the joy of a new beginning and adorn their homes with lamps, flowers, and handicrafts. 

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When Is the Bihu Festival?

The following are the dates of three Bihu festivals that come in the year:

Bhogali Bihu ' January 14-15, 2024

Rongali Bihu ' April 14-20, 2024

Kongali Bihu ' October 18, 2024

Rongali Bihu denotes the beginning of the Assamese New Year and the spring season. During the Rongali Bihu festival, homes are decorated, treats are prepared, and several performances take place to enhance the elated mood. 

Kati Bihu is the auspicious festival that marks the start of the harvest season for farmers and the relocation time of rice seedlings. Rooted in the deep ethos this Bihu festival signifies the hard work of the people and the better hope for the future.

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Bhogali Bihu celebrates the end of the harvest season. As the name suggests, Bhog means eating with community and enjoyment. 

All three days are celebrated with fervour and enthusiasm throughout the state and include traditional folk dances, songs and tasteful mouth-watering dishes. 

Importance of the Bihu Festival

The Bihu festival is celebrated in a grand manner three times a year, which coincides with different phases of the harvest cycle and seasonal changes. It is marked by exuberance and zeal to bring forth the authentic nature of the Assamese culture. The festival has a special cultural significance for the locals, highlighting Assam's rich heritage. 

Among them, the Rongali Bihu, or Bohag Bihu, is of the utmost importance and equivalent to the New Year celebrated in many states in March or April. Kongali Bihu, also known as Kati Bihu, is commemorated in the middle of October. It is a laid-back and solemn affair where people light up earthen lamps in front of the tulsi plants to seek blessings for producing a good harvest. Lastly, Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu is observed in January to mark the end of the harvest season. On this auspicious occasion, people don traditional attire and prepare lavish feasts, exchanging gifts and greetings with the community. 

Bihu Decoration Ideas

Below are the decoration ideas to prep the space for festivities:

1. Clay Lamps- The Warm Glow of Tradition

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Lighting is the soul of the festivities that creates a majestic aura in the home. During Bihu, people light earthen lamps to brighten their homes to usher in new beginnings. Paint the diyas with colours for added sparkle to grace the parts of your home for an enticing appeal. 

2. Handicrafts- Showcasing the Rich Culture

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Assam is known for its elegant art and handicrafts, and Bihu is the time to showcase the various kinds of homemade craft items, including pottery, bamboo and cane products, and brass utensils that enliven the interiors and a touch of personality. These eccentric pieces of craftsmanship are a testament to the vibrant heritage. 

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3. Textile Display- Celebrating the Weaves of Bihu Festival

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Deck up the space with traditional textiles such as Muga silk and Eri silk, as they are part of the culture. Curtains designed with silk fabric or cotton create a striking look whilst adding texture and style to the living room. You can add a punch of personality by choosing patterned curtains or bold colours that infuse character and liveliness into the home. 

4. Bihu Rangoli- Colourful Kolams and Designs

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Kolam is a unique Bihu rangoli design made with rice flour and chalk powder to mark the festivities and show gratitude for a good harvest. There are myriad designs ranging from lotus flowers to Kalash and peacocks, symbolising the importance of, and bringing ecstasy to the celebrations. 

5. Meji Decoration- Traditional Bhogali Bihu

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The centrepiece of the Bhogali Bihu celebration is the 'Meji,' an enormous bonfire made from bamboo and straw. People adorn it with bright pieces of cloth, paper flags, and balloons to add cheer to the celebrations. Small replicas of the Meji are also crafted and placed in homes to honour the festival. Additionally, traditional Assamese sweets known as Pithas, as well as other feast treats, are placed around the bonfire to bring exuberance and merriment to the celebration.

6. Assamese Sweets and Delectables

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During the Bihu festival, there is a happy vibe in the air as one can hear the rhythmic beats and people celebrate the festival with a grand New Year feast. Escalate the ambience by setting up a table with a white and red runner, and tantalise your guests with a sumptuous spread of Bohag or Rongali Bihu cuisines and desserts such as pitha, poka mithoi, and laru. Further, sprinkle some festive sparkle with glimmering tealights, delightful blooms, and exquisite tableware to make your celebrations luscious and enchanting. 

7. Assamese Beats- Traditional Instruments

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Kongali Bihu marks the start of the upcoming harvest season in Assam. During this time, the air is filled with the melodious sounds of traditional Assamese musical instruments like dhol, pepa and taal. These instruments can be seen as a part of home decorations, creating a convivial atmosphere and a sense of anticipation for the abundant harvest ahead.

Happy Bihu

Bihu is a joyous festival that celebrates the essence of Assam’s culture and traditions. It is a time when people come together to embrace new beginnings and share immense pleasure and happiness. Decorate your home with traditional items using bold colours and rich heritage, and display local handicrafts that lend to the festive spirit. We hope these simple yet elegant decor ideas bring an authentic and exquisite touch to the celebrations. Happy Bihu!

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    What are the traditional Bihu festival decorations ideas?
    • Lightings: Colourful lights, lanterns, and earthen lamps are used to decorate the entire surroundings to illuminate the space.
    • Flowers: Marigolds, roses, and orchids are used to deck up the space adding vibrance and allure.
    • Traditional Bamboo Crafts: Crafts fabricated out of bamboo like traditional boats, baskets are utilised that induce personal flavour to the festivities.
    What are the essential parts of Bihu decoration ideas?

    Earthen lamps, colourful kolams, captivating flower arrangements, bamboo decorations, and artful handicrafts are the essential decor elements of Bihu festival decoration, adding sparkle and grandeur.

    When is Rongali Bihu in 2024?

    Rongali Bihu or the Assamese New Year is celebrated for 7 days, between the 14th and 20th of April 2024.

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