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Vastu Compliant Office Ideas For Your Office Space!

Updated On: May 29, 2024

If your office space isn't boosting your productivity, you are likely to face difficulties. The place where you're meant to be your most focused, motivated, and effective self must also be where you find the most comfort. Offices are known to be spaces where you usually get dealt quite the opposite hand, given that they are not built with these factors in mind, except if you’re Google, probably.

Now, it would be hard to change the entire building for you from the ground up, really, and quite a lot of work too, if I'm honest. Here are some Vastu for office tips to enhance existing office spaces for greater success, as well as guidance on designing and positioning rooms in new office layouts for optimal productivity and prosperity.

'File' Under Success: 10+ Essential Office Interior Design Tips

These simple adjustments to your office Vastu chart can significantly enhance your workspace and boost your productivity, bringing wealth and prosperity. Why not give it a try?

Vastu works simply on the concept that you can align your office space with natural energies using directional placement, enhancing positivity and success. Positioning objects in specific directions can attract beneficial energies, improving focus and productivity. Here are simple Vastu tips for office to help you design a Vastu-compliant office interior:

Optimise the Entrance

Vastu for Office Entrance

Office Vastu charts recommend that the entrance of an office should face north or east as per Vastu to invite prosperity and positive energy. Ensure it is clutter-free and well-lit to maintain a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere. A clean, open entrance allows positive energy to flow freely, setting an inviting tone for the office.

Go for earthy tones or lighter shades with an expansive pathway to have a welcoming entrance area.

Welcoming Reception Area

Vastu Tips for Office Reception Area

No one, let alone the spirits would like to sit around in an airport aesthetic dreary wait-area. You must keep your reception welcoming. As per Vastu guidelines for office, you can place the reception desk facing east or north for the most positive impact. Keep the area bright with natural light and decorate it with fresh flowers or a water feature to make it welcoming and serene.

The image showcases an east-facing reception area with a small water element and fresh flowers, and it looks very welcoming.

Ideal Manager's Room Setup

Vastu for Office Boss Cabin

The pillars of an organisation – The Managers and Bosses, as per Vastu, should best be placed in the south or west zones of the office, with their desks facing north or east to enhance clarity and decision-making. As per vastu for the office, the boss’ cabin is best located in the southwest, with the desk facing north or east for optimal authority and confidence. Placing business heads in the west, facing northeast, sharpens their leadership skills, fostering a productive and harmonious workspace.

Add in some motivational quotes, personalised of course for the boss, and hang up some clocks and the money will follow.

Financially Sound Accounts Department

Vastu Guidelines for Office Accounts Department

Ultimately, it's all about the money, and the Finance department holds it all together. The best direction to sit in the office for the finance department is in the southeast direction. This enhances financial stability, with accountants facing north to attract wealth, as per Lord Kubera. They can also face the northeast for increased prosperity, aligning with the water element for optimal financial flow. Adding a mirror or Kuber Yantra on the northern wall will further invite financial opportunities.

Pair with ergonomic furniture and a mirror to enhance wealth and blue and green accents for a soothing ambience.

Placing a Canteen Area

Vastu Shastra for Office Canteen Area

Vastu guidelines for office pantry place the pantry and eating zone in the southeast direction as per the office Vastu chart. This direction is the Domain of Agni, the fire element which enhances health and nourishment. Ensure it’s clean and clutter-free to invite purity and positive energy. This placement helps rejuvenate and balance your team, boosting well-being and productivity.

Add Plants and Water Features

Plants and Fountain Placement as per Office Vastu Shastra

Adding small water features like fountains add to the office entrance vastu, after all, water is a symbol of wealth flow. You can add vibrant plants in the north or east to crank up the positive energy and vitality. These cool touches amp up the office style and keep the energy balanced.

Pop some French lavender or green jade flowers in the reception and a four-leaf clover at the entrance to max out on luck and prosperity, making your workspace a harmonious hub of success.

Vastu Compliant Decé³r Pieces For Office Spaces

In addition to the best directions to sit in the office, adding specific items to your office can also enhance positive energy and luck. Here are some items you can incorporate:

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha- Vastu Compliant Decor Piece for Office Space

According to Vastu for Office, keeping a Laughing Buddha on your office desk can attract prosperity and positive energy while reducing stress. Known for his joyful expression and large belly, the Laughing Buddha absorbs negative vibes and spreads happiness. This figure fosters a light-hearted and optimistic atmosphere, adding to morale and productivity.

Wind Chime

Wind Chime- Vastu Compliant Show Piece for Office Area

Known for creating a calming and quiet jingle, Wind Chimes can significantly enhance the flow of positive energy and create a calming atmosphere. Good for Vastu for the office, the gentle sound of wind chimes helps disperse negativity, boosts creativity, and reduces stress. According to Vastu Shastra, wind chimes are believed to attract good luck and harmony, making them perfect for creating a productive work environment.

Try to position your office sitting beside a window or by a wall beside it. This will help bring concentration, and the soothing tones of the wind chime can also improve focus and mental clarity.

Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants- Indoor Plants for Office as Per Vastu

Adding an indoor plant to your office desk is a cool way to bring a bit of nature indoors, boosting both calmness and well-being. Go for plants like the money plant or peace lily, which not only purify the air but also increase oxygen levels. Vastu for office suggests that placing your plants in the north, east, or southeast directions can draw in positive vibes and prosperity.

This touch of greenery can lower stress, enhance your mood, and improve productivity, making your workspace healthier and more enjoyable. Plus, these plants make your desk look great, add in some rich mahogany tables and you're forest-coded.

Elephant Statue

Elephant Statue- Vastu Compliant Decor Item for Office Space

Elephants are known for their auspicious and protective properties as per vastu tips for office. Position an elephant statue with its trunk pointing upwards in the north or east to draw in positive energy, success, and prosperity. This mighty symbol boosts determination and perseverance, which are key to professional success.

Have some large windows across the office for better light, to increase the positive flow, and to give it a sophisticated look with little clutter.


Turtle- Vastu Office Desk Accessory

The wise old turtles are known to attract positive energy and ward off negative influences. Placing a turtle on your office desk is a symbol of stability, protection, and longevity, which can significantly boost prosperity in your workspace.

Try to keep it in the north or northwest direction of your desk, as per vastu tips for office. Turtles also promote patience and resilience, all essential qualities for professional success.

'Note-worthy' Vastu Essentials for Office

To wrap it up, keeping vastu guidelines for office in mind, when setting up your office isn't just about following traditions – it's more about tipping the odds a bit towards you and enjoying the process. Try to pick colours with chill tones like cream, cyan and green to keep the atmosphere calm and your focus sharp. Remember, the right mix of natural and artificial light can lift your spirits and boost your productivity. By blending these elements, you transform your office into a tranquil yet dynamic space, primed for success and positivity in everything you do.

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    How does Vastu Shastra improve productivity in the office?e?

    Vastu Shastra optimises the flow of positive energy in your workspace, reducing stress and enhancing focus. Proper placement of furniture and elements can create a balanced environment, leading to improved productivity and employee well-being.

    Which direction should my desk face for maximum productivity?

    According to Vastu, desks should face east or north to align with positive energy flows. This orientation is believed to enhance concentration, creativity, and overall work efficiency.

    What are the benefits of keeping plants in the office?

    Indoor plants improve air quality, reduce stress, and boost mood, creating a healthier work environment. According to Vastu principles, placing them in the north, east, or southeast direction attracts positive energy and prosperity.

    Can Vastu principles be applied in a small office space?

    Yes, Vastu principles can be adapted to offices of any size. Focus on key elements like desk orientation, clutter-free spaces, and incorporating positive symbols to enhance the energy flow in smaller spaces.

    What are some Vastu-compliant decorative items for an office?

    Items like a Laughing Buddha, wind chimes, turtle figurines, aquarium crystals, and elephant statues are considered auspicious. These elements attract positive energy, reduce stress, and promote a harmonious and prosperous work environment.

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