List of Stylish Small Side Tables That Radiate Modern Charm

Published On: Oct 08, 2021

Are you looking for an ultimate small side table to add a minimalistic modern vibe to your home? If that's a yes then we have got you covered with numerous modern side tables from a rustic wood side table to a square-shaped side table. There's a perfect side table for every home you just need to find the suitable one. 

When you look forward to exotic home decor ideas, what baffles you the most? Often we cripple our ideas with high expectations and unrealistic ones. There is never an ‘exclusive idea’ but an ocean of bewildering ideas that you keep on customizing in accordance with the requirements. The way you place a piece of furniture, or deck a décor piece, turns a simplistic corner into a classic one. But believe us, ‘exclusive’ decor ideas are folk tales! Fabricating a space to uplift it and make it breathe with fresh vibes and positive energy, might look like a fairy tale but is a perfect way to make a place feel alive and worth living for or working for. So rather than rushing with an array of things, going through interior journals, sit back and relax! There is no need to overload things across the space as a simple touch of one or two pieces is enough to bring the dreamt look. Talking about such pieces, small side tables are underrated. Fret Not! As we are here to change this mindset and make you familiar with the perplexing look that small side tables offer to the space together with a sense of charm. Keep scrolling to know about numerous side tables that are perfect to radiate modern charm.

List of Stylish Side Tables That Goes Well With Every Space

Good furniture sets the house apart from everyone else’s. It is necessary to find the right furniture that suits the budget, available space, and overall look of the room. Side tables are an excellent way to increase storage space in a room and add charm to the room. A side table can be used to keep books, magazines, electronics as well as decorative items like statues and vases. 

There are countless types of side tables in the market and each one is more beautiful than the last. The side table should match the color scheme, other furniture, the architecture of the house, and the current trends too. It is indeed an arduous but most definitely a fun task.

Here is a list of some of the most gorgeous side tables that are modern as well as stylish at the same time.

Small Scandinavian Style Side Table

Scandinavian style side tables have characterized by their sleek and tall legs and a larger surface area. These are usually found in muted shades like brown, grey, white, beige, and black. Scandinavian style tables are almost always purely wooden tables in simple rectangular or circular shapes. 

Mid Century Style Small Side Table With Basket

Mid Century tables are defined by their simplicity and higher functionality. This table consists of two levels, one is the top surface to keep objects on and a basket at the bottom which can hold magazines, books, and other decorative items. These are excellent for increasing storage space in a small area. 

Modern Iron Wire Frame Side Table

The table is completely made from iron wires and does not have any extra storage space. These tables are usually quite small and are found in a lot of colours. It is a simple side table that can be used to bring a splash of colour into a monotonous room. 

Three Tier Side Table With Basket

This table is usually tall and sleek. It is not very broad but has three levels for storage. The first two are flat surfaces that can be used to keep items. The final level is a basket that is at the lowest level and can store larger items, books, magazines, or decorative pieces. It is great for small rooms with little storage space. 

Small Hexagonal Side Table

It is a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing table that adds a bit of quirk to the room. Hexagonal tables add a special charm to the room as other tables are usually simply circular or rectangular. 

Modern Industrial Style Floating Side Table

These tables are a mix of metal, wood, and glass. The use of glass makes the wooden shelves appear to be floating in the air. Metal is usually used in the support beams and legs. These tables match well with rooms with exposed brick walls, exposed beams, or industrial interior design. 

Small Vintage Industrial Side Table

Vintage industrial tables are heavier than industrial tables as they use iron and thicker wood. These tables usually have exposed nails or studs and have older-looking designs or components. The table is almost always made with dark wood. This table is great for rooms with bright walls and dark furniture. 

Geometric Metal Side Table

Geometric side tables have been in style since the late 2010s. They are usually lightweight, completely metal tables with abstract geometric designs. The tables look very chic with modern furniture. It’s the perfect style for young adults. 

Tree Stump Side Table

The concept of a tree stump is completely abstract. The stump of the tree is only shaped a little to remove the sharp edges. It is then varnished without any alterations in design. The shape of this side table is completely natural. This table works well when paired with super sleek interiors as It adds a little roughness to the room. 

Small Tree Trunk Side Table

The trunk of the tree is either shaped into desired design or it’s kept as it is. These tables bring a piece of nature into your home. It is perfect for people living in metropolitan cities in small apartments. The table looks especially beautiful with earth-colored interiors. 

Small Mid Century Modern Side Table

The tables have a similar aesthetic and color combination as mid-century side tables but are crafted in very chic and stylish designs. There is usually a twist or modification in the design of the legs or of the table top. 

Small Oak Side Table with Shelf

The table is made from oak wood and is light in color. It consists of a table top and shelves underneath it. The shelves can be used to store books or decorative items. These shelves are especially useful for people who like to read a lot. 

Small Narrow Side Table with Flip Flop Storage

The table is thin in width and consists of two levels – one level works as a table top and a storage box. It can be used to store books and other items. It has a lower level than can be used to keep decorative items like vases. The top surface flips open to show the storage box under it. The table is thin and it doesn’t occupy much space. 

Nautical Style Side Table

Created using wood and rope, this table is made in light, pleasant colors to represent the colors of the sea. It has a nautical color design. The drawers are made from a thick rope while the table frame is wooden. The table would look perfect with brown, blue, white, and light green interiors. The drawers are very spacious. 

Yeh Tall Wall Table

Yeh Tall Wall Tables are made specially to represent the balance of cheerleaders. The table stands on two legs with support from the wall. It is attached directly to the wall and looks very modern as a side table. It is currently available in only two colors. The table looks good with all kinds of interiors. 

Small Tall Side Table

A tall but thin side table, with just enough space to keep a lamp or vase and some books. The table is made of metal and wood and has two levels. It looks very sophisticated but also very modern. It’s a great table if you have little space. 

Small White Minimalist Side Table

One can never go wrong with white furniture as it accents all colors. The table is tall with minimal detailing. It’s a simple side table with two levels made of metal or wood. It can function both as a side table as well as a coffee table. 

Small Rectangular White Table With Storage

The table is built like a mini shelf with a tabletop. The top shelf is used as a tabletop while the rest of the compartments can be used to store books and other items. It looks great and has high functionality.  

In a Nutshell 

Style comes within and is distinct for every individual. But when it is about furnishing your home with majestic interiors, then it is recommended to explore all possibilities. Adding a side table enhances the overall look without actually disturbing the other existing elements. You can pin your hopes on our above-discussed unique ideas to offer a magnificent touch to not-so-adorable space. Choose the best type of side table based upon the living space and corner in which you want to place it.