A Guide to Trendy Small Side Table Ideas

Published On: Feb 3, 2023

When it comes to bedroom or living room decoration, besides a good bed frame or floor mattress, a side table plays an important role in pulling off an attractive look. Be it a small tall side table or a yeh tall wall table, every kind of side table has its charm to amp up the look of your interior.

Even though side tables are excellent decorative items for a room, they have many functional qualities you need to be aware of while choosing a side table. You can place a flower vase or a framed family photo on a side table for decorative purposes and light to use as a task light or a drink for increased usability.

Since there are many options, we have jotted down 14 easily available, affordable side table designs you can go for without worry.

1. Scandinavian Side Table: A Surreal Addition to a Modern Home

Scandinavian Side Table: A Surreal Addition to a Modern Home

Modern interior design broadly leans towards a minimalist design approach. If you are a minimalist style enthusiast, then opting for a small Scandinavian-style side table makes perfect sense. The surreal and modern appearance of the table makes it one of the greatest design elements of an interior to increase its aesthetic value. Since a small Scandinavian-style side table is an excellent choice to pull off a symmetrical look in the house, Vastu believers can also use this table effectively.

2. Mid-Century Style Side Table: Stylish and Functional

Source: Pinterest

Do you want a side table that can act as a decorative item along with providing great functionality to hold your stuff? Then, the Mid-Century Style Small Side Table with a Basket is the best option to go for. It is a gorgeous style that can become the focal point of a bedroom in no time. The touch of vintage style present in a mid-century design also helps preserve a bedroom’s harmonising effect.

Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for a side table that has a modern vibe with an exceptional design element, you can choose a Modern Iron Wire Frame Side Table. These side tables have a cage-like structure instead of legs and offer a modern and airy look. So, it is a perfect choice if you are looking for an open storage side table too.

4. Three-tier Side Table: A Great Space Saver with Great Storage Capacity

Source: Pinterest

If you require a great storage option to hoard your stuff, going for a 3-Tier Side Table with a Basket is an ideal choice. Since this type of side table has a three-tier storage option, it can offer ample space to store stuff. Additionally, since it has three tiers to hold your stuff, you can save tonnes of space from installing furniture or tables.

5. Small Hexagonal Side Table: Add a Quirky yet Elegant Design

Source: Pinterest

Modern home designs are about maintaining symmetry to pull off a neat and clean look. It also helps to keep the home’s design clutter-free. A small hexagonal side table is a terrific addition to a modern home because it provides a sense of symmetry in the interior decoration. The definite shape and design can fit anywhere. The dazzling and contemporary appeal of the table pulls off a bold look too.

6. Enhance the Visual Appeal with a Floating Side Table

Enhance the Visual Appeal with a Floating Side Table

Are you in search of a side table that provides a contemporary appeal along with offering the utmost functionality? Then the Modern Industrial Style Floating Side Table is an excellent choice to go for. Since the table does not have any legs, it creates a minimalist and stylish vibe to pull off a contemporary look.

The ample storage option lets you keep your belongings too. Going for a small narrow side table with flip flop storage is also a brilliant idea if you want a space-saving side table with lots of storage.

7. Vintage Industrial Side Table: Perfect for Old-fashioned Homes

Vintage Industrial Side Table: Perfect for Old-fashioned Homes

Do you consider yourself old-school? Or, do you want to achieve a cocktail home decoration by mixing traditional and modern design elements into your home decoration? Then, the small vintage industrial side table is an ideal choice to incorporate into the design.

Be it an old-fashioned or modern home, the vintage vibe of the table can blend well with the rest of the design. It is an excellent choice if you want a side table that perfectly achieves the desired visual appeal and ample storage facility.

8. Boost the Chicness of the Interior with a Geometric Metal Side Table

Source: Pinterest

The sharpness and uniqueness make a geometric metal side table different from other design options. Since adding symmetry with different decorative items is a great way to achieve aesthetical value in an interior, opting for a geometric metal side table ensures the perfect symmetrical blend with the other interior designs.

9. Tree Stump Side Table: A Great Addition for a Nature Lover’s Home

Source: Pinterest

Are you decorating a small space that requires a focal or accent design to amp up the look? Then, going for a tree-stump side table makes perfect sense. It not only serves as a great accent design element, but it also has an aesthetic look to it because it is an experimental art piece. It is an excellent choice if you do not require any storage on a side table. 

10. Nautical Style Side Table: Perfect for a Beach Lover

Source: Pinterest

Are you a massive beach person? Do you want to decorate your living space or bedroom area with a beach-like decoration to feel the cosiness of home? Then, going for a nautical style side table is a brilliant idea.

As design elements, this type of side table incorporates beach or sea-related elements such as a compass and ship anchors. The side table shown in the above picture has a tabletop made out of a compass image.

11. Small and Tall Side Tables: Give the Room Character

Small and Tall Side Tables Give the Room Character

Are you looking for a decorative item to incorporate into your living or bedroom area to break the monotony of design? Then putting a small tall side table along with a Yeh tall wall table is an excellent idea to go for. The different heights of the table create a movement in the design to achieve a contemporary look in the home design.

12. White Side Table: Perfect Move for Minimal Decoration

White Side Table Perfect Move for Minimal Decoration

If you are a minimalist home design admirer, then no other option can work as well as the Small White Minimalist Side Table to make your look aesthetically pleasing. The table is incredibly simple yet fashionable with its white ends. If you want to store more items in a minimalist side table, then going for a small rectangular white table with storage makes perfect sense.

13. Small Tree Trunk Side Table: Add a Classic Touch

Small Tree Trunk Side Table  Add a Classic Touch

If you are more into classic decoration, opting for a small tree trunk side table is a masterstroke that you can pull off. The table has a rustic feel and can easily become a focal point of your bedroom and living area. So, you do not need to invest much in other design elements to make an accent design in the room.

14. Oak Side Table: Bring on the Ageless Design

Oak Side Table Bring on the Ageless Design

If you are looking for an ageless design element that can easily blend with your home interior irrespective of styles and designs, going for a small oak side table with a shelf is a genius idea. It provides not only ultimate visual appeal but also ensures maximum storage capacity. If you are an avid reader, the oak side table works perfectly for you to store all your favourite books near your bed.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the perfect side table for your interior can sometimes become a tedious task because it should not only meet the aesthetic requirements but also meet the storage demands. The 15 side table designs mentioned above are perfect for your interior if you want an affordable and easily available design.


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    1. What term do we use to refer to the tiny side table?

    We refer to the tiny side table as the “end table”. People generally place the end table beside a chair or at the edge of a seating area. It is normally at a chair’s arm’s height, so we are able to place things like glasses, drinks, remote controls, and books conveniently.

    2. What can we put on a short side table?

    It is an ideal move to put decorative pieces on a short side table that are able to play with height to blend well with a short-height side table. The short side table also works well if you want to put basic items like a remote control, a book, a candle, or a plant on it.

    3. What height do bedside tables need to be?

    Since the function of a bedside table is to provide accessibility and comfort to the user, we should place the bedside table 2 to 3 inches above the mattress.

    4. What colour should a bedside table be?

    Since white has the power to complement the majority of decor types, people frequently opt for white for bedside tables.

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